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Mebus S Gods of Manhattan The Sorcerer s Secret New York Dutton371 pagesAppetizer The third book in the Gods of Manhattan series picks up soon after the second book ends which means there are spoilers for Sprits in the Park in the following description You have been warned The trap that restricted the Munsee Indians to Central Park has fallen and while war has been avoided for the moment tensions are high The villainous and power hungry od Kieft has stockpiled weapons that can kill other The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, gods and he has begun building an armyRory has trouble focusing on the fate of Manahatta though when his own mother has been poisoned by Typhoid Mary and when his sister is still stuck in her papier mache body When he learns that the key to saving his family may rest in also stopping Kieft he and his friend embark on a search for information that will take them among the NYC boroughs to understand the history of the city sods and to know how to defeat Kieft nowGlances back at that description Wow that s probably pretty incomprehensible if you haven t read either of the first two books in the seriesWhile I admit I felt a little meh about the second book Spirits in the Park I was once again focused in on the epicness of the story for the third installment Bridget was back to her troublemaking ways and I was an entertained reader I liked the way the characters were traveling all over the area trying to put the pieces together of why Mannahatta was the way it was I also liked that Soka discovered hew own powerBut having said that the complaints I made about the first book still stand the entire series switches point of view way often than is typical for children s lit and both Rory and Bridget have the vocabularies and knowledge of well versed twenty year olds as opposed to those of thirteen and nine year olds which is how old their supposed to be But they do have some relatable emotions to other children wondering how much of a role they want their estranged father to have in their lives wanting to save their mom and in Rory s case wanting to ask out a Night And Day girlFinishing the book it felt like a strong close to the trilogy assuming this is only a trilogy Am I making an ass out of u and me by saying that The majority of the major conflicts were resolved But of course there were also some lose ends like the promise Rory made to a pirate to help him at some point in Sprits in the Park It made me wonder if there would be a fourth book Another series set in the same world Something Maybe If soive me a few weeks off before I have to read the next one I think I m Mannahatta ed outDinner ConversationCesar Prince had a bad feeling about thisHe d been called into the bowels of City Hall deep into the maze of hallways that zigzagged beneath the ancient seat of the Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow gods power All theods had their own rooms down here and the older the The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid god the deeper the room Prince s own room was not easy. Fire dreams of Fire visions of Fire Where do they come from Aryazate doesn’t know why but he fears the power secretlyrowing in him Am I a demon or a sorcerer Kavada the blacksmith seems to be the only one he can trust but even he doesn’t know the.

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Ttle child died of fever but her child was a Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys girl and so she has raised Aryazate like airl Obviously now there is another little problem at eighteen years old Aryazate has long passed the age when usually irls married but HE can t marry Another problem is that when Aryazate is angry he unleashes some uncontrolled powers that can make him accused of sorcery and with the witch hunt that roars in the kingdom it s better not to raise unwilling attentionKavada is a poor blacksmith that Aeyazate helps He is enthralled by his beautiful lady even if he sees that she is not a ordinary woman she is too beautiful and kind and she has powers he has witnessed with his eyes And even if he is only a poor commoner he wants her as a man wants his woman but when Aryazate will unveal her secret will Kavada still want her himAryazate is decipted like the classical cute uke but he is not at all a submissive he is a very dominant character even if his strenght is not from his body but from his magic And also from his behaviour cause Aryazate is also a spoilt son his mother has never forbidden nothing to him and when he sees something he wants he takes it without asking And this time he wants Kavada and he takes himKavada is a simple man A man with the soul and the body of a warrior but without the behaviour of a commander He is lady to surrender without fight to Aryazate and he never uestions his lady He worships her like a Life Changing Smiles goddess and noone or nothing will change his mindThe Sorcerer s Secret is a pretty complex novel full of enemies who lurk in the shadows and with some very unsettling twists For someone who likes the fantasyenre this is for sure an interesting read And strange to say I find that it has also a young adut feeling in it like the classical adventure novels of the pasthttpwwwdp1554871409 I actually really wanted to like this book but there was one huge factor that just makes me really dislike it I uess I could sum this book up as a Mary Sue novel That is to say that most of the characters on the ood side or even destined for the Only a Whisper good side are all Mary Sues Mary Sue is a type of character that is wish fulfillment implication the Mary Sue is judged as a poorly developed character too perfect and lacking in realism to be interesting There was just no real conflict because the characters were able to miraculously fix everything themselves withoutetting caught or undergoing any real character development It was like reading along the lines of Aryazate was Copper Lake Secrets great and lusted after Aryazate is hated because he is so beautiful and strong Aryazate fixes the problem but this problem arises Psych he magically fixes this problem anduess what Now he has love too Now the bad characters see his way of thinking and are Brooklyn's Song good now and turned against the other smaller characters Now he has no problems the nowood Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide guys but use to be baduys have wonderful lives too THE END. Yazate’s worst nightmares become reality The Head Mage Monushir accuses him of sorcery and has him imprisoned What will this trial reveal Is the truth so horrible that Aryazate will welcome torture and death by fire by the same fire that haunts his drea.

To find which was just as he liked it But even he d never been this deep before The rooms down here were old so old that most of their owners had faded away left behind and forgotten as the city above moved ahead without them But Willem Kieft never forgot p 3Imagine it Kieft whispered the locket swinging from his hand hypnotically More power than you have any right to possess That is what I offer youAre we a band of murderers now Mrs Astor asked in a huff though her eyes tracked the locket s swing hungrilyNot murder Kieft assured her His black eyes Plain Jane The Hotshot glittered in the firelight of the deadod s room I will bring war Righteous war against our ancient enemies What is natural than that p 7The Fortune Teller rose to her full height Van der Donck s trail leads through the five boroughs Bronck s Land which is now the Bronx ueens Breuckelen which you know as Brooklyn Staaten Eylandt which is Staten Island and of course Mannahatta In each borough you will find a legacy left behind by your erstwhile God of Justice You must Family of Her Dreams gather together the pieces of this trust and it will lead you to the root of everything where Kieft s treasure waits And his treasure is the key to his downfall p 56 I fairly enjoyed the first half of the book even though too much time was dedicated to what wasoing on around Aryazate and Kavada rather than focusing on Lots of interesting elements and details I don t doubt that the story is well written but I have to say it s a littleflat I just didn t connect with the characters I thought they were a little too perfect Everything falls into place for them in life I just don t think that some of the characters felt real The MC is especially false to me Still the story is ood I also felt that the overall details were interesting so I did up my stars for that I want to be honest I bought this one cause I like the cover Oh I read before KB Forrest and I like his writing style her really I don t know if he is a man or if she is a woman but fantasy setting mixed with demons and black magic is not my stuffSo before reading I put the book under a test I confess I read some pages in the middle to know how to expect from the book and to decide if I wanted to read it all cause it s also pretty long I liked it and so I decided it would be my evening read But when I arrived at home I found another book in my mailbox one I was waiting from a bit and so I read it first it was a short novel so I had still the time to read both The other book was pretty strong and sincerely as second read maybe it would be better to choose something light and instead I read this one And it s not light at allAryazate is the abandoned child of a sorcerer in the Persia of 500 bc his father has killed his mother and then he has abandoned him He was lucky to be take in and raised by a wealthy and kindly woman Nizami Only there was a little problem Nizami has disguided him as her li. Extent of Aryazate’s secrets What would he say if he found out that the beautiful maiden Aryazate is really a young man forced by circumstances to conceal this truth which day by day becomes evident Just when he thinks Kavada is ready to hear the truth Ar.

KB Forrest has researched ancient Indo European history and folklore for several years and brings to this novel his story telling flair and the accurate details today’s readers demand He is skilled in animal husbandry primitive survival skills and horsemanship These talents allow him to imbue his stories with realistic elementsKB lives on a farm in Northern Mississippi with his faithful dogs