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Sional conspiracies and finds solution in Infinite LoveMy favorite part is his escription of how our DNA acts like a crystal that focuses varous cosmic vibrations into the form we see as our bodies Cool idea This is my first David Icke book I m not sure I can align myself with much of what the author professes such as green lizards ruling the planet going by the collective name of Illuminati However when David focuses on the metaphysics of Truth much of what he says is profound Liked the book and will be reading This was a great well The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives documented book It s been a while since I learned so many interesting things about the world we live in and mostly about the human nature The book is a real eye opener and I willefinitely want to read of this kind Like in many other books there are some A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, downsides and I can see there are others sharing the same thoughtsome that bothered me are 1 a lack of credibility to some of the topics we are in the 21st century I can t truly accept what some voices told someone 2 the overly used and geeky term Matrix 3 aogmatic feel to the writing style The author First Blood doesn t uite leave room for error in what he has to say but at least at the beginning heoes say that it is our choice to believe him or not so I must give a little credit for that Anyway I found the author really wise and well read He enriched the book with funny statements and a bunch of famous uotes It was hard for me to The Palliser Novels decide if I should rate it with only a 4 if possible I would give it a 4 and a half Man howo you even Men And Gods In Mongolia describe this book It is A LOT to absorb Many people think he is psycho but what if he s right Has anyone considered that Ultimately his message is pure to me He certainly makes you think about the insanity of religions media government war etc It makes you laugh out loud and the sheer insanity of it when you take a step back to look at it The beginning of the book was extremelyepressing and scary but it ends as a very uplifting story I am infinite consciousness all that ever was and all that will ever be. N understand is a life changing exposure of both the illusion we believe to be 'real' and the way this illusion is generated and manipulated Full escriptio.

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Our lives begun to end the ay we become silent about things that matterif you Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, don t want to read here is a great video t fear the conseuences Totally blew my mind I was walking around for aay or two after in a shocked state of presence seeing the fear in everyone and everything I settled into it though and now I feel my attitude has changed about so much Cus of this book It s harsh at times and littered with the author s volatile emotions throughout but The Friend Zone definitely one of the best books I ve ever read This is my fourth Icke book I think I m losing countIn it he explains among other things about the Matrix that apparently totally governs our lives Ion t understand what the Matrix really is In my opinion he fails to provide us with an adeuate Flying Scotsman Manual definition of it As far as I understand it s like God in its omnipotence and omnipresence if not possessing omniscience Except that it s a totally evil sort of God And Icke makes a point of explaining that there is no God and no Devil only Infinite LoveThe Matrix is connected with in some way euivalent to the Illuminati But the Illuminati are people well reptilians so I fail to see how they could control everythingDavid explains that if we get the fact that Infinite Love is all there is we can slip free of the Matrix Well I get thatBut surely the Matrix is just the way life is and as soon as we progress in our understanding we will automatically get there where we let go let God which Icke saysoesn t exist and then things will get better and better for us I feel I ve understood all this though in practice it may take some time to get there I have learnt this from Abraham Esther Jerry Hicksand the marvellous works of Joel Goldsmith And the theory worksI agree with David that organized religion is a load of bollocks to use one of his favourite words But not the essence of it I am in no oubt that there is a power within us all our essence that governs everything if we let it that s not the Matrix no way and one can call it God or the Christ within or Infinite love It Infinite Love is the Only Truth Everything Else is Illusion uite simply the cutting edge just moved Never before has a book explained with such clarity why.

All the same Though Joel Goldsmith and Joseph Murphy et al keep referring to the Christ and uote from the Bible this oes not invalidate their teachings which in essence probably Whalerider do notiffer from Icke sBut he just hates the word God and Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex doesn t believe in a historical JesusIon t believe all that Icke says I think perhaps he s got some of the Graphic Design For Everyone details wrong But it s all interesting and people who can t be bothered to read his books are missing out on a lot Heeals with the whole thing the basics This is one of his best books shorter and sweeter than the othersI Absolutely amazing I had to read it twice It is also uite a funny book I had good laugh even though it is possibly not meant to be funny at the way humans behave without thinking especially if there is some sort of religion involved With religion people Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, do not THINK FOR THEMSELVES AT ALL but I guess that is the idea I read this book some time ago and I remember it being very enlightening and eye opening Not for those who have a fixed paradigm to maintain orefend 35 stars Book Review Infinite Love is the Only Truth Everything Else is IllusionAuthor David Icke Publisher Bridge of Love Publications USA Publication Date April 2005 By David R Poole Who looks outside Sweetland dreams who looks inside awakesCarl Justav Jung For those who like New Age philosophy conjoined with conspiracy theory Infinite Love is the Only Truth Everything Else is Illusion by David Icke provides an intoxicating mix of consciousness expanding insight radical hypothesis and sinister covert agendas by a parallel species that simultaneously exists with and enslaves humanity The author s inward journey began in 1990 wherein heiscovered that life itself is an illusion put in place as a means of control that the very five senses we rely on in our Art of Laurel and Hardy daily life to see the world are no better than a pentagon inspired prisonesigned specifically to keep us blind and that there is only one truth love everything else is illusion The first two chapters are He steps away from enumerating interdimen. 'physical' reality is merely an illusion that only exists in our brain Fantastic Sure it is But David Icke's information presented in a way that everyone ca.

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