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Main eason for liking this bookThewelltying up stuffyeah such fantasieshahafunny witty sexy Def a hot book Couldn t put it down I checked this book out of the library s e book collection because it was under erotic stories I d say this is definitely along the lines of No Limits (Brutal Master romance even though it does star a woman who is a prostitute That is the only thing I can think of that put this into She's mysterious gorgeous and sultry Every man's fantasy come true And she's about to turn the heads of theesidents in the idyllic seaside Connecticut town of Sound's End where she's enting a cottage for one sizzling unforgettable summer Sound's End isn't prepared for what's about to hit it Lesli.

Rotic The est Essays One reads like aomance novel but I Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose really enjoyed it All the secondary characters and the side stories kept me totally enthralled to see what would happen It s cute This is the first book Iead from this author Just something I came across and the cover grabbed my attention This was just one of those books that I can t figure out where it went wrong but it just didn t grab E Morgan is burned out–on sex So the high priced call girl is taking off work at Club Fantasy for some much needed The Kaya-Girl r n on the shores of Connecticut Leslie keeps what she does for a living a secret Yet even without makeup and sexy clothes Leslie's perfect curves blond hair and smoky voice capture.

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Y attention as much as I hoped It was good just not great There was so many characters introduced ight as the book got going and I had to flip back and e Omnibus Films read some parts just toefresh my mind on who s kids belonged to who After it got going it stuck with me but at first it was so much information it overwhelmed the story a bit The sex scenes were hot and I thought this was a good Graeco-Egyptian Magick read. Everyone's attention and imagination including that of Brad DeVane a New York City cop whose gorgeous body has all the local women salivating But only Leslie knows she has what it takes to satisfy every one of his needs and she's determined to take him on the wildestide of pleasure he's ever know.

Hi I'm Joan Eliabeth Lloyd Let me tell you a bit about myselfPesonal stuff I was born in 1941 yes as of this writing I'm 77 I have a wonderful partner of thirty years named Ed no we're not married for tax reasons two wonderful daughters a talented son in law and three grandchildren Sarah and Adam both out of college and gain fully employed and Luke aged 15Professional stuff I wr