Todd Denault: Jacues Plante The Man Who Changed the Face of Hockey

D book to put own Every aspect of the life and career of this uniue hockey innovator is covered well and is thoroughly researched The many footnotes give the impression of reading a research paper as well as a biography Especially interesting were the sections covering his many comebacks later in his career and his post playing One Special Moment days I first knew of Jacues Plante through Canada s Heritage Minutes those televised history segments honouring famous Canadians before I had even watched a hockey game We re all familiar with shot from Andy Bathgate now the one that allowed Plante toon a mask and change the face of the game This was a very enjoyable read I m not a Habs fan myself but I A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain do appreciate the history behind the oldest franchise especially all the greats they ve had holding their fortsuring their lucrative years Todd Denault charts Plante s life from his humble beginnings in small town uebec instilling in him a sense of pride and frugality that lasted beyond his years as a goaltending legend An eccentric example of this was Plante being an avid knitter making his own toues which he seemingly wore as a statement piece because no one else Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, did it Teammates also remembered him as being a reclusive man keeping to himselfuring long road trips between games Even though he is first and foremost known with the Canadiens jersey he also played for the Rangers Blues Leafs recording his all time best SV% Bruins and Oilers WHA With seven Vezinas six Stanley Cups and one Hart Trophy it s hard not to be impressed with his accomplishments but most importantly were the changes he made to the game playing the puck outside the net to help out his The Mommy Makeover defencemen communicating with hisefense assiduously studying other goalies to refine his own skills and becoming the first goaltending coach The interviews from his teammates friends and adversaries personalized this book along with some vintage photos included The books credited in the bibliography are great resources too if you re curious like me and can t get enough of hockey books One of the best hockey books I ve read so far You really can see that he made a lot of research Usually I can t stand books that were written by authors who haven t really witnessed any of the happenings but this was very well written and The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives didn t bore me at all even though I already heard some of the stories that were told I recommend this to anyone who s eager to learn about the Canadiens or simply the hockey history I really enjoyed this book I m a goalie and obviously know a fair amount about Jacues Plante but there was many things I wasn t aware of In my opinion and many others he has made a huge impact on the game of hockey and especially to goaltending He was an incredibly skilled and hardworking goaltender He played goal for 27 years Plante was considered the leading expert in goaltending because of his vast knowledge and experience He was the first ever goalie coach When he N today’s rules euipment and style of play Thoroughly investigated through archival and primary research and including interviews with figures such as Jean Béliveau Henri Richard Dickie Moore and Scotty Bowman this biography sheds light on one of the most pivotal figures in the history of hock.

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An excellent book thoroughly researched and well written Because of its presentation style Jacues Plante is best for adults I recommend it to those who enjoy reading about the sport of hockey and its history the Canadiens goalies etc Jacues was an amazing man A well researched and well written story about one of hockey s greatest innovators He was a uniue individual and sometimes misunderstood by his managers and teammates A true student of the game he always wanted to make it better His book Goaltending is a must read for anyone pondering the guarding of the 4 x 6 net One of the most important and greatest goalies of all time now sadly largely forgotten but for me he was the first truly great uber elite goalie and this is an excellent book about him A great subject Too much of the book relied on old newspaper articles There was not enough interviews of the old Canadiens I have never met Jacues Plante I ve never seen him play except on television through the magic of cross border television broadcasts of Hockey Night in Canada Still I ve read enough about and by the man that I feel I have some background into who he was and what he brought to the sport of hockey and to the world Now courtesy of Todd Denault s first full length book Jacues Plante The Man Who Changed the Face of Hockey I feel I know much Denault goes into A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, depth on theevelopment of the first goalie mask and its baptism of fire He reviews the evolution of the wandering and the covering of the angles He even mentions the communication on the ice rather than stand there silently Plante would use his uniue vantage point to shout instructions to his teammates All of these commonplace today all of them revolutionary when Plante first First Blood did themHe also covers lesser know things like Plante s public admonition that goal cages around the league were not of consistent size It turned out that they all had 4 posts but some had the crossbar welded to the top and some to the insides resulting in aifferential of 2 of height He shows the events that led to Plante s The Palliser Novels departure from each team that he played for few of them amicably I was especially interested to read of his acrimonious relationship with Harry Sinden and the Boston Bruins which only got worse in the year after he left for uebecDenaultid omit one important thing WHY id Plante feel the need to provide coaching to the RUSSIAN goaltender Vladislav Tretiak before Game 1 of the 1972 Summit Series between the USSR and Canada To this ay I have no idea what motivated that controversial action It s hard to fault the author on this point however it is probable that Jacues Plante is the only person who ever knew why he chose to take that action and if so he took that secret to his grave Denault cover the incident and he Hunter Killer (Pike Logan does offer some speculation which at this point is probably the best any hockey writer canoPerhaps the best compliment that I can pay the author is that it is ifficult fo. The first full scale biography of a legendary and award winning NHL goalie who transformed the game“There are a lot of very good goalies there are even a fair number of great goalies But there aren’t many important goalies And Jacues Plante was an important goalie” Ken DrydenOn and off the.

R me to believe that this is Todd Denault s first full length book I already have his 2nd The Greatest Game in my possession and am looking forward to reading it in 2013 Yes Denault oes mention that George Hainesworth wore a version of a mask for part of one game much earlier in hockey history In the history of the NHL there have been very few players that are as uniue as Jacues Plante In this biography Todd Denault explores the very essence that is the legendary goaltender In this account of the goaler s life called Jacues Plante the Man Who Changed the Face of Hockey Todd Denault follows the life of this legend from as a child living in poverty in u bec up to his The Friend Zone death at age 57 in SwitzerlandDuring his 20 year stand in the NHL Plante played for the Montreal Canadians the Toronto Maple Leafs the St Louis Blues and the Boston Bruins He also won 6 Stanley Cups including 5 consecutive with the Montreal Canadians This still stands as an NHL record But the reason the Plante is such a memorable goalie is not because he won 5 straight cups or because he was the best goalie in the league back in theay but it is because of the ways that he changed the game Plante is considered the inventor of the idea of stopping pucks behind his net He said that he started Flying Scotsman Manual doing this because it was a necessity to win Our fourefensemen had flaws one couldn t skate backwards one couldn t turn to his left one couldn t turn to his right and one couldn t pass the puck accurately to our blue line Somebody had to clear those pucks so I started oing it myself 26 These are the words of the goaltender that at the time played for the Montreal Royals The fact that he was one of the best goalies in the junior leagues even with such poor efensemen shows Plante s great skill for the game But the biggest way that Plante changed the game is how he was the first goaltender to wear a mask Back in the Whalerider day it was considered weak for a goalie to protect his face now it is considered crazy not to I guess that he was just ahead of his time as Plante made his voice be heard that all goalies should be reuired to wear masks Plante stated that masks should be mandatory for all goalies blaming the lack of all goalies on the absence of facial protection 130 Jacues s ideas were not crazy but a little ahead of his time but in the next couple ofecades he would get his wish This book was Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex definitely a good read for any sports fan that is interested in hockey But I would not suggest it to anyone who is not interested in this subject especially because of the writing style Todd Denault s writing style is not one for the literature purest His writing can often beull and full of clich s But as a whole I as a hockey fan would rate this book as a four out of five but if I were not I would give it a two out of five If you re a fan of hockey history at all you will enjoy this book It moves at a uick pace and keeps your attention throughout It was a har. Ice Jacues Plante was a true original; he was extremely talented boastful efiant mysterious and complex Throughout his tumultuous career as a goalie he played for Montreal New York St Louis Toronto Boston and Edmonton His contributions to and impact on the game were extensive and are reflected