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Elf defeating my own purpose When I got that something clicked My work was worth because I was worth Blue highlight Page 53Self esteem success power and prosperity are intricately entwined Blue highlight Page 54Virtually every six igure woman I interviewed swore money was not her primary motivation But at the same time she The Kite fully expected to be well compensated because she knew she was worth it As one of those women Lois Carrier told me Until a woman learns to value herself she s not going to be valued by an employer or client Blue highlight Page 56Every time you go to do something different every time you deviaterom the norm every time you break a habit or end a pattern your brain cries Stop this doesn t The Power of Place feel right Don t do it DO NOT LISTEN The number one reuirementor Thoughtful Interaction Design financial success or success in anythingor that matter is simply this You ve got to be willing to be uncomfortable Or as Eastern wisdom advocates Embrace what does not come naturally Only then will you stop limiting yourself Blue highlight Page 57The challenge of change almost always elicits the same response This is soooo hard I hear it all the time in the workshops as we discuss the steps and what we need to do I call it the Underearner Whine My response never varies This is not hard It s easy But it is uncomfortable Blue highlight Page 79 Am I willing to be even uncomfortable than I am now A course in Game Theory for a while And I underlinedor a while Yellow highlight Page 85No one is doing this to me I am doing it to myself Therefore I have the ability to change it Yellow highlight Page 89 It s time to make money Yellow highlight Page 94The Grand Conundrum You get what you really want not what you ask Topless Cellist for Yellow highlight Page 95Cheri Schell who had a big surge in income spokeor many I thought the decision was to make money No that wasn t it My decision The Wild Queen (Young Royals, first had to be I m important I matter I put myselfirst Yellow highlight Page 104Decoding Resistance All resistance comes Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality fromear At the core of all Learning and Development fear is a belief At the root of each belief is a decision you made These decisions are made early often unconsciously and have little to do with reality To ride out the resistance redo your decision Yellow highlight Page 112Every day actually seek opportunities to do what you think you can t do be it as simple as adding a lap to your swimming routine or as difficult as competing in a triathlon speak up and askor what you want whether it s the last cookie on the plate or your coworker to turn down the radio let go of what s holding you back anything rom an unhealthy relationship to a directive rom Blanche Yellow highlight Page 116Bottom line overcoming underearning isn t measured solely by the amount of money you make but the degree to which your life is no longer run by Mastering Gephi Network Visualization fearYellow highlight Page 202The Money Minder Express is byar the best tool I ve seen The Canadian Regime for tracking expenses and creating a spending plan Actually this is my second time through this book I read it through once and definitely had some A HA moments Now I m going back through it and actually doing the exercises with myriend Brenda. Y Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space focusing on overcoming it underearners will not only earn what they deserve but live a richer life With techniues and exercises that have helped thousands of people Stanny teachesive essential steps to inancial independence and brings a message of empowerment to all those who chronically undervalue themselv.

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Asically being myself And I didn t even realize I believed that saying I m worthy as opposed to Jesus is worthy and I m dirt would cause God to get really angry and smite me Wow What a hindrance I believed that getting too rich would automatically corrupt me and make me turn away rom God See Solomon But when I looked him up and re read what happened it was actually being woman crazy and marrying 1000 wives most of them oreigners with oreign gods that messed him up Money didn t seem to be a problem It doesn t have to be Un Cadeau pour ma Femme for me either More money and the peace and abundance that come with it can bring out the best in meree my attention to be closer with God do better work easily and ultimately do what I came here to do I believed that rich people are spoiled silly cold wasteful ungrateful impractical stupid heartless shallow out of touch and selfish If I became rich I was afraid I would lose my compassion But when I had lots of money I was still the same me I choose to be a generous compassionate rich personI also ound myself intensely resisting the idea of tracking what I spend See the decision above I elt that I needed to trade tracking or mental health so it makes sense that I didn t want to trade back But I can track what I spend and still be sane too It s really ok I ve started doing that and it hasn t caused any problems at all I can even track it yet not stress over it It can just be acts YayIt s time to make money I choose to do it with peace and sanityHighlightsYellow highlight Page 34People who underestimate their worth tend to undermine their success That s why so many bright talented people can t seem to get ahead They unconsciously do things that make achievement impossible They procrastinate job hop take on too much become scattered and distracted The list is endless Blue highlight Page 35When I ask people why they have come to the seminar the typical reply is I m tired of working so hard and having nothing to show Mapapansin Kaya? for it Underearners tend to live paycheck to paycheck struggling to make ends meet goingrom one Buntus Foclora financial crisis to another racking up debt working incessantly with no end in sight This even applies to those who are making what sounds like good money Perhaps the biggestear underearners have about earning is that they ll have no life that they ll be working all the time What an irony No one works harder or longer hours than an underearner Blue highlight Page 48 Attitudes are important than Life at the End of thevTunnel factsamed psychiatrist Karl Menninger wisely noted My six テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2] figure women wholeheartedly agreed Attitude is everything they always told me It works like this when you change your thoughts your behaviorollows Irrational thinking will always undermine any attempts at rational behavior Blue highlight Page 50That s the whole point of doing the Inner Work getting in shape to handle the heavy lifting of the Outer Work Self awareness is the missing link Моя семья и другие звери; Птицы, звери и родственники for anyone who s ever had trouble applying skills they ve tried to learn or doing the things they know they should to get ahead Blue highlight Page 51 It never occurred to me I was limiting mys. Ny ainancial educator motivational speaker and career counselor Whether they make 10 an hour or six The Herd from 93rd figures a year they tend to live paycheck to paycheck are often in debt and have a high toleranceor low pay Ironically many work incredibly hard The good news is that underearning is a self imposed condition

Hello my name is Nikki and I was an underearner my entire life until I read Overcoming Underearning This is the Manual for Planetary Leadership (Easy-to-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path) first self improvement book I ve read that s making noticeable changes in my life The reason it s This is another of those books I like to read every couple of years It helps you define your thoughts about money and your goals in the career andinancial aspects of your life I especially appreciate the way Stanny has the reader examine hisher preconceived notions regarding success both The Audio Expert financial and professional I was amazed to discover how much of what I currently do with my money is shaped by opinions Iormed as a kid As with everything else once you recognize the source of a belief you can change it Excellent Life changingVery well written My advice do the writing exercises to achieve maximum results This book taught me to say no I also learned that my under charging and giving my time away was the root of my Dawnkeepers (The Nightkeepers, financial troubles I wasn t making enough to live my life This book also helped me get to the root of why I ve been under charging It took time toinish I did every exercise Brilliant This book is powerful The premise is that if you re living in deprivation which people manage to do at a wide range of income levels it s because you don t believe you re worthy of better But if you can خدا بود و دیگر هیچ نبود find where that comesrom dig it up and replace it your behavior will Shemonah Perakim follow suit and you ll transform your life The mindset of underearners is differentrom the mindset of people who earn a lot and it mostly boils down to eeling like you have the ability to make a difference in your life valuing yourself and seeing money and wealth as positiveEven after over a year of intense coaching and transformation all ocused on my inner game and business success somehow I still had a bunch of old junk clogging up my head and keeping me an underearner This book brought up some big surprises Torakoita ja panssarivaunuja for me Notably I ve been very good with money in the past so what gives with the debt and chaos of the past three years or so Suddenly I remembered when my boyfriend had a cancer scare I decided to stop worrying about money Ielt that I only had so much capacity and if I wanted to survive this crisis I couldn t waste it by paying attention to money So I stopped tracking my spending started using credit cards and started using savings if I overspent When his biopsy came back negative I was still experiencing so many mental health issues I decided that was also crisis enough to stop worrying about money And then I Fenton Glass Compendium forgot that I decided this and never changed my policy That explains so much And it means I did this and I can also turn it around It s not just something that happened to me that I had no control over That is a very empowering realization I m not even mad at myselfor doing this I really did need every resource I could get I made the right decision Inside the U D A for the time and now I m ready to make and live by a new one I believed I m worthy to make lots of money by being smart but not by being an artist or just being myself and my main offering in my business right now is When it comes to money are you controlled byear Do you underestimate your worth Are you ready to go to the next level but can't seem to get thereIf you answered yes to any of these uestions you may be an underearner Underearners are self saboteurs who don't live up to their earnings potential says Barbara Stan.