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Different colonies and the Pandora project that Elios and Sender s world revolves around It had a lot f potential but Father Tom Padilla: Mark of the Demon Priest one thing that kept annoying me was how confused I d get at times It s a great sci fi book but while some things are explained it s not as detailed as I would have liked which caused my confusion When talkf Pandora happened I would always have uestions about it What is it Why do they need to look at it What is the point f the project Why would the project take five years By the end f the book some things are explained but not everything so I was still left with unanswered uestions I also felt like the story ended too soon I was hoping to see them go up to Pandora and how they d make a relationship work up there but it ends before that which makes it feel a bit like a cliffhanger However while I was confused I truly loved this book I fell in love with Sender and Elios Macy and Sender s sister Katy Macy is extremely hilarious and does everything he can to smooth Sender and Elios relationship when it gets rocky because he just wants Sender to be happy and he knows Elios makes Sender happy Overall this was a great book It s entertaining fascinating and was very easy for me to immerse myself in It lacked a few details in places I thought were important but the conflict and the characters than made up for that especially with how easily I was able to connect with all f them The problems they go through were fascinating to me and I was happy to see them work through them It s a fun read while at the same time a tad angsty and intense Definitely recommended This was such a nice surprise I m a fan f sci fi futuristic books but this Eat Vegan on $4.00 a Day one is characterriented The society and religious differences are prevalent but those are good layers for meElios and Sender are such a great fit and the addition f Katie made it so good for me all around It has good elements but all coming unbalance The first half are too slow and too much about sex Problems solved too easily in a few sentences Even I expected a si fi and found that it s not just happened in some AU world that pp lived in space and story pened like some Pantyhose Professionals (Pantyhose Diaries Book 2) of si fi but it s really not thene I still want to like it but really can t 21Aug2019 No change nly because I don t usually change a rating downward And I think that my excitement ver the SciFi aspects Masterchef Junior Cookbook: Bold Recipes and Essential Techniques to Inspire Young Cooks of this during my first reading made me a tad generous If I were to re rate it I would give it 425 at besteven with the narrator providing an excellent performance In my previous review I mentioned wanting a seuel covering the trip to Pandora and I still do but I realized the SciFi elements might havenly been a background to tell the romance and so there s not likely to be a Book 2 with the way the definitive HEA was delivered17Apr2016 45 StarsA MM Romance Group Team Spin Spellapalooza Challenge read Go Team 6 Living In SpinI am. Pilot who seems like everything Elios has ever wantedTheir attraction is immediate and threatens to lead to in a hurry Even Elios' wary heart and Sender's burdened soul can't keep them apart until a single tra.

Audio 5 starsStory 35 stars round down because Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman of weak HFN ending I ve read severalther books by this talented pair Study of Organ Inferiority and Its Psychical Compensation; A Contribution to Clinical Medicine - Scholar's Choice Edition of authors Tatterdemalion and One Real Thing bothf which I really loved Although this book was a good solid read hence the title Heaven Next Stop of my review it was not the duo s best Yes the editing is excellent and the writingnarrative is strong but it left me feeling a bit disappointed view spoilerThe story is set in the future when mankind is faced with a challenge in the guisef the Pandora an alien ship f some sort which is n its way to Earth and its colonies Elios the not so shy academic meets the gorgeous but guilt ridden Sender and the two fall madly in love Sender a pilot with the military forces who are being trained to intercept the alien ship comes from the poorest and most religiousrepressive f all the colonies He has been taught that being homosexual is a 35 Stars I really loved this story but I really disliked how it ended This ne is in desperate need Bases Loaded of another bookr at the very least an epilogue but with the book having been published in 2012 I don t think it s likely there will be either I don t like that feeling Have A Good Night, Volume 1 of being left hanging I m disappointed but it s a good story none the lessTAGS Scifi hook up turns to sweet made me chuckle made me smile made me cry familykids loved the MCs Sender Elios read inne sitting I want Not what I expected from this author The science fiction elements weren t very strong and the societies were based n ancient Rome and Early Christian communities The story was character driven and revolved around a highly skilled linguist Elios and his interactions with a conservatively reared fighter pilot Sender The main conflict is Sender s internal crisis f faith caused by his desires While I appreciate this is a big issue for many individuals marginalized by religion due to non heteronormative desires I found it heavy handed and clumsy I needed plot and world building for this to be successful for meFavorite uote It s difficult to travel in new territory Frightening Old paths are easier to find I enjoyed this ne a lot The world is extremely fascinating as well as the conflict between the characters and their duties but this was ne book I didn t want to put downI loved how broken both these characters are Elios an important linguist is afraid to get into a relationship because When You Lose Your Job of how hurt he still isver his last lover leaving him for someone else right when they were supposed to start a family Sender a pilot is ashamed f his desire for ther men since it s against his religion Both these characters aren t looking for anything serious but Isabel the Queen: Life and Times once they get together they can t stop the feelings that grow Unfortunately when something happens back at Sender s home colony it starts to drift them apart and reuires Sender to choose between duty and loveThis world is extremely fascinating with the. Elios Campbell is workingn a top secret project translating messages from the Pandora an alien spaceship Fantastic Post Office 03 on the edgef human territory A favor from his mentor drops Elios into the arms f Sender Kinnison

A sucker for a scifi romance and this was amazingly well told I loved the alternate reality vision f what Earth might have evolved into the space exploration It had some elements f BSG that I loved the differing colonies the poly families well that was prevalent n the show Caprica the desire for some to escape the lives their parents beliefs backgrounds limited them to The world building was nothing short Drawing the Human Head of spectacular I felt transported to thisther worldand I wouldn t have minded being anywhere in this reality but not Twin Block Functional Therapy: Applications in Dentofacial Orthopedics on Themis thank you noA world that was nice as much as it was functional Some parts were uglythers beautiful The whole story was a bit painful but it was hopeful too It was lifeA couple DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner: 25 Ways to Build a Self-Reliant Lifestyle of things I must pointut my adoration for Co ed locker rooms Yes because that would be the ultimate example f women being treated eually at their jobs as pilots That ne f the ch I really liked the characters and their struggles with their religion and duties family love and happiness Even if the story takes place in the future with nice world building and an authentic feeling the problems addressed are relevant in ur time and give the story depth I felt the sympathy I had for the characters made me like them and feel for them even when their decision hurt Dead Man Riding (Nell Bray, others I knew where the decisions came from could understand the why and love the way theutfall was dealt withI did however feel like there was a big science fiction arc started in the beginning that ended no where for me While I loved the way the relationship played ut I really expected a greater fallout from the danger that is teased The conclusion f the book is very pen and almost enthusiastic It felt like the whole subplot was given much too little weight I think this story could have been turned into an amazing book series r a super novel The sci fi aspects were very well done but the focus is almost exclusively Pontius Pilate on the romance and emotional struggles 1 readn kindle I don t know why but I didn t enjoy this I ve enjoyed Livin de Life other Anah Crow so becausef that I finished Escape Velocity Three days later I can t honestly remember what it was about It really wasn t very science fictiony 2 listened to Aeralis on Audible I read this book Wayback in April 2015 and it really bothered me why didn t I like this So during uarantine I have a lotf extra reading time so this time I decided to listen and try and figure Be CentsAble: How to Cut Your Household Budget in Half out why it was a fail because these are capable writers I realized what Iriginally had said was that it didn t feel science fictiony That s what was wrong it didn t need to be set in space This exact story could ve and should ve been set Academic Inbreeding and Mobility in Higher Education: Global Perspectives on earth today in any cloistered community somewhere with access to either the Air Forcer maybe an advanced science company This is really a story Radio Crackling, Radio Gone of acceptance So if you re not gonna go all the way and become a true science fiction don t bother. Gic moment changes their lives forever Elios is helpless as Sender driven by ghosts and duty goes racingut The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta: California's Gold Rush Bandit of reach Fate brings them togetherne last time but can Elios take another chance n his runaway st.

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