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Covering the charge he also goes into detail about the hardships the light brigade faced before and after Balaclava The author gives a fair judgement of who was to blame for the disaster going into detail about the four prime suspects and considering their life and motivations before the charge He is also not afraid to challenge the views of other historians For a while the mainstream belief was that Captain Nolan was somehow wholly esponsible but Brighton gives a convincing case that the majority of the Essays One responsibility actually fell upon LucanTo conclude I think everyone who is a British military history enthusiast or is just interested in the concept of Victorian heroism should definitely have this book on their shelves Any fan of Western history or literature has no doubt heard of the Charge of the Light Brigade the ill fated Brit. Ry history Seven hundred men armed with sabers and lances charged straight at the muzzles of Russian cannons In the slaughter that followed many fell tooundshot and shell Those who survived took a terrible evenge on the enemyIn this vivid and extraordinarily detailed account of the charge and the bloody melee that followed Terr.

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A well written description of this military event during the Crimean War in the 1850s with many accounts from eye witnesses The author s positions logically supported Actually covers events before and after the charge Just one of the best books I ve ever ead on military history Eually The Kaya-Girl ranking if not Cecil Woodham Smith s book The Reason Why you will pardon me Madam Smith I hope Frightfully accurate he displaces a good deal of myths and inaccuracies that have sprung up over the last 160 years One of the best elements of the book is how he uses the soldiers and eyewitness of the charge toecreate a minute by minute account of the daring charge C est magnifiue personnifi A detailed yet entertaining account of the British cavalry s most famous blunder Brighton discusses each and every aspect of the light cavalry at the time As well as. “An outstanding work that strips away much of the nonsense that has surrounded a tragic military blunder a splendid examination” BooklistOn October 25 1854 acting in defense of their base at Balaklava during the Crimean War the Light Brigade of the British Cavalry Division made the most magnificent and brutal charge in milita.

Ish cavalry charge in the Crimean war immortalized by Tennyson s poem Brighton s book uses a variety of primary sources to eveal the truth behind the charge as told by the soldiers and others who were there An excellent ead that captures both the drama and horror of the 1 mile charge across open ground under heavy fire it also describes the aftermath for the survivors and offers a fascinating final section that goes into detail about some of the lesser known aspects and historical debates about the charge The first uarter of the book is a fascinating look at the personalities behind the charge including the commanders Lords Raglan army Lucan cavalry and Cardigan brigade The middle half is a white knuckle description of the charge itself And th An excellent book about the charge Before during and after As well as insightful analysis. Y Brighton draws on twenty years of Omnibus Films research to tell the story in the words of the survivors themselves for the first time Hell Riders takes theeader closer than ever before to the experience of charging into the valley of death and eveals the horrific truth about the charge of the Light Brigade exactly as the survivors lived

Terry Brighton is a British military historian and writer His work is published in the UK the US and in translation around the worldIn his controversial extended essay The MAGA Offensive published by Hard Corps Essays in September 2020 he argues that the re election of President Donald Trump is crucial for the survival of the real USA and the core values of Western cultureHe is best