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Morning that her mother has received a grant to finish up her studies in Costa Rica She is sending Izzy to New Mexico to stay with her nana She is not thrilled about this However when she arrives she feels like she has stepped ut Eating Thin for Life: Food Secrets Recipes from People Who Have Lost Weight Kept It Off of a time capsule into her nana s village During her stay there she learns to make tortillas while she learns about the father she never met and her mother won t talk about Her time there teachers her what family is all about and how love endures even when someone is gone This was a wonderful book andne I am proud to recommend to my school and have n my shelves Izzy and her mother have moved times than she wants to remember She s just getting settled again when her mom announces she s received a research grant to study in Costa Rica and Izzy will be spending the summer with her nana in New MexicoIzzy doesn t know her grandmother very well and she s not at all happy about being dumped for a couple f months while her mom is gone But We, the People once she arrives at the small adobe village near Albuuerue magic starts to happen As Izzy begins to discover about her family and herself she begins to feel like she may have finally found a place to call homeTortilla Sun by Jennifer Cervantes weaves a little magic into the story and a lotf magic into readers as the tale unwinds Izzy s nana has a way with tortillas and a way with people as well The story Single of Izzy s parents and herwn past slowly comes ut in small bites to help her digest it a little bit at a time and in the process she comes to know and love the people f the villageTortilla Sun had me longing to see the Sandia Mountains feel the warmth f the sun and hear the call f the wind Bright New Mexico comes as vividly alive as the colors worn by many f its people This book is recommended for ages 9 to 12 but I think girls up to 14 r 15 may enjoy it too And the moms are likely to be delighted by Izzy s journey f self discovery Issues to discuss include family heritage ethnic traditions dealing with grief and finding acceptanceThere s a recipe in the back for tortillas that I can t wait to try and making them could be a fun mother daughter book club activity I highly recommend Tortilla Sun ReviewWhat would you do if you were confronted with a mystery about your father and your mother won t talk about it Izzy s mother has always been restless After many moves in California they have just moved again While unpacking Izzy comes across her father s ld baseball with the. Tainly isn't sharing anyespecially when it comes to Izzy's father who died before Izzy was born But when she spends the summer in her Nana's remote New Mexico village Izzy discovers long buried secrets that come alive in an enchanted lan.

Izzy s mom is distant and they move a lot Her dad died before she was born So when her mother gets a chance to study in Costa Rica for the summer and sends Izzy to live with her grandmother in New Mexico she finally gets a chance to find Showa, 1939-1944: A History of Japan out about her mother s past and it sheds a great dealf light The Book Of The Superiority Of Dogs Over Many Of Those Who Wear Clothes on who she is and how she lives Her grandmother is warm andpen and Izzy uickly falls into life in their small Latino community Mysteries paranormal events and an attractive slightly lder boy add to the story Most kids in grades 4 and up with find something to like in this book A beautifully written story I simply loved While reading I kept highlighting favorite uotes As 12year ld Izzy discovered the secret about her past amd the magic Rescuing a Werewolf of her grandmother s village in New Mexico while spending the summer there the magicf the story captured me taking me Making Women Pay on an emotional ride that brought tearsf sorrow and joy to my eyes A heartwarming story around family and friendship and about finding the courage to deal with the past to heal and allow the joy back into GloomCookie one s life because as Izzy s Nana says Life is magic This was a sweet book about a twelve yearld girl Izzy who spends the summer with her grandmother in New Mexico while her mother finishes her studies While she is there she becomes immersed in the Mexican culture that her mother had surpressed ut f grief after the death The Jesuit of her husband Izzy searches for answers about her Izzy is preparing to settle into a new apartment for the summer She is going through a boxne morning and sees a baseball that must have belonged to her father Her mom just cannot face her husband s death even after 12 years and hides the ball Now really curious Izzy finds and stashes the ball so her mom won t see it Unexpectedly a grant comes through for Mom to study in Costa Rica and Izzy must go visit her Nana in New Mexico Izzy really does not want to do this but is given no choice in the matter This is a sweet story With Bound Hands of Izzy s magical summer in a tiny village near Albuuerue Izzy is finally allowed to know about her father She finds and creates extended family during a warm and wonderful summer that is not easy but is comforting Izzy has just gotten settled into yet another new home While unpacking she comes across a baseball that had belonged to her father It has the words becausemagicn it When she asks her mom about it her mom takes it away and puts it up Izzy gets the ball back Rim of the Pit out and then learns the next. When twelve yearld Izzy discovers a beat up baseball marked with the words Becausemagic while unpacking in yet another new apartment she is determined to figure You Can Beat the Odds out what it means What secrets does thisld ball have to tell Her mom cer.

Mysterious words Because Love written n ne side The words between have been rubbed ut Her mother has never told Izzy anything about her father except that he died before Izzy was bornIzzy likes to write stories although she seldom gets beyond the beginning Now a new story is buzzing in her mind about the strange words n the baseball Then Izzy learns she is to spend the summer with her grandmother in New Mexico while her mother finishes research in Costa RicaIn New Mexico Izzy soon steps into another world Her grandmother Nana is an herbalist full pithy wisdoms The Castillos live in part f Nana s house Their son Mateo is Izzy s age When the two become friends Mateo tells Izzy about Socorro the village storyteller who sees the future and a map that tells f hidden treasure And ften as life unfolds in the village her mother came from Izzy hears a mysterious whisper carried by the wind that seems to be the voice f her fatherTortilla Sun is a beautiful story Baltimore Catechism No. 2 of a young girl s search for wisdom and truth and her discoveryf her culture The book moves at a leisurely pace that gathers in momentum and mystery with a touch Mic manual de campanie electorală of magic The characters are richly drawn and the village blossoms with life Izzy is a sympathetic protagonist entirely believable To tell why the book is called Tortilla Sun would give away too muchf the story and I don t want to be a spoiler This is a book young people will enjoy and read than The Big Book of Maker Skills: Tools Techniques for Building Great Tech Projects once If you read this book have a boxf tissues ready I plan n posting a longer review but want to think about this a little I will say that I loved having a story featured around Latino characters and celebrating the Latino heritage and culture I would like to use this as a read aloud with my fifth graders this year Very powerful messageSee my full review n I love when a new storytelling talent creates such a beautiful first novel that we re left wondering how they could have possibly been the One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones one behind it As soon as I spotted Tortilla Sunn A middle school reader about a young girl Izzy who is shipped Just Joking off to spend the summer with her grandmother in New Mexico so her mother can continue her research in Costa Rica Izzy is drawn into her Latin roots makes some young friends has to deal with some trauma as well as discovering why her mother has been so reluctant to discuss her deceased husband The town storyteller Socorro also adds a bitf mystery to the whole story Enjoyable read Worthwhile addition to school libraries too. Dscape f watermelon mountains whispering winds and tortilla suns Infused with the flavor f the southwest and sprinkled with just a pinch f magic this heartfelt middle grade debut is as rich and satisfying as Nana's homemade enchiladas.

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