Rosemary Sutcliff: The Capricorn Bracelet

Aded Britain to when they left This book gives a brilliant insight into life in the Roman legionsMy favourite character was Lucius who s mentioned in the first chapter of the book His father wanted him to be a wine merchant but he wanted to be a soldier and fight for Rome against een Boudicca of the Iceni He experiences the fall of Londinium London and dies fightingThe Roman Emperor Hadrian orders a wall to built in his name fencing off Scotland After his death Lucius grandson also called Lucius helps to built forts along it Hawks Way Grooms (Hawks Way using a special techniue which includes curving the surface and creating drains on either side of the walkwayEventually the great great grandson of Lucius Calpurnius leaves Britain to fight in Rome against barbarian tribesRosemary Sutcliff cleverly links these stories with the Capricorn Bracelet which is handed down son to son through the Calpurnius family In doing so she manages to avoid the stories lookingnrelate. Handed down through the generations This is than a piece of history battles and centurions; it's a slice of life the stories are exciting and compelling every one is well worth reading Wendy Coolin.

A collection of short stories about Romans I thought this book was ite good I would recommend it to people who like short classic books and like reading about the RomansThis book was about a Roman family who pass down a Capricorn bracelet to there sons and daughters This family are Roman and they have been in tribes called the eagles and the sea wolves which are both war tribes The book is about there adventures with the horse thieves and the the building of Hadrian s wall the attack of the Saxons and the strange and wondrous knife I loved Rosemary Sutcliff s historical fiction when I was younger I read two copies of The Eagle of the Ninth to pieces This book is also about Roman Britain although it s focused on the area around the wall and is also less about big epic deeds and about ordinary people focusing on a single family through a period of a couple of hundred years There s less excitement I suppose but there are fascinating littl. From the fall of Londinium to the building of Hadrian's Wall and the final departure of the Romans from Britain Rosemary Sutcliff's absorbing collection of stories set at the time of the Roman occu.

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E details about how Sutcliff imagines life to have been then realistic so far as I can tellI liked it It wasn t the kind of story to blow someone away I think but one to sit with ietly and absorb There are lovely details in it lovely moments and small ick glimpses of livesMy only argument with it is that the narrators the six different narrators don t sound very different It s hard I suppose to differentiate but it felt like one voice Could be partly choice keeping the family link clear but it bugged me Mostly super Sutcliffe is a good writer Six episodes chronicle the lives of a family in Roman Britain over three hundred years Candace read 508interesting but hard to get into because each chapter is a different era and different person Ever since Lucius Calpurnius a Roman boy was awarded the Capricorn Bracelet for his good work as a centurion it s been passed down the male line of the Calpurnius family since when the Romans first inv. Pation of Britain follows the fortunes of a family over three hundred years All soldiers they are linked by the Capricorn bracelet first worn by the centurion Lucius for distinguished conduct then.

Rosemary Sutcliff CBE was a British novelist best known as a writer of highly acclaimed historical fiction Although primarily a children's author the uality and depth of her writing also appeals to adults She once commented that she wrote for children of all ages from nine to ninetyBorn in West Clandon Surrey Sutcliff spent her early youth in Malta and other naval bases where her father