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Ng into minds of those who died while probably as accurate as one could be still remain speculative Nevertheless there are segments of nail biting suspenseAfter having waited several months into the very short summer climbing season on K2 the second highest mountain in the world and considered one of the most difficult and dangerous several teams of climbers attempted a summit Despite delays along the way that should have had them postpone their climb toward the top many continued on The most dangerous part of each climb is the return trip when climbers are exhausted and often suffering the effects of high altitude A glossary of names might have been helpful and there were passages that felt as if they had been amateurishly translated from another language If ou don t want to read a whole book about the incidents ou might want to just look at the Wikipedia entry which is uite detailed and good excellent addition to mountain climbing literature Like everyone else who read Krakauer s Into Thin Air I ve been obsessed ever since with tales of high altitude climbing particularly when that climbing goes wrong This book is about the 2008 disaster on K2 which left 11 climbers dead One climber saw her husband die in an avalanche that barely missed her and another climber another one saved a fellow Sherpa who has lost his ice axe only to lose his cousin the following day during a separate rescue mission This story shares some similarity to the 1996 Everest story overcrowding on summit day miscommunication uestionable decisions incredible acts of heroism and selfishness and a natural disaster that left many climbers stuck after sundown in the Death Zone the area above 26000 feet Unlike Krakauer s book Bowley a reporter for the New York Times wasn t there during the event Instead he interviewed most of the participants after the fact and tries painstakingly to piece the narrative together Still the confusion as to what exactly happened remains much the same as when Krakauer went through this exercise Altitude sickness and physical exhaustion impairs memories no one wants to look bad people get separated and just don t know what happened to their climbing partner and so on His epilogue is interesting and shouldn t be skipped as he goes into the details of how he secured interviews with some of those climbers his impressions of them and his thoughts on the remaining uestions and controversies surrounding the event Having read several books about Everest at this point I find it s interesting to read about K2 While the mountain isn t as tall it is widely acknowledged to be a difficult technical and all around dangerous climb While stats vary around 1 person dies for every 4 who summit If this story interests ou there is also a movie called The Summit currently streaming on Netflix in the US It mixes interviews pictures and footage filmed by someone in Camp Four during this event pretty seamlessly with re enactments It ll help ยอดบุรุษพลิกคดี เล่ม 1 you put faces and locations to the names in this book Adventure and death sometimes go hand in hand Climbing K2 provides an abundance of mountaineering adventure with the always looming prospect of death This story is a riveting explanation of the personalities and decisions that lead to the tragic loss of eleven lives on the slopes of an unforgiving and heartless mountai. F storytelling and adventure writing and in the words of explorer and author Sir Ranulph Fiennes “the closestou can come to being on the summit of K2 on that fateful day?.

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Ar greater number of pages detailing the rich cultural history of Everest and the individuals who climbed it This book propels the reader or less straight into the action and although there are segments which are dedicated to the history of K2 this in itself often provides the same enthralling read as the main story itself In the same vein Into Thin Air slowly builds to a climactic and tragic finale All The Way Down provides a steady stream of adrenalin fuelled excitement or less throughout the entire textIt could be argued that some of the events and emotional aspects which are written are spurious in their accuracy This would be a justifiable charge However I believe the book is a far gripping read as a result that Bowley has attempted to strike a balance between drama and accuracy and that he has achieved this well bearing in mind the difficulties which always will be present when trying to recollect events which occurred at such high altitude and in such life threatening circumstances Also without these emotional aspects accurate or otherwise the book would simply read like a dry textbook stating the facts This would be far less readable and therefore the emotions of those involved play a large part in ensuring that the readers attention is maintainedThe book conveyed the tragic loss which one would feel were they actually climbing along with the mountaineers Into Thin Air lacks details and therefore loses that sense of intimacy and immediacy which No Way Down possesses I definitely preferred this to its predecessor and my personal opinion is that it is a must for any mountaineering enthusiast or indeed anyone who enjoys reading about mountaineering enthusiasts The jacket blurb calls this a riveting work of narrative non fiction Hardly It reads like a long newspaper article EDIT I have since read One Mountain Thousand Summits which I find to be a detailed and accurate portrayal of the 2008 K2 disaster If ou have time to only read one book read that oneNo Way Down is probably the single most detailed account of the 2008 K2 disaster in which 11 people died on the mountain Graham Bowley writer for the New York Times does an admirable job collecting interviews from survivors and teammates and putting together an easily digestible and gripping narrative I read this book in a day that makes sense of what happened during that August week This reads very much like an extended New York Times Magazine piece with all its positives and negatives Since the writer is a journalist and not a mountaineer or historian as is normal there are a couple things that stand out in this book The first is that the writing is much better than a typical mou Good companion to Ed Viestur s K2 book That one is straight up reporting whereas this one recounts the 2008 disaster using a suspenseful narrative style It reads like fiction with lots of dialog cliffhangers and foreshadowingKnowing what happened already it was hard to read this book I had a pit in my stomach and dreaded what was to come But that means it works as a suspense novelRemind me not to climb K2 The hour by hour story of the infamous K2 expedition in 2008 that claimed the lives of eleven climbers The author interviewed many of the survivors and pieced together the most likely series of events from their accounts although in spots his delvi. On K2 second to Everest in height but second to no peak in terms of danger From tragic deaths to unbelievable stories of heroism and survival No Way Down is an amazing feat

Yikes This book is rather gruesome than most of the mountain woe books I ve read People just go sliding right off cliffs someone finds another team member s eyeball in the snow after an avalanche and later on that same person s penis is described as frozen Which makes sense in its bluntness leads me down all sorts of unpleasant avenues regarding man bits and why no one has ever mentioned before what goes on down there at 28000 feet And what about the women How exactly does one go at such a height I find it unpleasant enough when we re just camping I m not hanging from a rope or some such This is an excellent book about the August 2008 season on K2 second highest mountain in the world when 11 climbers died There were a number of different expeditions on the mountain as well as a handful of solo climbers Graham Bowley a British reporter for the New York Times has done an amazing job in interviewing hundreds of people and recounting the events of these disastrous few days when so many perished I have read many books about the 1996 disastrous climbing season on Everest but none about K2 I expect there are others about this disastrous season on K2 but I suspect that this is the definitive one to read and am glad I came across it firstAs well as being about the 2008 season it also recounted many other expeditions to summit K2 including the eventual first successful ascent in 1954 It s very well written and researched and was interesting to read of some of the climbers whose names are familiar to me from Everest expeditions I knew of Peter Schoening as he turned back early in the 1996 Everest attempt due to a health issue I didn t know that in 1953 as a much ounger man he saved the lives of five fellow climbers who d tripped and all fallen as a group by digging in his ice axe and taking all their weights This book was full of all sorts of wonderful snippets like that and will stay with me for a long time This book presents an explanation of the tragedy that occurred on K2 in 2008 during which eleven people died The author provides an unbiased account of what took place who did what and why Bowley exposes the many factors involved including lack of communication delays in the ascent uestionable judgments and bad luck Once oxygen deprivation to the brain is added to the mix it became the proverbial recipe for disasterThe human drive to conuer conditions of extreme cold fascinates me to explore to test the limits of endurance to prove it can be done This book delivers on that score Where it falls short is in presentation such as numerous typos lack of proper punctuation and segments that appear to be poor English translations from another language These annoyances detracted significantly from my reading experience and should have been caught before publishing I think any book on mountaineering benefits from the author having been there done that This is of a factual account which was fine but I was expecting something akin to Jon Krakauer s Into Thin Air This book suffers by comparison Recommended to readers who want to understand why mountaineering tragedies occur in hope of preventing them in the future It is hard not to compare this book to Into Thin Air by Jon Krakuaer However there are some noticeable differences which I believe make this book a pleasurable read The latter spent a In the tradition of Into Thin Air and Touching the Void No Way Down by New York Times reporter Graham Bowley is the harrowing account of the worst mountain climbing disaster.

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