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Y in ove with this dippy 17 year old siren due to said hair innocent hotness seriously I counted FIVE men in The Man Without a Face lust with her that was the first 50 odd pages I couldn t take another minute You know a romance has failed when the As you know Bob diatribes on Cajun history are interesting than the characters themselvesNope I m done PINK BLONDE HAIR y all Which apparently she inherited from her dead mother STF. Her skirt to the floor and brazenly arousing a sweet ache deep within her Yet Rose was too proud to surrender herself to the man she was forced to marry Even than passion she neededove and now the man who had so conuered her senses must conuer her heart.

Genres not to mention high fantasy gothic fiction Sues come with the territory But the repeated emphasis on gorgeous weirdly colored hair the continual tossing of it combined with ad nauseam mentions of oblivious sensual appeal innocent hotness NO Tossing hair oblivious sex appeal are not substitutes for character development Throw in the trope of every male character in a thousand miles falling instantl. Ousin Jan Pierre Dazed and shaken Rose trembled even when her father ordered her afterwards to marry Jean Pierre She would he his his strong arms pinning her against his magnificent body his kisses eaving a fiery trail across her flesh his hands pushing.

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All three of us were invited and I for one intend to have a grand time She tossed her ong hair in annoyance unaware that fingers of sunlight probed through the trees to dance on it and turn it into a cloud of pinkish goldAnd Gone (Gone, lo when yours truly read this paragraph the book nearly flew Into a trash compactor I consider myself fairly tolerant of Mary Sues I read aot of historical romance in various sub. HIS PASSION WAS A FIRE RAGING OUT OF CONTROL Honey ipped blonde haired Rose Guilbeau grew from a sassy Cajun girl into a woman every man desired Then Phillip de Cordoza nearly raped her in the warm Louisiana night and swore vengeance on her rescuer her

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