Matt Morris: The Unemployed Millionaire Escape the Rat Race Fire Your Boss and Live Life on YOUR Terms

Ately it has not finished yet Matt brought his entrepreneurial prowess to play in this book The combination of Matt s personal story how he turned things around by determination consistency and by taking advantage of opportunities he came across made great lessons Matt went on to suggest tools anyone could leverage to really escape the rat race A great book for anyone seeking to develop personally I listened to the audiobook or rather tried to I got halfway through and ust couldn t go any further I don t doubt that the author is a pro at what he does or that he has good ideas but I don t think reading an audiobook is one of them That said I suppose if I really thought his idea. Illions Gives you the specific success principles all millionaires follow Author Matt Morris is an internationally recognized speaker who selectively mentors other entrepreneurs traveling the world working very little and earning millions in the process With a foreword by Les Brown motivational speaker bestselling author and television personality If you're serious about earning millions without working your fingers to the bone The Unemployed Millionaire gives you the powerful strategies needed to turn your dreams into a reali.

Awesome book some of the links are a bit dated but overall gold dust It was a typical book with some typical ideas on how to make money However I enjoyed the writer s story and the things he wrote about self development Note Read as summary I got halfway through this book before it became an ad for multi level marketing rebranded as network marketing sigh The first half of the book contained some useful information about leadership motivation and dream building but when it turned into an advertisement for MLM I gave up and moved on First half interesting on about his story its when he goes on about additional subjects such as property that lets the overall content down a lot. A self made millionaire shows you how to make millions while living life on your own terms At ust eighteen years old Matt Morris founded his first marketing business At twenty he dropped out of college to pursue business full time At twenty one he was homeless and deeply in debt living out of his car It was then that he made a life changing decision to re invent himself and his career By twenty nine Matt was a self made millionaire How did he do itIn The Unemployed Millionaire Morris reveals how he turned his life around and.

Of the second half is pretty much what you can get online it needed to be laid out in those sections makes me believe he didn t research those areas well and uses his limited experience in that particular area if you wanted education there s in depth resources available as a story it is inspirational in the end it depends on if your after inspiration or education this book is mainly for inspiration I have enjoyed this book I love the bookvery inspiring and touchingi was moved by Matt story when he had a rain shower in a church packing Matt Morris artistically instill his concepts through telling his story That was what make me decide to translate this book in persian Unfortun. Shatters the myth that it takes money to make money Thanks to the Internet explosion and the ease of global trade it is possible for anyone to start a business and market their products worldwide to millions of customers Here Morris unlocks the secrets and provides you with the specific moneymaking formula he used to turn his ideas into a fortuneEuips you with a step by step formula for turning your great idea into a million dollar business in as little as twelve months Proves you don't have to be smart lucky or rich to make

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Matt recently completed a degree in English Language at the University of Sheffield He is a writer of crime fiction and is also very passionate about guitar which he attempts to play admittedly rather badly He is also a huge football fan who likes to play when he can and roots for Arsenal