Laura Lockington: Capers in the Sauce

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Tution theft and a bomb Yes a literal bomb goes off in a bar and within a few pages it is never mentioned again A man owns a bar a bomb goes off half way through the book and no one even says Hey what happened about that bomb Instead. Ness off the ground to see her friends and maybe even find a man But events or specifically Livia’s friends conspire to keep her life complicated What with Steve’s secret liaison with a woman known only as “vegetable girl” Mandy’s

An awful book with awful characters I can handle reading about annoying people I can put p with bad writing what makes this awful though is that there are no conseuences to any of the events There is death Class A drug taking prosti. A hilariously funny and warm story of what happens when you get past thirty but don’t want to settle down “Close friends are one thing but Livia’s are out of control”All Livia wants is a simple life – to get her interior design busi.

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The annoying characters move from ridiculous scenario to ridiculous scenario with no linking plot none of the characters learning anything and the various escapades are just shrugged off with a What are we likeI did not like this book. Nsistence that Livia host a dinner party for her and the glamorous Zena’s determination to hold a party to relaunch Livia’s career the simple life just isn’t an option And the antiue pistol in the bottom of her wardrobe is the last stra.