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Females everything I feel like and this is a personal thing if the women were told everything and it was explained to them what was going on rather than be left in the dark they would be a little willing and not make dumb decisions I also don t like it when the man is dominating in every part of the relationship A little dominance is fine outside of the bedroom I can get over that when it comes to these books but I feel like they are treating the women as children and they have to hold there hand all the time It might be because I am a little indepen. Compliant submissive females not contrary rebellious spitfires Shelley tests him at every turn fighting and denying him yet reveling in the touch of the flogger and the feel of the chains She mocks Darinthian customs but craves Talcor's touch He fears his response if she doesn't surrender soon to the powerful magic that binds them Defying Talcor's orders Shelle.

Another overbearing hero I did not like and a totally stupid heroine She knows what goes on at the planet Darinth but feels she has it nder controlThe scene at the pleasure dome was barbaric and showed how little a female is thought of When The Truth About Jane Doe uestioned as to why they allow woman to be treated this way the only response is It s our custom and has been done for 1000 of years I liked this one Every once in a while I do like a dominating male book but some of it I was a little annoyed with Just like the first book I didn t like that they don t tell the. Linking Shelley Cyna Kade The seuel to Mastering Marissa Against all advice Shelley goes to Darinth a planet known throughout the galaxy for its dominant men and ruthless treatment of women She has come to find her friend but instead endsp in chains in a dungeon full of serious looking sex toys Talcor's dungeon Talcor enjoys dominating women but he's sed to.

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Dent personally but I hate it when they want constant submission rather than just submisson sexually I loved that Shelley was a little independent than Marissa I liked that she had a little fight to her Some of her actions were just downright stupid but her fighting a little bit made it enjoyable to read I feel like she could have fought a little less and he could have stopped being an ass a little less it would have been great The two of these characters were two extreme in their emotions and it made this read a little frustrating but not nbearable. Y goes in search of Marissa only to be The Indian Tycoons Marriage Deal uickly exposed to the dark side of the planet Her only hope of rescue is Talcor but she has made a serious error by denying their link If he does choose to save her what price will he demand Note Linking Shelley might not be fullynderstood as a stand alone story Mastering Marissa should be read first for complete enjoyme.

Cyna Kade started reading science fiction and fantasy when she was ten By age fifteen she added romance to her reading list Erotica followed much later Cyna belives the best books mix genres and she's followed that belief in her life She's lived in north east south and west She's been married and liberated and deeply loves her children She's worked as an x ray tech a computer programmer