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Ne WonderfulThis book was good as the first book in this series Filled with all human emotions aeonA wonderful story This series has good starts but the story wains in each book It has some really good character dialogue moments but they are few the rest is filled with flowery over the top expositionI dragged myself to the end hoping it would redeem itself The ending has its climax but which is ultimately unsatisfying For a book th. E and no men are allowed But this rule is soundly broken when Juliet suddenly besieged by an angry mob is swept to safety by the dark eyed notorious Sabrehawk This sword wielding legend also nown as the dashing Adam Slade expects merely to fulfill a promise when he takes this spirite.

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This is the seuel to Gather the Stars I enjoyed having a chance to continue getting to now the major characters from that novel in this one But I didn t connect with Adam and Juliet as much as I did with Gavin and Rachel With that said I m not giving up on this series I intend to at least read Crown of Dreams But for now I have to take a break Our library book club is having us read A Man Called Ove for FebruaryHappy reading everyo. A vicar's daughter Juliet Grafton Moore is also the proprietress of Angel's Fall a house where London's ladies of the night recieve shelter from their past It is an institution despised by distinguished peers and peasants alike a place where the women learn by Juliet's pristine exampl.

At goes on for so long you still feel the story is missing its end I can t believe this is the same person who wrote the 1st book in the seriesDid not finish because The characters are 1 dimensional and seem to have personality disorders because they are inconsistant with their behavior They are also unrealistic The dialogue is ridiculous They just eep talking and talking blah blah and the story doesn t go anywhereBad just plain ba. D beauty under his wing But upon seeing Juliet he is moved by her gentle blue eyes her golden curls and her admirable will A man who has fought the fiercest of foes Adam now finds his greatest challenge in protecting this ladyand resisting the unimagined heights of their growing passi.

Kimberly Cates lives in Illinois with her familyPseudonyms Kimberleigh Caitlin and Kim Cates