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He reviews some did and some did not Most of the characters are well written and strong but because of the way the lot jumps around there is little continuity and the reader has to adapt to three different narratorsIf you want to see something odd look up the wiki entry on this book it takes obssession to a whole new level really strangeIt is uite a hefty tome and Pears seems to be adept at writing gripping historical thrillers If you like that that sort of thing it is worth reading The denouement is shocking even if you guess it It certainly made me think that here is an author who really doesn t like his characters if he can create this However I am not a writer and Thirteenth Child (Frontier Magic, perhaps am not in aosition to make that sort of judgement Despite the fact that the strongest and most interesting character is a women there is also Craft Notes for Animators perhaps a touch of misogyny in the wholeiece However my random thoughts Perception and the External World perhaps indicate that there is uite a lot going on and it held my attention admittedly at the end of the day justrior to sleep with the cat sleeping across my legs The central uestion in Stone s Fall is fairly simple How and why did the owerful and extremely wealthy industrialist John Stone fall to his death from an opened window of his London homeTo find the answer to that uestion the intriguing but rather slow moving story is told by three different narrators in three separate arts London 1909 Paris 1890 and Venice 1869 and travels back in time to tell the story backwards a narrative method I found Sister for Sale particularly rewarding The three narrators thaterhaps could be a little distinctive are all in some way involved in a The Blue Door (Threshold plot meticulously constructed and executed There is uite a fewarallel stories to follow Global industrial and Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity political intrigue European financialower struggles mysterious investigations several romantic dalliances and murders covering a fair amount of timeStone s Fall is neither a thriller nor is it a literary novel in the best sense of the word It is The Art of Standing Still perhaps closer to a mystery novel but one in which the reader is expected to be interested in the many intricacies of history to gain the most enjoyment from the slow movingunctilious venture Although I readily admit I was less intrigued by the no doubt studiously researched financial intrigues of the storyline I nevertheless found myself fascinated by the beautiful language the detailed descriptions the vigorous characters and the complex methodically constructed lot Overall a thoroughly entertaining and rewarding experience. H stakes international finance Europe’s first great age of espionage and the start of the twentieth century’s arms race Stone’s Fall is a tale of love and frailty as much as it is of high finance and skulduggery The mixture then as now is an often fatal combinati.

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This book was really hard for me to stick with It s told in a way that is mostly back story and I found myself thinking can we lease just get to the Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience point Unfortunately theoint does not come until the end but it will shock you I found myself exclaiming oh my godThe story is centered around the life of John Stone who falls to his death from his library window In his will he indicates he has an unacknowledged child that his fortune should go to but no one has ever heard about this child before His widow Elizabeth hires a investigative journalist to seek out this child but the venture is unsuccessfulMany years later at Elizabeth s funeral the investigative reporter hired to find the missing child is forwarded a sort of memoir of John Stone s life and ultimately the true identity of the unacknowledged child as well as the circumstances of John Stone s deathAs with Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier I felt some degree of frustration with the lengthy story that seemed to have little The War to End All Wars purpose but the end sealed the deal for me OMG 45 stars I really enjoyed this book my first by Iain Pears I love his humor and that he writes with depth Don tlan to fly through this one It takes Death Comes for the Archbishop patience and I found myself having to rereadarts or just wanting to reread to get a better flavor for the story or to laugh again at a funny line I love the way the author decided to tell this story He starts in the Mostly Mama present after a mysterious death has occurred and thenart two goes back in time after a change in narrator Part three goes back even further after yet another change in the narration It was a little confusing at times but I trusted my The Naked Man pilot at thatoint and held on to my armrests and kept going forward It was a little odd wanting to keep the Damias Children pages flying while at the same time not wanting to miss a crucial clue Sometimes a couple of words can make the difference I thoroughly enjoyed the writing and the sarcastic humor was a biglus for me Definitely something to chew on but not so much that it felt like assigned reading either I will say that it helps to have a financial or economics background but I don t think it s necessary at all Just be aware that there will be sections that reuire a little time and Cutremur de timp patience I thought he conveyed the setting so well As I said it shifts in terms of both time andlace as you Backlash : La guerre froide contre les femmes progress through the book but it all felt very real to me Venice which was the setting forart three even felt like another character to me he described it so vividly Audio erformance was also At his London home John Stone falls out of a window to his death A financier and arms dealer Stone was a man so wealthy that he was able to manipulate markets industries and indeed entire countries and continents Did he jump was he ushed or was it merely a tragic accide.

Errific John Lee and Simon Vance are two of my favorite narrators and Roy Dotrice is also very very good I couldn t have asked for from the audio Patagonia Express performance The book loses half a star because it was a little long inlaces I did think the Predator payoff however was worthwhile as I didn t even come close to expecting the big twist at the end I think he did a great job creating doubt and confusion so that the reader imagines this is the answer no it s this and so on This book is going on my favorite authors shelf and I will happily read anything by Iain Pears British crimesuspense authors are tailor made for me and the historical fictioniece added in made this a very satisfying read Solid four star read Really and trulyI hesitate to use the word Dickensian because I was never a Dickens fan but that s the word that comes to mind for me and I do mean it in a ositive way A long twisty narrative full of larger than life characters who are intertwined in all sorts of unexpected ways I can only compare it to Dickens But where Dickens wrote like he was aid by the word this book though arguably too long never felt tedious Or usually didn t anyway I wasn t always engaged by the financial and business aspects of the storyline though I did appreciate their appeal for someone fascinated by that stuff than this reader but that didn t stop me from eagerly devouring all 600 odd Seven Days in Utopia pages I found myself fascinated by the characters andlot twists despite my needing to suspend disbelief at times And I loved the way the story was told backwards heightening the suspense and drama of the gradual revelations Aaahh It was a long haul admittedly but I m actually a bit sorry it s over The next book has a tough act to follow A uite decent historical thriller with lots of twists and turns Lots of Love plot devices galore red herringsolitical machinations high finances boys own spying adventures romance betrayal industrial espionage the entente cordiale naval warfare anarchism and the evil that Reclaiming Love people do It is well written and researched and works backwards from a funeral in the 1950s to London in 1909 Paris in 1890 and finally Venice in 1867 The startingoint is the death of a wealthy industrialist and financier John Stone in 1909 The death takes Vegangelical place in unusual circumstances and it is unclear how and why he died the will also leaves a number of mysteries Stone s wife hires a journalist to look into it so the fun begins This is a decent historical thriller The twist at the end is nasty if you don t see it coming it seems from Nt His alluring and enigmatic widow hires a young crime reporter to investigate The story moves backward in time from London in 1909 to Paris in 1890 and finally to Venice in 1867 and the attempts to uncover the truthlay out against the backdrop of the evolution of hig.

Iain Pears is an English art historian novelist and journalist He was educated at Warwick School Warwick Wadham College and Wolfson College Oxford Before writing he worked as a reporter for the BBC Channel 4 UK and ZDF Germany and correspondent for Reuters from 1982 to 1990 in Italy France UK and US In 1987 he became a Getty Fellow in the Arts and Humanities at Yale University His