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What a lovely omantic friends to lovers story sigh Something about this one just pushed all my sentimental buttons and although there wasn t anything eally sad about this book I found myself tearing up towards the end Probably because I eally eally loved the characters and I wanted them to have the HEA they both deserved I think the fact that the characters had a eal apport and an established 10 year elationship as friends is what made everything about this book work for me Their dialogue seemed natural and the way they eacted to each other just seemed to fit In a nutshell the story is about Adam McPherson Special Forces soldier and brother of Levi McPherson Letters from Home who is back in small town Bethel Bay SC ecovering from an injury suffered while serving in Ira Months ago a oadside bomb went off which forced the amputation of Adam s lower leg Since being fitted with a prosthesis Adam is hell bent on eturning to Ira since his whole identity is wrapped up in being a soldier That s all he s wanted all his life and he can t imagine what he d do with himself if he can t be an active duty soldierWinnie Cuthbert bakery shop owner is the girl who efuses to give up on him Winnie s loved Adam for over 10 years and everyone in the small town is aware of it even Adam But Winnie knows where Adam stands that his career comes first and he has no desire to get involved with her since he can t commit to her and doesn t want to hurt her Winnie s bee. Subject Adam McPherson Special ForcesCurrent Status Out of commissionfor nowMission Return to battleObstacle Winnie Templeman She won't take no for an answerAdam is Uncle Sa.

N content to be his good friend and they have a friendly competitive elationship she s a tomboy but doesn t want to push for since she feels by doing that she d isk ejection And if Adam flat out ejected her then she d lose all hope that one day he would finally see her as than a friendWinnie is unaware that lately Adam has been seeing her in a different light He starts having fantasies about what it would be like to be with his sexy best friend even though he can t let himself actually do that since he s sure he ll be leaving for Ira in a couple of weeks And he won t use Winnie that way She deserves someone who would be in it for the long haul and he s just not that man But damn it the thought of any other man being with his Winnie is driving him madEventually Winnie can t take it any makes the first move Adam submits and yee haw it s off to the aces Oh the things they do with powdered sugar and almond icing Winnie knows that Adam will be leaving shortly but is there any chance she can get him to include her in his futureI loved both selfless Winnie and good guy Adam loved the story telling loved the love scenes which bordered on the erotic boy these Blazes can get hot loved the endingjust everything worked for me This was just a wonderful little afternoon ead highly ecommended 5 stars Opening Line Adam McPherson hovered in that murky place between awareness and sleep clinging desperately to the dreamI ve eally been enjoying Rhonda Nelson s Un. M's man Yet even his strict military discipline is no match for Winnie's charmsA horrific oadside bomb sent Adam home injured and haunted Feisty Winnie however has her own.

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Iformly Hot series from Blaze They e uncomplicated sexy little eads with elatable fun characters and a charming small town draw Here with The Soldier we eturn to Bethel Bay South Carolina for Army Ranger Adam McPherson s story We first met Adam in Letters from Home which was his brother Levi s very good story Injured by a oadside bomb while serving in Ira Adam eturned home missing half his leg and struggling to accept his new limitations The only thing keeping him going these days is his esolve to eturn to active duty as soon as he s fit I eally like Rhonda Nelson and her books but she could have done a better job with this book It s a companion piece to Letter s from Home In this book its about the younger brother of the main character from Letter s from home It s the same plot same ideas and some of the same things were said in this book as her previous one The other thing that got to me was that in every other chapter there were three or four paragraphs about how the main character Adam couldn t be with the main female character I skipped about 20 pages e eading that in every other chapter The best part was the ending Not a horrible story just not good enough to keep my attention Too many good books out there to waste time on a bad one Just when I thought this book got a bit boring it changed course and became not boring lol I ather enjoyed this one a little than the last one except for the boring part Excellent ead Recommend highly. Plan of attack Her nonregulation method of sexual healing is guaranteed to get him back on his feetBut being flat on his back in Winnie's bed might be the best emedy of all.