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Wow I was not aware how easy it was to swap sperm and eggs in secret and hide it from your partner and here we have a secret egg and secret sperm What are there no protocols where Drs check discuss pros and cons with partners and et them to sign documents and stuff I mean really But for that Arnhem 1944 glaring nightmare mentioned above this could of been a nice story but I ve actually decided both characters have selfish traits The H was obviously selfish having a one night stand with the young h then disappearing off around the world to make his fortune The h on the surface is all loving and caring but when you read between the lines she actually did a very selfless act by having a baby for her sister but then couldn t really leto and did nothing to help her situation by moving out or anything sounds like she ave her sister uite the worries I did like this book and think it was a ood story but SO many of Grace and Josh s problems could have been solved if they had just had an honest conversation earlier on It drives me crazy when the hero and heroine fail to communicate on such an elemental level for so much of the book and then finally talk and work out their problems within the last 10 pages It never leaves me with the feeling that they will be able to successfully navigate future problems because they haven t proven to me that they have learned how to talk and be honest with one another Also it was a little TOO coincidental for me that Josh ended up being the secret sperm donor on behalf of his brother Michael AND that Grace secretly used her own egg instead of Phoebe s to conceive baby Posie I didn t et the impression that both Michael and Phoebe had fertility issues although it s certainly possible I just thought that Phoebe was unable to successfully carry a baby to term Regardless it was hard for me to believe that they would both keep their siblings involvement a secret I m not saying it couldn t happen in. Grace McAllister thought being a surrogate for her sister would be a truly selfless act But secretly Grace longed for the baby inside her to be her own conceived in.

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Hael it is for the best of reasons The only one not happy is Josh Michael s brother and the man Grace has been in love with for ten yearsWhen Phoebe and Michael are killed in an accident it throws everything Finally Josh and Grace have to confront the issues of what happens with baby Posie and the future which will link them forever through the babyAnother emotion filled read from Liz Fielding with loveable but flawed people muddling their way to a happy ending Liz has created a wonderful cast of characters and her dialogue is so real you feel like you are there and know all these people I liked this fairly well Occasionally something would happen and I d think where did that come from Somehow the character would infer something that I would never have figured out from the conversation or situation The ending was a bit too simplistic for me another big leap really Not reat writing and a little contrived Still an enjoyable uick read A fine modern romance from Liz Fielding and my first exposure to the authorI m astonished at how readable this story is Sniper (Women of the United Federation Marines, given that its structure is so untraditional There s no big set up here no traditional falling in love romance just two people struggling to come to terms with tragedy and dealing with a very present problemThe story is dialogue driven and Liz Fielding has a fine ear for realistic speech The characters are well drawn and completely human and the romance elements subtly handled The story flew past as I readNothing not to enjoy here I ll look forward to reading of Liz s work More serious than the other books by this author that I ve read with the characters dealing with high stakes But very enjoyable as usual I m not always keen on stories with babies in them as they canet too cute for my taste But that s avoided here Even the hero and baby being cute together scenes are never milked to the point I find them sickly Some excellent plot twists that made me o whoa. Magic He wished she and the child were his to take care of But when tragedy struck Josh rushed to be there for Grace and baby Posie Could they be his life his famil.

Real life just that it s a big coincidence Before the end of the very first sentence the reader is aware that something has happened that will affect the lives of Grace McAllister and Josh KingsleyNever predictable always surprising Secret Baby Surprise Parents is a book that will touch your heart over and overAs always I m loathe to ive away any plot details for fear of spoiling the book for future readers Rest assured that this story is a keeper for both readers and aspiring writers alikeLiz Fielding has an elusive ingredient that 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes gives page turning uality in spades Good read This is an unusual take on the secret baby hook because this baby is secret six ways to Sunday You think all the secrets are out and Bam Fielding drops another one on you It seems to start like the usual story in which relations are left as caretakers to an infant after the parents deaths but then the twists begin It s aood one This is not what I expected And I do dislike Joshua Really He s very selfish to the point I dunno how to describe him And maybe people will see it as selfless act but to me is selfish When he propose to Theodore Roosevelt, Hero to his Valet grace the thought is scared that he might lose the both of them But did he ever occurred that one day his wife and daughter might need him badly and he s not around bcos of his job Maybe I m being emotional reading this book but I really dislike his character I shall not comment too much if not I ll reveal the plot of the unhappiness I have with that character Lol Anyway it s aood read Secret Baby Surprise ParentsI listened to the audio book version and I really enjoyed this storyI have only recently started listening to audio books and boy was I missing outThe narration was really The Stoic Theory of Oikeiosis good and had me listening till the endVeryood storyline and well worth a listenRecommended The subject of surrogacy is always fraught with emotion When Grace agrees to be surrogate for her sister Phoebe and brother in law Mic. Passion with the only man she had ever loved But that could never beJosh Kingsley couldn't bear to watch the baby row big in Grace's belly unable to share in the.

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