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Widely known that the only living person Hannibal cares about is TraceTrace reluctantly agrees with the plan because he wants Hannibal to come out of hiding too Sam swears he won t hang That promise leads to some extraordinary maneuvering to save TraceI really liked both main characters Trace and Samantha they were wounded warriors Hannibal who doesn t show up until the last 25 pages is a huge presence Over the course of the book Trace tells about his childhood with Hannibal and it becomes clear why Hannibal turned against his ellow man However neither of the main characters condone Hannibal s years of robbing raping and murderingI read the book in one sitting because I simply couldn t put the book down By the way this is my second reading of this story I knew what was going to happen So why was I hanging on to every word Maggie Osborne is a wonderful storyteller who keeps readers glued to the pages Wonderful clean lovestory set in the west which I really like Samantha poses as a man and is a bounty hunter She is looking Earth for the man who raped and killed her mother and shot her which caused herather to commit suicide She meets his brother and they go together to to try to Get Up find this man Very good. Trace But aorce powerful was pulling them together a love that could Out to Lunch free eachrom a turbulent past and give them a uture together First the two loners would have to trust each other and dare to join their untamed hearts in a wild lan.

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M Beetle in the Anthill from jail They team up and through several trials theyall in love resolve their problems and she becomes a woman in her own right Long Disguised as a man Samantha Kincade is a bounty hunter She s brought 134 Mr. Drackle And His Dragons fugitives in to the law but she is lookingor the big one Hannibal Cotwell This man raped and murdered Samantha s mother while she watched in horror Next he turned his gun on the boy lying on the Dragon, Dragon and Other Tales floorBefore long Cotwell s actions led the dissolution of Sam samily and sent her into years of servitude with the local pastor and his wife Biding her time Sam eventually got the job she needed to pursue Cotwell a bounty hunterCotwell has a younger brother with the same amber tiger eyes Trace Harden crosses Samantha s path he s looking Song of the Aura for Hannibal too He has a letterrom his dead wife Etta swearing that Hannibal had raped her repeatedly while Trace was in New Orleans Etta states that she could not live with the shame of carrying her rapist s baby so she hanged herself Trace plans to kill his brother Hands Tied, A Hammer Story for his betrayalSamantha develops a plan to get Hannibal put his brother in jail on a trumped up charge have a trial her great uncle will be the judge and sentence Trace to death by hanging It is. Han a littleascinated Samantha knew the blazing eyes belonged to Trace Harden the half brother of Hannibal Cotwell the killer she had sworn to The Slanted Worlds (Chronoptika, find Any kin of Cotwell's was an enemy and Samantha's triggeringer itched when she looked at.

Another great read by Maggie Osborne If you like stories of a heroine dressing and living as a man this would be a great book to read For Say Go Be Do five years Samantha Kinkade lived as bounty hunter Sam Kinkade with the single uest to kill the man who killed her mother and destroyed heramily To help Confer flush out the bad guy she captures his brother who just so happens to be on his own personal uest toind and kill his brother IMHO not uite as good as Silver Lining or The Promise of Jenny Jones but still really good Sensuality was kisses only which was a bummer because the tension was strong between heroheroine So when the story skipped over the bedroom scenes I elt a bit cheated as it really built up that part of the romance MO s other books do not skip over the bedroom scenes Very good book Audio books is read by Kris Faulkner and done very well too Samantha Kincade has posed as a male bounty hunter or Hotarul Nestatornic (La Medeleni, five years while searchingor Hannibal Cotwell the man that raped and killed her mother in The King of Spades front of an 11 year old Sam Three months later herather a sheriff committed suicide She arrests Trace Harden Hannibal s half brother to trap Hannibal Trace saves her life after she s bit by a snake She springs hi. A WOMAN RIDING FOR REVENGE A MAN GAMBLING FOR LOVESamantha Kincade was after a man As a bounty hunter that was her job But in a rowdy Colorado saloon a gambler with golden tiger eyes saw through her boy's disguise A little rightened and

akaMargaret St GeorgeMaggie Osborne is the author of I Do I Do I Do and Silver Lining as well as than forty contemporary and historical romance novels written as Maggie Osborne and Margaret St George She has won numerous awards from Romantic Times Affaire de Coeur BookraK the Colorado Romance Writers and Coeur du Bois among others Osborne won the RITA for long historical from the