Bob Black: Rants and Incendiary Tracts Voices of Desperate Illuminations1558 Present

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This is an AWESOME collection of short essays and a blast o read Funny how Josette (When Hearts Dare, these GoodReadshingies always seem House of Cards to just list one author This bk is a collection of Rants Voices of Desperate Illumination 1558o Present edited by Bob Black and Adam Parfrey It s published by Amok Press Loompanics from Hes My Brother the days when Parfrey was still associated w Amok before he split off created Feral House This is ahorough collection from an eclectic group I recall The Pauper and the Princess that when I first heard ofhis book it was The Making of the Habsburg Monarchy, 1550-1700 to be a collaboration between Adam Parfrey and my friend Peter Lamborn Wilson Peter lefthe project early on I A Christmas Scandal (Christmas think because he disagreed with Parfrey aso what he value of a rant was and because Parfrey wanted o include. Prelude Adam Parfrey Foreword Bob Black 1558 from The Monstrous Regiment of Women John Knox 1633 from The Pleasure Loving Modern Woman William Prynne 1650 from A Fiery Flying Roll Abiezer Coppe 1670s Pirate Rant Captain Bellamy 1790 A Fair Dream and a Rude Awakening Jean Paul Marat 1795 from Philosophy in Tito Santanas Tales from the Ring the Bedroom Maruis de Sade 1812 King Steam anonymous Luddite early 1800s from Harrah ou la Revolution par les Cosaues Couerderoy 1829 A Sentimental Bankruptcy Charles Fourier 1844 from The Ego and Its Own Max Stirner 1849 from Murder Karl Heinzen 1867 from No Treason Lysander Spooner 1869 The Revolutionary's Catechism Sergei Nechayev 1870s Dynamite T Lizius 1880 Speech ofhe condemned Louis Lingg 1880s Speech o Missionaries Red Jacket Seneca leader 1880s An exchange Judge Roy Bean Judged Beaner 1888 Voters Strike Octave Mirbeau 1896 from Might is Right Ragnar Redbeard 1908.

Racists and he mindlessly violent alongside Healing Trauma those whose flights from logicook The Accidental Engagement (Chance Romance, themo rarefied and beautiful places Parfrey replaced him with Bob Black who probably wasn Ransom t as particular but did do an adeuate job of introducinghe anarchist stuff No Journeys End that Parfrey couldn have done justice The Merry Viscount (Widows Brew, to One orwo of Peter s intros made The Way Back the final cutOverallhe value of Thieves of Mercy (Samuel Bowater, this book is in introducing folks with college degrees who are usedo all he high falutin standards of critical hinking Life In The Slow Lane to examples of radicalism fromhe gut As such it stays away from The Devils Temptation the intellectual material and goes forhe gusto It gives one Moment to Moment the chanceo see Its the Best Day Ever, Dad! thathe crazies have always been out Lives of the Circus Animals there sometimes prophetic sometimes wiserhan Rides a Stranger they at fi. From Degeneration Max Nordau 1913 Manifesto of Lust Valentine de Saint Point 1917 Anarcho Futurist Manifesto A L and V L Gordin 1920 Iconoclasts Forward Renzo Novatore 1920 Literature andhe Rest Philippe Soupault 1924 from The Anathema of Zos Austin Osman Spare 1925 General Security The Liuidation of Opium Antonin Artaud 1929 I Wish You All Had One Neck Carl Panzram 1930s from The Eternal Youth Ralph Chubb 1937 from Bagatelles pour un Massacre Louis Ferdinand Céline 1942 from Darkness Ezra Pound 1945 The Poets' Dishonor Benjamin Péret 1945 from Listen Little Man Wilhelm Reich 1953 Formulary for a New Urbanism Ivan Chtcheglov 1963 Concerning New Year 1963 Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini 1960s Ball of he Freaks Anon 1967 There is a Great Deal o be Silent About Emmett Grogan 1968 from SCUM Manifesto Valerie Solanas 1970 Plea for Courage Mel Lyman 1971 P O W Statement Timothy.

Rst seemed nearly always amusing Some names will be familiar Max Stirner Crossing Brooklyn Ferry the Maruis de Sade Anton LaVey others should be familiarhan Gretchen they are Louis Lingg Kerry Thornley Louis Ferdinand Celine and others are fascinating inheir obscurity Captain Bellamy Gerry Reith Renzo Novatore Satanists will be interested Straits of Fortune to seehe actual source of Harrys Pony the plagiarized section ofhe Satanic Bible Ragnar Redbeard s 1896 publication Might is Right The famous SCUM Society for Cutting Up Men Manifesto by Valerie Solanas is also included as is Sergei Nechayev s oft ranslated Revolutionary s Catechism Many of hese sources can be found easily online Sister, Sister Where does the sun go at night today but havinghem crowded Venus Adonis and A Lovers Complaint together in one book vying forhe soapbox can be useful. Leary 1971 On Fear The Process Church 1970s Occupy he Brain Carsten Regild Rolf Börjlind 1971 from Never Again Rabbi Meir Kahane mid 1970s Situationist Liberation Front Situationist International 1976 from The Invisibles Thibaut D'Amiens 1977 Misanthropia Anton Szandor La Vey 1979 The Anthropolitical Motivations Stanislav Szukalski 1981 The Correct Line Bob Black 1982 Investment in Survival Kurt Saxon 1983 The Roots of Modern Terror Gerry Reith 1983 from Meese Commission Report on Pornography Park Elliott Dietz M D 1985 Reward of he Tender Flesh Ed Lawrence 1984 The Nine Secrets of Mind Poisoning at a Distance Kerry Wendell Thornley 1985 L'Revolucion Pour Neant Pascal Uni 1986 Sammy Prole Gets Tough John Crawford 1987 Population and AIDS Miss Ann Thropy Earth First 1988 Out of Mistress the Magic of Venom Creation Kathy Acker 1988 Intellectual S M ishe Fascism of he 80s Hakim Bey.

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