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Oh dear lord Cheating Orgy Supposed love I mean Offensive with forced consent lots of slut whore name calling Language is not a problem for me in context between two or people who respect each other and are role playing This had none of that I think the heroi This book takes the reader on a journey where spin devils spin secrets ets revealed and love is found in a hot way but what a way What a hot read I had a few problems with this and the others in the series though Here s my main problem with this oneI Measuring the Subjective Well-Being of Nations guess I m just not a fan of the Erotic Romanceenre because I just can t figure how you can final Short StoryCan someone tell me the difference between forced seduction and rape Because in my universe if two men hold you down while another rips your clothes off and trys to force himself on you while you re saying no thenRegardless I m not reviewing this I ve decided not to review 2 star novels anyA 1 star novel deserves to some extent for me to constructively justify my antipathy 3 stars and up novels are pleasurable experiences that lend themselves easily to highlighting my enjoyment But a 2 star is just blah or whatever There Is nothing to say either way and I ve not Let It Bree / Cant Buy Me Louie (Harlequin Duets, got the time In the beginning I wasn t really sure where the book was headed it looked like it might have been outside my comfort When her college friends suggest an intimate reunion in Florida Cleo Sonterra has reservations She's anxious about seeing Sebastian Russo again the man who taunted and tormented her for four years His darkood looks don't disguise the fact that he's the meanest bastard she's ever met It would.

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Utgoing party The Solitary Self girl And theuy The Ornaments of Life gets away with it because hey his intentions are noble and doesn t he utter love and marriage in the end No means no Consent must be valued both in the real and fictional realm Women are denied agency in the real world in many matters Please let s not do the same to them when they seek the comfort of fantasy Yikes I would have been ok with this book except for two things 1 The two friends holding her down when it all starts 2 Sebastian having sex in front if her and while the twouys hold her down with her friends to make et jealous Yikes Oh and no condom Considering how very easy her friends were I m a little concerned about everyone s health situation Oh and did he have to call her a little bitchIt s a uickie read and I really felt a pull for him at the end but it abruptly ends I want to know how it works out after that night and years of wanting each other but living cross country Sebastain is the kind of man that I would love to have but I don t think I could do that in front of my friends At least he finally ets her to admit that she wants him I will be looking for the next book in this series The blurb sounded interesting but it was pretty messed up The main sex scene started out rather as a forced seductionrape and Cleo and Sebastian s relationship was kind of sic. Hs and dares become risky Cleo is faced with the single most frightening dare of all Because Sebastian Russo is the same bad boy he's always been and thanks to the spin devil Cleo's about to find out how bad he can be Reader Advisory This book contains elements of forced seduction and roup sex.

One Luckily the author turned it around and I really enjoyed the build up The ending was not what I expected but I was pleasantly surprised The recent trend I see in many contemporary romances is to have a woman forced to have sex with a horrible man I am sorry but I just don t see romance in rape We live in an age where violence against women is escalating in every form I cannot remember the last time I opened the newspaper or watched the news without seeing at least one report about a rape The discussion that surrounds this issue is usually dominated by the argument Well she asked for it and then she surrendered and she enjoyed itIn my opinion stories such as these just play into such logic and enforce them in the worst possible way by disguising it as a romance where a man raping a woman is seen as an expression of loveromanceattraction Just continue raping her she will come around and hey since the lady doth protest too much it means she likes it I can still understand if this is a part of some role playing scenario but it is not The main sex scene her is a woman being held down by her friendswow while the so called hero oes at it And this is supposed to be some casual truth or dare between friends The Remembering and Repeating girl deserves it because you know she has a vagina It doesn t matter if she is a shy prude or some Bereat to see her friends again if she can just remain completely unaffected by Sebastian At the beach drinks flow and inhibitions are loosened while the friends play an adult version of Truth or Dare mixed with Spin the Bottle using a stuffed toy instead As the plush devil spins and the trut.

Red Garnier is an erotic romance author whose first book released from Ellora's Cave Publishing in May 2007 to receive a Fallen Angel Recommended ReadShe writes fun and sexy erotic contemporaries as well as paranormals which can range from dark and emotionally intense to witty and fun and sweet as cherries Whatever she's writing at the time Red loves to sit down with her characters and let th