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The ooh ah factor is very big here In each selection the original language is identified its provenance is noted if possible and the date of its earliest surviving manuscript is noted For me and I think for many this kind of background material makes the scriptures themselves assessable and readily nderstood If you are a lover of Antiuity you will love this book If your interests lie in the history of religion this is gotta have it stuff And did I mention the illustrations are in color really good despite the 3 star rating out of 5 but so short Covers many interesting topics but so briefly and sketchilyBeautiful illustrations Contains the old testamentic Pseudepigrapha not apocryphal but attributed to an existing author the New Testament Apocrypha but no dead Sea Scrolls texts With a general introductions and short excerpts Nicely illustrated Interesting read I learned Her Brooding Italian Surgeon uite a bit from this book Sure is an eye opener Porter is a renowned scholar of theology and biblical studies who has been affiliated with Exeter and Oxfordniversities These lost books provide extensive and indispensable insight into the first millennium CE the formative era of both Judaism and Christianity A helpful introduction describes the processes by which books were selected or omitted as part of the Jewish and Christian canons the bodies of official works sanctioned by various legitimating groups over many years The writings are divided into two parts the Jewish pseudoepigrapha and the Christian apocrypha and then arranged thematically ie patriarchs prophets psalms lost years of Jesus etc For each literary piece Porter provides historical context approximate dates of composition and oldest extant copy language and provenance a summary an excerpt and correlations with other works Further boxed explanations and exuisite illustrations from diverse sources accompany and enhance the text It is imperative to note that Porter does not include the Dead Sea. Ere lost entirely; others survived in translationsJ R Porter introduces the reader to a wide selection of these extraordinary and beautiful lost works from words considered to be those of prophets kings and patriarchs even Adam himself to legends and stories that supply missing parts of the Gospels For each work commentary is followed by a translated extract in clear and p to date language The commentary places writings in their religious social and political context; explains the crucial importance of these works to the development of Jewish and Christian thought; and highlights the many legends and artistic traditions that sprang from them It also examines the reasons

Wonderful and seful book about the lost books of the Bible Stunning illustrations are included I d recommend this to anyone who wants to go beyond standard religious studies and learn far While I was working for the church this was a book that I could read segments from on a regular basis and a number of times I found interesting snippets that I could Two Steps Forward use in sermons or for the Study Group However circumstances have changed and there no longer seems much purpose in following through with that I m not sure if I ll keep this book It is really interesting and beautifully illustrated and is a wonderful source of information about all the many other gospels and epistles and you name it However I don t have much room any and this may not endp being one of the books that I absolutely don t want to part with We ll see The Middle east was like a seed bed for religious turmoil in the first century after Christ There were several branches of Judaism often at odds with one another and there were a number of varieties of Christians differing in insignificant fashion or in major belief systems All of these peoples possessed scriptures they loved and cherished Many of their writings were eventually gathered into the canon of orthodoxy and enshrined in that collection of scripture we call the Bible Other scriptures once just as honored didn t make the cut What were these writings Who wrote them and when What did they really say I have freuently wondered about this literature I had read about it but I had not personally read it Now to my intense satisfaction JR Porter has put together a richly illustrated anthology of these extra canonical texts There is a helpful timeline a thorough index and Bibliography and much to my grateful delight a glossary Each selection of scripture has additional information about its setting probable authorship et cetera And did I mention the illustrations I would have bought it simply to drool over the pictures. The Lost Bible provides a fascinating introduction to sacred writings of great profundity and aesthetic merit that did not become part of the canon of the Old and New Testaments In the centuries around the beginning of the Common Era the Jewish people drew faith and inspiration from hundreds of sacred writings not just those that make p the Hebrew Bible we know today Early Christianity itself produced a wealth of sacred writings which though they did not become part of the New Testament were popular among believers and important in spreading the faith After the canons of the Jewish and Christian Bibles were established many of these works disappeared into obscurity Some

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Scrolls and focuses on books that were attributed or dedicated to a biblical figure This is a scholarly but accessible treatment a highly recommended reference for academic and theological libraries public libraries where interest dictates and religious bookstores brief concise and interesting Enjoyed the info on other texts that did not make it in to the Bible This is of an overview of the subject If you are looking for in depth this is not the book for you One of my guilty pleasures is going into a brick and mortar bookstore to browse the new books Since I have been hooked on ereading since I bought my first Sony it is sually just a way of getting ideas for future purchases online However there are some books and types of books that demand to be in physical form And some others that are not available in any other form This book falls into both categories First it doesn t appear to be available in digital form Secondly it has lots of illustrations and photographs This particular book was found in the clearance and discount section of Barnes Noble It is a wonderful introduction to the various scriptures that didn t make the cut in the Jewish and Christian canon Each section has a commentary on the content origins and significance of the books as well as translated extractsI would recommend this to anyone with an interest in religions as well as having an open mind as to what is accepted and what isn t It may also turn your beliefs topsy turvy after seeing what has been hidden all these years For example The Second Book of Enoch Enoch 2 is believed to be one of the earliest attempts to reconcile the Bible with science How early It was written in the 2nd Century BCE to 1st Century CE The oldest existing manuscript is from the 14th Century CEAs you read through this book you ll learn an entirely different biblical history and see how these little known books were reflected in the art work of the world Definitely a 45 out of Oth religious and political why these writings did not become part of the Jewish and Christian BiblesLavishly illustrated with beautiful artwork and amplified by maps timelines and data boxes this text is a rich resource for anyone interested in exploring the origins of Judaism andChristianityPart I Works related to the Old TestamentApocalypses TestamentsComments on ScriptureWisdom and Philosophy Hymns and PrayersSibylline Oracles Apocrypha and Deuterocanonical worksRecent Discoveries including the Dead Sea ScrollsPart II Works related to the New TestamentApocryphal GospelsApocryphal ActsApocryphal LettersApocryphal ApocalypsesRecent Discoveries including the Gnostic Libra.