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Ientific argon thrown at me from all sides but I don t know if that s because of when this book was published or if the author chose to focus on the science aspect instead of worrying about how natural the dialogue soundedI did enjoy the setting of this book at least I liked that it took place in the Their Convenient Amish Marriage (Pinecraft Homecomings jungle in Brazil but I thought that the author could ve maybe expanded upon the visuals a bit because it s the rainforest for crying out loud With how big it is I expected to see descriptions about all kinds of plants and trees and the abundance of wildlife If you re going to bring up the adaptation of chimpanzees in the rainforest bring up why it s such a big dealAlso why was Carlos important to bury in the rainforest than any of the others who d died Who even thought Carlos would WANT to be buried in theungle in the first placeAll in all I expected better from this book and it didn t deliver I don t recommend I thought the first half of the book was really good setting up an interesting story The second half devolved into not so good a story and the ending was terrible Interesting plot reminded me of the story from Planet of the Apes with genetically modified intelligent chimps and all however the similarity ends there Interesting plot and characters visually descriptive writing kept me reading this book to the end despite the mantra that echoed Planet of the Apes Gave the book 3 stars because I felt the story lost momentum and headed toward a hurry up and finish mode even though the book likely ended set up for a seuel. Anzee It is as intelligent as soulful and as sentient as man It also likes to hunt Origina.

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Interesting idea but not well written Some scientists genetically alter chimps in the to make a new smarter species The characters are two dimensional and not very believable The plot keeps the story going none the less The promise of this book did not live up to my expectations The idea that humans now have the ability to play God and create other sentient beings poses many ethical uestions Should we do this even if we could If we did this how would the new species be treated by us and what are the implications for our future In this novel scientists have created a transgenic chimpanzee with all of the intelligence of a human being The purpose for this creation is never fully explained however The scientists interacting with the chimp acknowledge it s intelligence but no one seems to have any ualms about using it as an experimental animal They marvel at its possible implications but still see it as less than No one s motivations or emotions are fully explained in this book Moreover once the chimp escapes and a chase ensues every one is involved for selfish reasons and no one cares really about this creature they have created The resolution was terribly disappointing in that there was no real resolution If you want a similar idea about transgenic chimps and the ethical problems that would ensue try reading Sims by F Paul Wilson uick easy read really horrible ending An easy read Nothing terribly surprising but good enough to kill time on the commuter train Felt like there wasn t much of a conclusio Not that great of a From the national bestselling author of Sleeper Cell comes a chilling new thriller In a pr.

Ook Not much to write a review about I enjoyed this novel but felt like it should have been a couple hundred pages or so longer to fully develop the characters and the plot especially at the end There s certainly opportunity for a seuel as well For a while this book was hovering around a 3 35 for me but with that ending It dropped down to 2 stars The second half of this book gave me serious Planet of Apes vibes and I wasn t mad at it It made the book interesting and fast paced regarding the chimps but at the same time a lot of what was happening felt unrealistic to me I had difficulty believing that a genetically modified chimpanzee could learn how to operate a gun so easily without having seen one beforeThe romance in this seemed way out of place It s science fiction thriller who the hell has time to form a relationship when you have a gang of chimpanzees trying to kill you The characters felt one dimensional already and I felt that Paolo was only in this so Jamie could get an anticlimactic happy ending and some good dick though thankfully there were no graphic details of their eventual coupling I would have liked to learn about the new species Nakamura and Kate Batori were collaborating on together mostly from her end She clearly doesn t fear losing her career or her license too much at the end though if she s still trying to implant modified embryos into unsuspecting patients I feel like there was a missed opportunity there to expand on that part of the plotThe writing seemed a bit uvenile for my tastes despite the sc. Ivate compound in the rainforest a scientific team has created a genetically altered chimp.

Jeffrey Anderson MD PhD studied abstract mathematics and neuroscience at Northwestern University before completing residency and fellowship in neuroradiology at the University of Utah Dr Anderson is Director of Functional Imaging at the University of Utah and runs the Brain Network Laboratory He is author of 2 national bestselling science thrillers and has unsuccessfully tried for years to e