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A Oh I see why you did that moment I know I m being annoyingly vague but to go any deeper would reveal too much Although I understood why something was done I still believed Secrets of Sin would have been stronger if the majority of the best friend s story was eft to his own book It was certainly a strong enough subplot to do soAnother thing that annoyed me about Secrets of Sin is the conflict that pulled Reiner and Emiline apart I understand why it might have ruined the marriage in the beginning but all these years Grave Tattoo later they never talk about what drew them apart After awhile I got aittle annoyed that they didn t just sit down and talk to each other because Secrets of Sin had so much going for it that even if they talked about what drew them apart they had so many other issues they needed to work through that you would ve have missed anything by having them discuss that big issue in the beginning of the novelOverall I Georgia and the Tycoon loved this book and would definitely read it again This book wasweird So the hero and heroine have been married for a while but the hero ended up fucking off a few years ago and the heroine is tired of his shit She hasn t seen him in years he didn t even show up or say anything when her dad died but she has heard about all of his sexual exploits She s over him and decides to see about divorcing him As it turns out while she s talking to herawyer about divorce her husband s best friend is Churchills Trial lurking outside the door and hears everything He decides to intervene and tells him that his wife is having an affair because just telling him about the divorce wouldn t have convinced him to do anything Which Ok while the two of them are having a threesome This apparently motivates the hero to take his wife back because he can cheat all over her but she can t cheat on himSo theogic in this story is out there to say the A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries least I don t think that I know anyone who would respond to situationsike these characters do I will say that the sex was very hot There s a Lakeside Redemption lot of BDSM in this book and it was all well written The erotica part of this story was definitely the highlight I also enjoyed the unusual setting and that the heroine was mixed race even if I did think the story of her parents wasn t uite believableThe hero was definitely not great This is one of the few stories where I can say that it would have made sense for this to have ended in a menage a trois Look for the past few years the hero has been roaming the world having threesomes with his best friend Weiterally are introduced to him as they embark on another threesome with a prostitute who ends up becoming the best friend s wife and there s an aborted threesome between the hero heroine and best friend The only reason it doesn t go through is because the hero and heroine are using him to get back at each other and he decides to In Pursuit of a Princess leave it s an uncomfortable scene to read but it s still hot The two of them are definitely sexually attracted to one another there s a scene about it and are probably inove with one another The heroine is jealous of the relationship between them This should have been a Second Time Loving love story between the two of them or even just a menage a troisThere were some good parts to this story It was definitely hot and I think that Harris was willing to try new things but those didn t always work The character motivations were often puzzling and the real star of this book was the relationship between the hero and his best friend I enjoyed this but honestly I d give it a pass Il never ook at ginger root the same way again boring OK so here s something I despise in my romances blatant infidelity Here our hero marries a young ady for her money consummates the marriage decides she has his heart and Dark Awakening leaves because he doesn t want her to have his soul too He s gone for four years but not before he supposedly whores his way around the world Then he has the gall to feel affronted when he hears she may have cuckolded him DNF. Pell of the most forbidden sensations and Reinier risksosing control of his own carnal game At the mercy of his own raw shattering needs the three red hot days may just turn into a ifetime of smouldering passion.

I was surprised at how much I oved Secrets of Sin by Chloe Harris The Aphrodisia Family Men line of Erotic Romances from Kensington Publishing has been kind of hit or miss for meto the point that I almost decided to stop reading them except for the authors that I follow independent of the publisher I was initially captivated by the story after reading a blog post by one of the authors of this writing team who was expounding on the reasons why a reader might fall inove with their hero Afterwards I was desperate to read Secrets of Sin despite not knowing anything about the author or much about the book other than the blurbThe story begins with Emiline visiting her Creative Participation lawyer to reuest a divorce from her husband who abandoned her several years ago She waseft as a young bride and while Sabina Spielrein learning to become a woman she also had to assume the responsibilities of her family s plantation after the death of her father and provide for everyone that is dependant on its success aife and independence that she has grown to Cognitive Radio Networks love Reinier feared his growingove for his young wife who seemed only to care about the atest fashions gossip and projecting the image of perfection of herself and her marriage to her peers in her self centered world After many years of iving at sea he returns to Emiline and to the island that holds bittersweet memories to try and secure the affections of his wife while protecting his own heart in the bargainHe gets Emiline to agree to experience the burning passion they once shared for each other over the course of three days in order to convince her that divorcing him would be a mistake In those three days he strives to earn her trust and touch her heart through their exploits in erotic Out of This World lovemaking And while there may seem to be an abundant amount ofoves scenes in this book I felt that each one had a distinct purpose in illustrating Reinier s seduction of his supposedly wayward wife Even though the The Time It Never Rained love scenes were explicit and numerous they were crafted in a way without seeming to be gratuitous or graphic instead I felt they were sensuously erotic and purposeful to the overall storyOne of the things that Ioved most about Secrets of Sin was how the story was told Almost the entire book is just the Heroine and Hero interacting with each other There aren t a The Child of the Soul and Other Stories lot of secondary characters no villains to have to fightjust inner demonsack of communication misunderstandings and their struggle to discover each other again after several years apart and develop a Childrens Phantasies lasting type ofove and relationship Surprisingly the story didn t feel acking because of the imited supporting characters instead I felt that it gave the reader an undiluted experience into Emiline and Reineir s journey towards oveHowever there are a few things that I wish would have been delved into deeply that I think would have really enhanced the story for me First I wish would have been done with Emiline s actions as a young wife Towards the end of the story it is revealed that Emiline is bi racial and because of insecurities about her origins she is constantly seeking the approval of her peers to prove that she is worthy to be among them in spite of her wealth and seeming perfection Her mixed heritage played a arge part in her actions and how she presented herself to others to gain their acceptance at the beginning of their marriage and I felt that this insight into her insecurities would have made it a richer story and made her a sympathetic heroine In fact I wish the reader would have been introduced to their story in the beginning of the end of their new marriagewhen she s desperately trying to be the perfect wife to prove she is worthy of his Gods and Heroes love and affection but instead driving her husband away as a result since he believes he is only an instrument or trophy of her triumphant debut There was so much potential to this facet of the storyine but it was sadly only briefly mentioned especially since it seemed to affect her. On an alluring Caribbean island Emiline du Ronde Barhydt's inheritance and dazzling beauty insure that she's granted her every wish but onefreedom from her wayward husband So when the proud sea captain Reinier Barh.

Behavior and actions as a young woman so greatlyAs it was written I felt sympathy for Reinier and better understood his reasons for Science, Technology and Culture leaving than I did for Emiline even though he deserted her and had numerous affairs I wish would have been done with her reasons for seeking perfection so we could have felt of her despair at being abandoned and as a result I think the story would have felt balanced I also wish that Emiline would have confronted or expressed her feelings about Reinier s infidelity This wasn t really addressed ateast that I can remember and that bothered me a No Beast So Fierce little bit since they were supposed to be building the bonds of trust in their new attempt atoveDespite what I felt were some missed opportunities to make this an even better book the fact remains that Secrets of Sin is a decadently erotic and sumptuously written ove story that earns the title of being both erotic and a romance It s a fantastic debut by the writing team that comprises the author Chloe Harris and I can t wait for their next novel in this series IN DEEP ater this yearRatings 425 stars on a sensuality scale of 1 5 this would be a hot 4 some m nage scenes some Last Chance Bride light BDSM sex toys and an apt warning for a few things that garner a don t try this at home Emiline du Ronde is mistress of a great Caribbean plantation a successful businesswoman and a veryonely wife It seems Reinier Barhydt her husband departed four years ago on a ship and has not returned Instead he and his best friend Connor have a reputation for wild menage a trois and they are happily circling the globe doing everyone from the noblewomen of Europe to a virgin whore in some undisclosed Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy location yes a virgin in a whorehouse And they wereucky enough to have her though I wonder if a virgin in a whorehouse would feel the same I fully expected the two men to actually do each other since they almost kiss in the first chapter but no apparently their enjoyment of sex with other men is Lawman Lover (Outlaws, limited to watching the other with a womanMeanwhile on herittle island Emiline du Ronde has had uite enough and she has her attorney draw up divorce papers Connor There were times i didn t want to City Girl in Training like this book but I had toike it the characters are so vividly portrayed along with Mystery at Kittiwake Bay lush steamy scenes between the two spouses If you couldn t tell Secrets of Sin is an erotic romance And wow My first thought when I read the first couple pages of Secrets of Sin is You had me at hello This book is erotic without being porny It was really hot and descriptive I mean if you want a complete idiot s guide to spicing up your sexife get this book Really I think my eyes popped out of their sockets a couple times but in a good way There was a time or two when reading that I thought Oh so that s how that s really done And I don t recall ever thinking that when reading an erotic romance beforeSecrets of Sin is a compelling read What really piued my interest is the Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files location and history of the country where the story takes place After reading Secrets of Sin I spent over an hour on the internet goggling Grenada its culture and its history Very few books engaged me so completely in that wayThateads to the plot The plot engaged me because it s amazing that I would spend so much time on the internet There is a The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, lot of emotional angst inside Secrets of Sin Secrets of Sin is than a marriage reunion story It s about finding yourself and accepting yourself and the person youove for who they are That s the strength of Secrets of SinThere were a couple things that bothered me about Secrets in Sin There s a subplot involving Reinier s best friend that distracted from Emiline and Reinier s story especially in the beginning This could ve just been me because when I first start reading a novel I want to get to the heroheroine s story and conflict There is a scene in the beginning of the book that I felt could ve been eft out but once I got to the end of the book it was explained and I had. Ydt strikes a deal to et his wife go under one condition Emiline agrees The price Before Reinier signs the papers he gets three days of his wife's total submission to his every erotic demand The two fall under a

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Chloe Harris is really the pseudonym for two writers Noelle owner of books listed and Barbra who've joined forces to write intriguing and sexy storiesA uintessential eccentric southerner Noelle seems to find a story in almost everything Ever ambitious to change her stars she has a degree in CommunicationsBarbra lives together with her cat 'Princess Mimi' who naturally isn't very happy