Gene Yates: The Giraffe Numbers Book

Old is caught up in that uh oh he s tied up This is a silly book I like pointing at all the raffes Mom says it is too silly and he shoul. Illustrations and lyrical rhyme introduce a young child to the numbers 1 to 20 and then by tens to 100 Here's just some magic to be found inside Giraffe number 2 is stuck in glue Giraffes number.

Original not sure how well it teaches numbers because it s maybe hard for a toddler to figure out the giraffes are being numbers 2 year. Getting to know numbers can be a tall task but the limber long legged giraffes inside The Giraffe Numbers Book make learning tons of fun Numbers will never look the same again Playful imaginative.

D have stopped at 10 but then how would I learn all those big numbers But she says Giraffes number 14 and ven Giraffes number 10 is odd. 14 drive a l o o o o o ng limousine Giraffes number 60 are terribly twisty For a frolicking romp through number land join these joyful gymnastic giraffes for a uniue fun filled learning adventur.

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