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E gallon and never seem to tire of them And I always watch the comedy segment at the end because he is so clever and everyone seems to be having such a good timeHowever something about his humor style translates very poorly to a book I don t know what it is But I read the entire thing front to back and counted one uiet chuckle and two smirks Seinfeld acknowledges this shortcoming himself in the introduction reminding the reader that he has done his part to make the comedy and the rest is up to you Jerry Seriously You put your comedy sketches in a book word for word and you expect us to expend actual effort to make them funny That s absurd I don t read comedy for mental excercise I read it because it s funny There are lots of authors who can make me laugh by reading Scott Adams and John Hodgman come to mind The book gets two stars Jerry gets one star But I m not going to uit watching him on TV. Ivos de segurança para casamentos sala de esperam todos os biscoitos bonecos tarados de ventrílouo roupas de banho do papai moda futurista sexo paterno tornozelos brancos passeios de pônei educação física escotismo comida de avião sobras de sabonet.

There s no doubt that as a stand up comedian Jerry Seinfeld is hilarious His material is fantastic and his television show is one of the best of all time This book is meant to capture his stand up in writing in the form of what is essentially a collection of short okes Because of this the book is a very fast read and is easy to pick back up on after being set down I love Seinfeld However without his signature delivery style his material however hilarious it may be Cannibal Encounters just doesn t feel right In the introduction Seinfeld encourages reade There s a reason why it s called stand up comedy because when you sit down and try to read it it s not as funny as when you hear itBTW I m a huge fan of Seinfeld and Jerry himself so my review sust OK not because I don t get his sense of humour I do but I m not buying it wrapped in a book form I loved Seinfeld s show so much I love his sense of humor the way. Em O melhor livro sobre nada Seinfeld conta tudo sobre canibais sorvete penteados de papagaio contorno de cadáveres decores e sapatos super homem pedaços grandes de pão comportamentos básicos em encontros emergências sexuais puxa puxa sobrancelhas de.

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It s sassy and offensive and hilarious and while I appreciated his funny bits in the show I don t think it worked as well in this bookI think it would ve been better if this book was a collection of his essays or something like that because these uick shots even if they were grouped together because they addressed the same topic seemed chaotic OR I think this is one of those that would ve worked PERFECTLY as an audiobookHis okes have a lot of stereotypes in them which I noticed in the show as well It s also written in 1993 I had some good laughs but not as I could have had if Seinfeld itself would read it I like it it was funny and easy It can mske somebody s day Of course is better to watch him But if you are travelling and you want to pass a good time this is a good reading Let me preface this review by saying that I think Jerry Seinfeld is hilarious I have watched Seinfeld episodes by th. Siguais empregadas mulheres em matadouros bolsos no paletó de pijama macacos no espaço cabelo na manhã seguinte relacionamentos mussarela sanduíches de atum de aeroporto cartões de congratulações em branco sinais para camisinhas Ginsu 2000 disposit.

Jerome Allen Jerry Seinfeld born April 29 1954 is an American comedian actor and writer whose style is often described as observational comedy He is best known for playing a semi fictional version of himself in the situation comedy Seinfeld 1989 1998 which he co created helped write and in the show's final two seasons executive produced In his first major foray back into the media