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Some of the language in this book is uite poetic The idea of a man so traumatised that he retreats into a fantasy of being Columbus is very interesting Unfortunately I o not like the execution of the ideaNiggles 1 All that talk of women The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker drove me insane I understood it was going to lead up to some real life girlfriend or wife at some point but thatid not make those little stories less annoying or relevant I felt I was wasting precious time reading those bits2 Consuela seemed rather flat to me I was given a few statements about her here and there and that was it From those titbits I really Quadruplets On The Doorstep did not feel like I was getting to know her at all This is what I got nurseivorced sad love life Luke drinks too much occasionally reads a book Pleaseo not tell me someone is evolving show me3 What on earth was that Emile guy The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane doing in the story Yes he found out who Columbus was To me it seems however that this could have been solved in the story in a way thatid not necessitate the introduction of yet another flat character4 The writer can not A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy decide between soft and uite crude language when he talks about lovemaking Perhaps this is supposed to symbolise theichotomy of Columbus and the real man who thinks he is Columbus I just found it irritating I hate crude language but this shuttling back and forth The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning did nothing for me either5 Unfortunately I could go on with my list of niggles I won t however A beautiful idea a flawed execution I hate to give this book only two stars I feel it was on the brink of greatness andid not uite make it I can t give it three stars There were times when I struggled to keep on reading I wanted to love this book but it id not uite happen I am very interested to see what the author s next book will be Perhaps that will be one even I can love Here s another book that efies the star system for me It s somewhere between a 4 I really liked this and a 5 it was awesome Early on I wasn t uite certain how I felt about this book I found myself confused initially perhaps because I was reading a few pages at a time Over the weekend I was finally able to get own irty and read I had first heard about Waiting for Columbus on a Booksonthenightstand podcast Ann Kingman raved about it not only once but at least two other times that I recall I respect Ann s opinion so knew this would be on my list But what really sealed the The Best Revenge (Redstone, Incorporated deal was reading a listener s comments posted by Ann Tanya talks about this book in a post titled A Story Too Good to Stay Buried in the CommentsYou can read the post at I m also gong to copy it in its entirety here at the end of my comments I reallyon t want you to miss this one Simply put it is a novel about a psychiatric patient in a hospital in contemporary Spain who claims he is Christopher Columbus and the nurse who listens to his stories in an attempt to understand him But Ranchers Perfect Baby Rescue don t let the simplicity fool you The tale winds back and forth in time and over continents and oceans like a cresting and sometimes crashing wave This Columbus is not the Columbus of my school books Here he is a man with manyesires not only the uest for adventure and finding the new world but also a voracious lover of women I felt like a voyeur listening in as he relates his story to Consulea his nurse Be certain to set aside some time to get into it It merits a few pages than usual to get hooked My sincere th. A man arrives at an insane asylum in contemporary Spain claiming to be the legendary navigator Christopher Columbus Who he really is and the events that led him to break with reality lie at the center of this captivating romantic and stunningly written novelFound in the treacherous Strait of Gibraltar the mysterious man who calls himself Columbus appears to be just another elirious mental patient until he begins to tell the “true”.

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Neral way I now search out books written by poet novelists I ve come to appreciate Ondaatje s and Margaret Atwater s word crafting in particular but it was Thomas Trofimuk s words that found their way to my heart firstAnyway that s probably way than you wanted to know but there it isFor those who may be interested in the audiobook you can listen to a sample at the Blackstone Audiobooks page for the titleTanya thank you so very much for sharing your story It s amazing and moving and I can t wait to listen to the audio with your and Grover s experience in mind It was well written and the idea behind it was compelling But I had a hard time getting into the book Maybe it wasn t what I was in the mood for or maybe it was just lacking something that I can t uite put my finger on TRITECan you imagine One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest meeting Mills and Boon Well it happened in this book This terrible mawkish sentimental story is set in an insane asylum where the nurse falls in love with the patient who if he wasn t insane you would have to conclude is the most extravagant bullshitter on the face of the earthI blame the author It is basically cheating to put a large part of the story into the mouth of a character who is insane because then you can abdicate all responsibility for the fact that it oesn t make any sense It is further cheating to abandon any notion of point of view so that the character telling the story about himself is also telling you things that he could not possibly know like what other characters are thinking Further it is ridiculous to suggest that a SPANISH A Texas Holiday Miracle doctor could not work out from his accent alone that his patient is CANADIAN It is ridiculous to suggest that a female nurse would be swimming naked while her patient watched It is ridiculous to suggest that a psychiatric nurse would be so baffled by all the patient s mumbo jumbo that she begins to attribute some sort of magical powers to him I mean howid he manage to get Federica to make him a cup of coffee every 74 Seaside Avenue day Wow SpookyPlease I beg youon t read this book if you know ANYTHING about psychiatry Or literature Or for that matter reality Because you will probably hate this book as much as I The Note did The star system is very odd One compares apples and oranges and they both can have the same amount of stars though they satisfy completelyifferent needs So to clarify my grading I am going to employee meals some books are snacks others appetizers There are amuse bouches and there are entrees and The Loving Gift desserts There are lunch entrees andinner entrees Janet Evanovich is a snack Sue Grafton an appetizer Thomas Trofimuk s Waiting for Columbus is an entree An entree at a 4 star restaurant paired with the perfect wine Each bite is The Wildcatter delicious tantalizing and satisfying yet still leaves you wanting Wonderful prose an intriguing story Even as youiscover where it is going you yearn for each bite In the 21st century a man washes up on shore with the absolute knowledge that he is 15th century navigator Christopher Columbus He is sent to a mental hospital where he is put under the care of Nurse Consuela who listens to his stories and guides him back to reality Through a series of tales he tells his and Columbus s stories gradually coming to terms with the truth that shattered him into his beautiful illusion Trofimuk s prose is effortless and his story beguiling. Feel Something terrible caused his break with reality and she can only listen and wait as Columbus spins his tale to the very end In the tradition of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and The Dogs of Babel this unforgettable novel mines the arkest recesses of loss and the extraordinary capacity of the human spirit It is an immensely satisfying novel that will introduce Thomas Trofimuk to readers who will want to hear his voice again and agai.

Anks to both Ann and Tanya for leading me to this book It is one beautiful story A Story Too Good to Stay Buried in the CommentsBy Ann Kingman If you ve ever blogged you know that it can sometimes feel like a lot of work I confess that there are many times when I rather be reading a book then blogging about reading a book But then every so often I am reminded of the incredible community that has sprung up here and I realize that I get so much from your participation that it could never really be just work I had an experience like that just recently It happened in the comments of Josh Christie s post Bring on the Tears Tanya s comments and subseuent expansion on those comments were so powerful that I had to pull them out and give them their own spaceIn his post Josh asked What book made you cry Tanya who works for an audiobook publisher answered This year I read WAITING FOR COLUMBUS by Thomas Trofimuk which had such a powerful Her Nine Month Confession denouement that I brokeown as A Southern Reunion did my husband who narrated it in fact you can hear him breakown on the recording He wanted to go back and fix it but it was such an honest reading that when he tried to pull back it ended up sounded fake So the original reading standsI feel like I ve known Tanya for a long time thanks to her interaction with us here at Books on the Nightstand but I had no idea that her husband was an audiobook narrator and had no inkling that he narrated this book that I loved so much Of course I needed to know so I asked Tanya to tell us the whole story Here it is Last April you mentioned WAITING FOR COLUMBUS in a blogpodcast That s all you Let It Go did mention it but for some reason I became obsessed with it I literally couldn t wait until August to read the book but I had no way to legitimately personally reuest an Advance Reading Copy from the publisher so I asked my boss to look into getting a galley I was shocked when he came back and told me that our company had acuired the audiobook rights for the bookThe manuscript came to Blackstone and I was so excited but I was soon thwarted in my attempts to pre read it My husband Grover Gardner who is the studioirector for the company always vets the galleys in order to make casting choices He got the first crack at Waiting For Columbus and after reading the first chapter insisted that he himself was going to narrate He pre read the whole of the book and finished right before Charade of Hearts dinner one night Fork midway between plate and mouth he stopped started crying and left the table He walked theog for an hour and a half All because of Waiting For Columbus Of all the books he has narrated this had never happened before When he came back from his time out I suspiciously ueried him as to whether the book was that maudlin He shook his head and only said You ll see I insisted on being the recording engineer for the book We were in the booth The first land mine hit and I was affected but okay The second land mine hit and I could barely hold it together Grover even though he had already read the book fell apart again It is not maudlin but beautifully and powerfully written The book has become a very personal experience for each of us and both of usEven now months after we cut the master I can uote certain passages and there is one passage in particular which still sends me into a paroxysm of emotion The book had another impact on me in a much ge. Story of how he famously obtained three ships from Spanish royaltyIt's Nurse Consuela who listens to these fantastical tales of adventure and romance and tries esperately to make sense of why this seemingly intelligent man has been locked up and why no one has come to visit As splintered fragments of the man beneath the façade reveal a charming yet guarded individual Nurse Consuela can't avoid the inappropriate longings she begins to.