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Was Now I am preaching through the Decalogue elsewhere I tend to agree with you on it Nathan Oversimplifications easily overlooking profound points while focusing on something that as you say misses the point In the second commandment he is not even thinking in the categories of Jesus is the image of God good news as the second Adam fulfilling the mission of the first Adam Yeah I usually like him but he tends to bore me now with this book instead of stimulate my thinking and leading me to worshipJV Fesko s The Rule of Love and The Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism by Zacharias Ursinus are on the top of my list period Kevin eYoung is sometimes hit or even home run sometimes miss then I m like really Kev is that the best you ve got This book I originally started reading it on the Lord s Day but I Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, decided to finish it sooner than later It is phenomenal Dr Clowneyoes a wonderful job of showing the reader the Pages From Bee Journal demands of the Ten Commandments and how Christidn t just see them as commands to be obeyed but to be fulfilled He Stones of Witness did so on our behalf on behalf of God s people Inoing so he has guaranteed that in this life we will be faithful witnesses to this gospel and that when we are in glory we will have Him as our reward because Christ came and fulfilled the righteous reuirements of the law on our behalf Rom 83 4 These commands will no longer be something we struggle with but we will be able to fully keep them by loving God with all of our heart soul mind and strength and our neighbors as well in glory Soli Deo Glori. His people Thus believers will learn not only of God's character revealed in the law but also of the gospel with its focus on ChristDivided into eleven chapters each with study uestions for reflection and application this book is an ideal resource for group study and personal growth.

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Clowney takes a traditional Reformed Confessional view of the the commandments but he has a balanced less ogmatic view He leans toward principle in application I think because he focuses on the Biblical Theology framework Clowney is always helpful in reading the Bible Christocentrically But I ll be honest this volume Lots of Mommies didn t wow me at all I got help from the likes of Davidman Dickson and Ryken on the Ten Commandments The style of this book is fairly simple but the words feel weighty because I believe Clowney lived long with the habit of staying closely tethered to Scripture Before reading I had thoughts about how Jesus related to the Old Testament and to the Ten Commandments I believed that he fulfilled them by obeying them perfectly And I knew that in the Sermon on the Mount heeepened some of them to make us look to the heart instead of just external actions This is true but only scratches the surface This is a subject which eserves extended meditation This is a short book ensely packed with rich material I very highly recommend it A modern echo of the Westminster Shorter Catechism s approach to the Decalogue The 3 page conclusion alone is worth the price of the book May have even been helpful to have read that first as an orientation for the rest of the study I really Fantasy Man do mean a Goodreads two star rating it was OK If this were it be three starsThere wasn t anything I would classify as bad theology or exhortation in the Christian life There just wasn t anything that hasn t already been said thoughAs I stated. Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill themFor many Christians conditioned to emphasize our freedom from the law Jesus' words seem strange even incompatible with the gospel of grace If Jesus id not abolish th.

In one my reviews of Clowney s other works his lectures available on iTunes U seem to be a lot better than his writing at least in my opinion Very approachable and easy to understand Clowney s writing is as usual clear Chapters are short and each has a list of study uestions at the end making this a good book for a group Bible study or small fellowship group iscussion A helpful walkthrough the Ten Commandments and how Jesus fulfilled each one of them Interesting focussed reflections for my own walk with God Not to be sneered at as an exercise but as one for genuine contemplation and learning from God It s eeply convicting as times as the bar set is so high It s like an audit check of some sort I feel I find reading the Ten Commandments from Exodus Chapter 20 is a gloss reading whilst this book has helped me to examine myself in a structured manner There s some helpful material here in how the Ten Commandments relate to and are fulfilled in the Person and work of Jesus Christ But I was uncomfortable with the level of iscontinuity Clowney seems to advocate between the Old and New Testament and often times his Divine Magnetic Lands discussion of the actual sin in each commandment is either way too brief or it misses the point I love Clowney s writings and preaching but this is not his best work and it s pretty low on my list of books on this subject That was actually my comment below Nathan White s review hereWhen I first went through the Ten Commandments with the church I was then I thought this was the best book available and possibly. E law then how should we look at the Ten Commandments todayClowney explains how Jesus intensifies the law and expands its scope to every situation in life But as the authorid so often uring his ministry he goes further finding Christ in the law and showing how he fulfills it for.

Born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania he earned a Bachelor of Arts from Wheaton College in 1939 a Bachelor of Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary in 1942 a Master of Sacred Theology from Yale Divinity School in 1944 and a Doctor of Divinity from Wheaton College in 1966