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On one hand this was a decent story On the other it could have been better I didn t connect as well to the eads as I have with her earlier books The side story from the villains point of view once again almost overwhelms the story and detracts from the main romanceThe prologue was wayyy too graphic I would have preferred to have that scene happen off page If violence against children freaks you out I would recommend skipping it because the hero thinks about it The Library of the Unwritten (Hells Library later in the story so you will still know what happens I think LMR included this to show why Harry was so dedicated to saving abused women and children but I still don t want to read graphic scenes of aittle girl getting her arm broken then thrown against a wallThe story was interesting I enjoyed reading it even though some of the classic LMR details that are in every single book are getting a Galina little old Iiked both Harry and Ellen I just wish the story focused on themThe ending was really sweet This is one area where LMR has seriously improved I really enjoyed it Then we got a very intriguing hint of the next story I can t wait to see what happensSo end verdict not the best LMR but still enjoyable with the typical tough protective hero who gets the woodie that won t uit when he falls hard for the sweet artistic heroine who is running for her Dead Boy life from bad guys I enjoyed it and will be adding it to my LMR rereads OMG I just finished this book and I have tears running down my face This is my all time favorite LMR book It was just amazing and 5 stars in not nearly enough to describe just how much Ioved this bookOK yes you have heard from other reviews that this book does have uite a bit of violence in it That did not bother me one bit It just drew me into the story even The hero Harry was to die for OH MY I just Mud and Stars loved him to pieces He was smart strong protecting and gentle all at once andets not forget that he was a total hunk with a fantastic body and a nice man part that he knew how to use to bo. The world knows her only as EveThough her songs have sold millions she is an enigma a bewitching mystery But to former Delta Force operator Harry Bolt she is an angel whose sultry smoky voice brought him back to ife after the nightmare of Afghanistan Nothing else mattersAnd now a scared helpless beau.

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Duced to the hero of this book 34 year old former Delta Force operator and now a partner in San Diego s RBK Security tall sexy dark blond shoulders out to there Harry Bolt in Into the No no no The end of the world must be near because this is the second LMR book in a row that I didn t ove Overall 3 stars isn t bad in my rating system but that s not what I expect from LMR I m so disappointed that I m unable to write a proper review at the moment I Eros Unbound (Great Loves, ll come back when I m over the state of depression I m in Or not sobs in dispair WOW Man LMR does not mess aroundAmazing readLoved the writing characters and story now I m off to purchase Nightfire because I HAVE TO KNOW what happens next The second book in the Protectors series by Lisa Marie Rice Well it was hotter than wildfireol I Ma mre m'a tu - Survivre au gnocide des Tutsis au Rwanda loved the way Ms Rice can blend the romance with suspense with a nice emphasis on romance Iove alpha heroes and strong heroines This heroine had a few TSTL moments but it didn t destroy my pleasure in reading it Reread on 62917 45 Stars I freaking Mes recettes au baby-robot loved this one Harry is awesome and Ellen is a fantastic heroine Theirove story touched my heart mainly because Harry was broken for so La Stratgie du camlon long sigh I m such a sucker for HEA s I was going to take a break and finish another book but after reading the epilogue I have to read Mike s book Nightfire now Reallyoved Harry and Ellen My heart broke for all they went through The shocking ending had me starting book three immediately Come on Mike I hope you change your ways Absolutely Personality Selling loved it Excellent characters that developed nicely through the story Excellent suspense Nicely written and had me on the edge of my seatEve Ellen was on the run from a serious bad guy when her journeyed her to Harry What a guy Heartthrob and all that Oo a a My toes curled reading some of the scenes Refreshing to get updates on past characters as Sam and Nicole and Mike were in this book often A book I Black Mountain (Isaiah Coleridge ll probably re read along with Midnight Man by this author. Dy Eve could be so tempting so achingly desirable But though she burns toose herself in Harry’s powerful arms Eve is wary of trusting this tough haunted ex soldier who promises to protect her Surrender could mean sweet ecstasy or certain doom Can she open her heart even if it means risking her if.

Ot He was also a hero who did not jump from bed to bed throughout his ife It s nice to have a hero She Wants It like that every now and thenI also reallyike the heroine Ellen OK she did a few things that you might consider TSTL but hey what would you do if you were running for your Colorist's Special Effects 2: Step-by-step coloring guides. Improve your skills! life and trying to protect others from being killedIf yourooking for a scorcher I must say that this book was not that for me It did have a few hot Becoming Hispanic-Serving Institutions love scenes that were done really well but this book was not filled with sex It had just right amount to make me very happyThe action was fantastic especially near the end When things started moving I just started reading faster and faster it had me at the edge of my seat and I could not stop until the very endThe ending was sooo darn good one of the best HEA endings that I read in uite some timeYou can bet Il be reading the next book in Writing in Public line and it will be the top of myist when it s released Ellen is known to millions as Eve the mysterious singer who is simply an amazing faceless voice In real ife Ellen is a desperately afraid woman running for her ife from a man whose secret she has found After running for over a year it s clear that her tormentor is not only unwilling to give up the chase but is gaining ground She turns to former Delta force agent Harry Bolt and his blood brothers Sam and Mike to help protect her Sparks Of attraction fly between Harry and Ellen but is Ellen willing to risk her Latino Mennonites life to settle with this manI read this book in one sitting I have never read anything by Miss Rice but she now has her own shelf on my kindle Harry Bolt Despite some holes in theogic of this book and despite the heroine s TSTL moment near the end of the storyI When Cricket Was Cricket loved this book because I was just wild about Harry Bolt our to die for heroThis is the second in Lisa Marie Rice s Protectors series and even though this book can be read as a stand alone I d advise anyone to read this series in order The characters are recurring and you are first intro. Ty has walked through the door of his San Diego private security firm running from something secret something deadly and Harry knows immediately that this is the woman who saved him He is theast hope for this intoxicating siren without a past not even in his hottest dreams did he imagine that the a.

Lisa Marie Rice is eternally 30 years old and will never age She is tall and willowy and beautiful Men drop at her feet like ripe pears She has won every major book prize in the world She is a black belt with advanced degrees in archaeology nuclear physics and Tibetan literature She is a concert pianist Did I mention her Nobel Prize Of course Lisa Marie Rice is a virtual woman and exists