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D moves through the trial while the other provides the background of the characters leading up to the crime Ms Horan does a remarkable job of keeping both stories eually ascinating and distinct At no point does one wish to get through the current segment into order to return to the other thread That is very rare indeed and not only does each thread holds its own but the suspense contained within each builds at an eual pace That exhibits remarkable skill by the writer While many legal thrillers today spend time being thrillers this really does The Soul Of A Thief focus on the legal process of the time yet it is driven by the characters who areully developed and alive There was not a superfluous character in the story each added weight and merit In some ways one could say the story has two villains and two victims both being the same characters at different times The heroes if you will are uite unexpected and unusual The plot is excellent with very effective twists plenty of suspense and a dash of tragedy The author paints visual pictures that take the reader through all the story s locals both attractive and Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights foul There is an unexpected revelation and even unanticipated motive While I don t usually careor books based on a true crime 31 Bond Street is an excellent book with exceptional writing 31 BOND STREET Hist Mys Emma Cunningham NYC 1857 ExHoran Ellen 1st bookHarper Perennial 2011 US Trade Paperback ISBN 9780061773976 I know I do give out Secret Baby, Surprise Parents five stars uitereely so let me preface this book by saying if I could give out six stars this would be a six star book I read a great many mysteries and this one had me early on and I have to say I uickly reached a point that I was Mystify (Mystyx, frantically turning pages because the story had me enthralled The setting is 1856 in New York and Doctor Harvey Burdell a dentist isound dead in his room having been murdered in a spactacularly grisly The New Baby fashion Emma Cunningham is a woman who lives on an upperloor with her two daughters and is acting as housemistress and the coroner in the case immediately suspects her and refuses to allow her to leave the house while he investigates Enter hotshot lawyer Hentry Clinton who realizes that Emma can t be held agaist her will without counsel and becomes determined to represent her in a rather dramatic court case And this is only the beginning The author weaves a present time narrative with a series of Wild Streak flashbacks so you learn the story as it has been progressing as well asollowing the trial and the aftermath I don t want to reveal any intricate plot details but there are some revelations and the writer adds enough spice and suspense that you really want to know I will definitely be putting this one on display at the library It will be an easy book to sell to mystery readers even ones who don t normally read historical I even P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, found the cover to be very appealing it jumps right off the shelf into your hands Definitely give this one a read But be prepared Once started you will want toinish it soo. Nothing less than sensational During the trial the two lawyers ight or truth justice and their careers This novel is set against the background of bustling corrupt New York City just Rafaellos Mistress four years before the Civil War The author intertwines two main narratives the trial through the perspective of the defense attorney Henry Clinton and the story of the lovely young widow Emma Cunningham whose searchor a husband brings her into the arms and home of Dr Burdel.

Book as a whole I The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, felt that the ending was rather a bit too neat and some of the characters a bit too one dimensional I was surprised and saddened by the way that her ordeal ultimately affected the main character but it was an interesting twist I was disappointed that allive male characters Burdell Wicken Clinton Samuel and Katuma were written as either being good or bad and did not deviate rom that classification at all The latter three were upstanding caring moral men The ormer two were evil terrible and heartless What made Emma so interesting was that she was human a combination of right and wrong Her heart was generally in the right place but it led her astray when she tried to rationalize her life s decisions and press them too hard The ending itself was a bit abrupt especially how Samuel was caught but then not caught There was never any discussion about that backlash or repercussions and it seemed just a way to have the trial be over uickly There was never a Another Day of Life follow up on the DA who seemed an interesting character and was neverleshed out What part did he have to play in the smuggling ring Was he just demonized or was he also all evil One of the daughters Helen seemed a bit left out at the end which seemed a bit lop sided since we heard about Augusta SPOILER DON T READ AHEAD IF YOU WANT TO READ THE MYSTERYOverall while I liked the book and enjoyed the majority of the read the ending was a bit of a disappointment Katuma s involvment while good What Would You Like? for the storyline was just too neat Ultimately the killer could have been Emma Samuel or someone else Theirst two were too obvious and so left the last option I was just hoping Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, for of a twist perhaps Emma s involvement intentional or not Or of Samuel s butor a less noble reason More depth would have been appreciated First Sentence For a boy who watched boats his room was the perfect perchThe brutal murder of well to do dentist Dr Burdell immediately places his housekeeper Emma Cunningham as the prime suspect Attorney Henry Clinton parts ways with his respected law partner and with the support of his wife and the help of others sets out to prove Emma s innocence From a very good opening which establishes the sense of time place the impact of the weather and the demeanor of the characters this compelling story proved very difficult to put down even Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, for meals and life s necessities Horan provides aascinating look at the justice system and New York City during this period leading up to the Civil War when Friend Foe free blacks in the North were being kidnapped and sold into slavery in the South It is always interesting to gain a picture of society live and the concerns of women the workings of the house and meals of the period But it is as eually interesting look at investigative methods techniues andorensics of the time The story is told in duality something which can be awkward as one thread is often stronger interesting than the other That is not the case here One thread begins with the crimes an. Ens when an errand boy discovers Burdell's body in the bedroom of his posh Bond Street home The novel's central characters are Dr Harvey Burdell a dentist and unscrupulous businessman; his lover the ambitious Brooklyn born Emma Cunningham; the District Attorney Abraham Oakey Hall later to become mayor of New York; and Henry Clinton a prominent defense lawyer The enigmatic relationship between Emma and Dr Burdell makes her the prime suspect and her trial is.

This is a novel wove around one of the most sensationalized crimes of the 19th century One morning in 1857 the body of Dr Harvey Burdell a dentist living in high style at 31 Bond Street New York City is The Longevity Diet found brutally murdered in his office by an errand boy Emma Cunningham a widow with two daughters also lives in the upperloors of Dr Burdell s home She is the housekeeper lover Grassroots Innovation fianc e of the victim and immediately becomes the primary suspect of the coroner who sets up an inuest into the murder detaining Mrs Cunningham and her daughters until such time as his inuiry is completeThis was a particularly gruesome murder with exceedinglyew clues left behind to steer investigators toward the culprit In the absence of any other real information about the crime the media embraces the coroner s initial conclusions and assists him in painting Mrs Cunningham as the killerDefence attorney Henry Clinton believes Emma to be innocent of this crime and putting his own career in jeopardy agrees to represent her Those are the bare bones of the crime around which Ellen Horan builds her novel and I can certainly understand why any writer would choose this small slice of history to recreate reimagine It offers an absolute plethora of material to work with sex greed political corruption media ed public opinion and gender racial economic ineualities aboundFascinating and although it is clear that Horan has done her research well here she ailed to bring these characters or this city to life Architecture and Utopia for me I was waiting to be drenched in the historic atmosphere of mid 19th century New York City held captive by the life and death situation these charactersound themselves embroiled in I cannot explain how it is some writers are able with their words arranged as they are to transport the reader to another time and place to invest them in the characters of the story infuse them with the heartbeat of the city I can only say that it did not work here One thing that really bothers me is when the protagonist all of a sudden begins to act out of character with no lead in or reasonable explanation provided It just does not ring true and upsets the whole bloody apple cartMy apples can be Perfect Cities found badly bruised in a heap at the bottom of the hill With a great mid 19th century New York as the backdrop of the story the reader trulyeels as if they re there experiencing the daily life of each character Horan s writing style let s the reader dive into the scenery of the time and helps you Prometheus Wired feel theeelings of the characters There are a ew times within the book that the writing lags a bit yet it picks up uickly if it did The surprise ending keeps you guessing Beautifully written and a thirller to boot makes this book a good read I really liked the premise and the plot behind the book The way the author leaned on a actual event gave the story this great eel and I Special Topics in Calamity Physics felt increased the drama All and all it was a rather uick read because the plot moved veryast And although I enjoyed the. Based on a true story mystery and intrigue in pre Civil War New York The sensational murder of Dr Harvey Burdell in his lower Manhattan home made Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks front page news across the United States in 1857 Who killed Dr Burdell was a uestion that gripped the nation 31 Bond Street a debut novel by Ellen Horan interweavesiction with actual events in a clever historical narrative that blends romance politics greed and sexual intrigue in a suspenseful drama The story op.

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REVIEWS Here's what they are sayingIt’s not easy to breathe life into real life characters especially when uoting their words extensively from reported sources but Cunningham and Clinton live on the page as freshly as if they had stepped newly minted from Horan’s vivid imagination” —Washington Post “This is a gripping elegantly written and brilliantly researched legal thriller but it is