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T know that Dorothy s shoes were silver in the books Plus I never knew the story about Frank Morgan the actor who played The Wizard of Oz actually wore L Frank Baum s coat onset unbeknownst to him at the time It was purchased at a second hand storeAll in All I m tempted to read all the books in The Wizard of Oz series CIP summary Various writers and artists express the influence that the book The Wizrd of Oz had on themI think this book is really uniue because it highlights the impact that this book and movie had on different writers and illustrators Many of the authors write about how this story gave them inspiration to be creative in their own writing or drawing In this book ou can compare how illustrators see Oz in their own imaginations There is artwork by Chris Van Allsburg Eric Arle Peter Sis Tommy dePaola Maurice Sendak words by Madeleine L Engle Jerry Pinkney Natalie Babbitt and many For anyone who appreciates the magic of OZ B. Altman and Cos Enlarged Store, 1914 you are in for a treat. The vivid words of L Frank Baum have entranced even the most reluctant ofoung readers Appropriately then in addition to offering tributes to Dorothy the Scarecrow Tin Woodman Cowardly Lion and their friends Oz The Hundredth Anniversary Celebration honors reading itself Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Reading Is Fundamental RIF which brings diverse literacy activities and free new books to three and a half million children every e.

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Ting about what it means to them I think we can all relate to what we read on the page the Oz story is special for everyone but it s just so cool to see other illustrators take on the story I like art tributes I loved Oz and I still love the work of Trina Schart Hyman Maurice Sendak Lloyd Alexander Chris Van Allsburg Kinuko Y Craft What a wonderful read Last ear I watched the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz for the first time I always avoided the movie as a child because I couldn t get over how scary the wicked witch was Now no longer afraid of witches I finally gave in and watched the movie after ears of my mother telling me how amazing it was In short I really enjoyed itSo Today I decided to give this book which I borrowed from her a read and I enjoyed it as well The stories were so powerful and it really shows how books can help us during trying times The artwork was absolutely gorgeous and not only that but I learned so much from this book as well IE I didn. E great storytellers and illustrators pay homage to an American classic From a joyous vision of skipping down the Yellow Brick Road alongside Tototo moving memories of turning to Oz as a source of comfort during wartimeto warm tales of parents and children shoring the pleasure of discovering a magical world together these reflections celebrate all that is most special about OzOz has proved to be an image of hope in the most difficult of circumstances and.

Oz the Hundredth Anniversary Celebration edited by Peter Glassman was on display at my local public library It was on one of the side shelves where they keep the children s fiction I ve thought about grabbing it a number of times and finally gave into that urgeI grew up on The Wizard of Oz the book and the MGM film In fourth grade I started reading the other books in the series So I had to give this collection of essays and artwork a tryThe book has art inspired by the first book by dozens of different children s book illustrators Some include short paragraphs about what the book meant to them Others are paired with essays by children s authors who aren t also illustrators My favorite piece was by Mark Teague who shows a kid going through a Los Angeles ard as a short cut except there s Oz on the other side This is a gorgeous way to commemorate L Frank Baum s famous story of Oz The book includes famous children s writers and illustrators depicting Oz and wri. Can it really be one hundred ears ago that a little girl from Kansas rode a tornado to a wondrous land called Oz The adventures of Dorothy and her friends have enthralled generations of readers over the last century Now in Oz The Hundredth Anniversary Celebration thirty beloved children's book authors and artists pay tribute to the enchanted land that has done so much to nourish our imaginations to make us laugh and to inspire us In words and images thes.

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