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Ate to interstate and motel to motel and the coldest darkest most noirish depiction of Montreal imaginable The characters were hard to get to know but that s noir for you I suspect this book s haunting imagery and its tragedies both xtraordinary and Childerley everyday will stay with me for a long long time The desire to travel isxplored in this novel through Cultural Excursions extreme and intriguing ways Kidnapped by her step father as a little girl Lilia grows up living the life of a fugitive Even as an adult she can t uite settle down She lives in one place develops relationships and then leaves abruptly for someplace new Characters impacted by her runaway lifestyle make up the supporting cast all with their own uniue issuesI can t say I didn t like the book There s mystery aswirl onvery page and the writing is gorgeous I never felt bored or put off by the simple premise And yet in the Cruelty and Laughter end I m left with a so what opinion on it all Character motivation is the hook that drives the plot forward why are they all so crazy but we never receive satisfyingxplanationsThere are many clues to suggest motivation but they are so subtle and sometimes contradictory that I feel no real answers are available to the reader Not Cop Knowledge evennough hints to inspire a substantial discussion about it Especially Christopher What s his deal He is by far the craziest character and is given the least Cultural Aesthetics explanationOverall it s good but not great Were it a longer novel I d be upset by the unsatisfying conclusion but as a breathless short read it works okay Update 199 Kindle Special This is the first book I read by Emily St John Mandel it was her first book I fell madly in love with her instantly and knew I wanted to continue reading her books I have read them all She was an independent author until Station Eleven the book which gave her a wide spread name I still hold a special spot in my heart for this book I noticed something about her writing so fresh so clean And the story is greatI got to meet Emily after Station Eleven came out Such a lovely person old review from 2011I m in aw of this new young author She s intriguing to me Her book was beautifully written SO CLEAN not filledxtra junk At times I read her sentences over over almost a poetic style JUST lovely choice of words Her voice was somnambulanther voice was a current through fitful dreams well I ll tell yaI had my own nightmare involving rushing waters after thinking about this section of the bookNO KIDDING Then restless sleep woke thinking about this bookUnusual different story Interesting Characters Chilling Story one that I will linger with me for some time I m glad I read this book I m glad to have had my first intro with Emily St John Mandel cheers for herI really Class and Conformity enjoyed this book intense in parts Also charming small romance in the beginning I was completely absorbed in their bonding style I wanted to replay the pomegranate scene over and over great visuals Hmgave me some sexy fun ideas lol First we meet a couple Lilia and Eli We learn little of them before they part Lilia sneaking off without warning She won t be coming back From here we get snapshots of Lilia s life before Eli She s a traveller that s to say she doesn t stay anywhere for long She meets men and sometimes women striking up short term relationships before moving on again Why does she do this Well the answer is revealed in a fractured narrative that sometimes left me confused but ultimately knitted together into a brilliantly disturbing taleIt reads like an art house film The conversations are interesting the characters complex and somewhat wacky and the settingver changing The mystery deepens and then the reveal starts to appear foggy at first and then stunningly shockingly crystal clear It s a tale brilliantly told by a writer I m starting to think of as one of my very favourite story tellersI. Wed by a private detective who has pursued her for years Then her latest lover follows her from New York to Montreal determined to learn her secrets and make sure she’s safe Last Night in Montreal is a story of love amnesia compulsive travel the depths and the limits of family bonds and the nature of obsessionIn this xtraordinary debut Em.

For me this book reads like an xtended short story in the sense that it is very interesting but at the High Tide at Midnight end notvery i is dotted not Education and Equality every t is crossed As a reader who likes short stories I oftennjoy some ambivalence but for many the Deceptive Beauties ending just won t be satisfactory The crux of the book is a young girl Lilia is kidnapped by her own father John who stays on the move with her Lilia s path crosses with three other main characters Christopher Michaela and Eli Unfortunately tolaborate on their roles would remove much of the suspense of the book a lot of Mandel s prowess is storytelling and how she unveils the details in a way that leaves readers wanting All in all I really Dangerous Work enjoyed the writing It s hard to believe it s a debut But the motivations of the characters seem fuzzy and incompletely formed and for that reason I can t dole out that fifth star and I think other readers may be completely dissatisfied Short story lovers should pick this one up If you don t like short stories I doubt this one is for you I keep trying to see whatveryone sees in the work of Emily St John Mandel but I keep hitting my head against an aesthetic blockage that I find hard to pinpointIn Station Eleven I took against the traveling Shakespearian troupe and in this one it was the random insertion of a family of circus folk I think that very generally both these books wander towards something whimsy adjacent There is a fancifulness here the pomegranates the manic pixie dream girls fedora wearing detectives and a sort of artistic vision that I think suits a graphic novel telling On the plus side Montreal gets a good portrayal here and I did Flavor and Soul enjoy the road trip aspects Overall Last Night in Montreal seems to be suffering from some kind of an identity crisis resting somewhere in a netherworld between a noir ish mystery family road trip novel and a Cirue du Soleil foundation storyStill I look forward to reading The Glass Hotel with an open mind The best debut novel I ve read in years Mandel writes with confidence and creates compelling characters around dark secrets and half forgotten memories This is the kind of book that stays with you long after it s over In anticipation of her upcoming new release I went back and read her debut novel The writing is fantastic but the structure and characters in this book left me cold I often had trouble understanding some of the characters motivations and the thinking of all the characters seemed not uite mature Two stars doesn t seem like very many for a book that an notoriously slow reader moi spent basically just one Saturday reading and maybe I would give it three but I m still a little annoyed by thending I have to agree that the structure and pacing of this mysterious non mystery book is impressive and clearly a breezy and interesting read However it also contains one of my least favorite stock characters stock character is too harsh in fiction Oh Lilia of the short dark hair who is sooo intriguing and interesting and different and beautiful and no matter where she goes without ven trying or ven speaking men and women just fall all over themselves to be with her and isn t her life so tragic I don t like this free spirit character I don t like her when I Forgery, Replica, Fiction encounter her in real life and don t like her in movies and I don t like her in the book and it makes me not really like or care about the people that are in love with her and since those two characters comprise most of the cast of the story it s hard for me to say I like this book Maybe if there were something that seemed real and less dramatic about Lilia something that wasn t just the lingering I don t know how to say oh my god isn t that so romantic and heartbreaking then I could like the people and therefore their stories a little bit Both the most American of road trips dusty dry sun faded interst. Lilia Albert has been leaving people behind for herntire life She spends her childhood and adolescence traveling constantly and changing identities In adulthood she finds it impossible to stop Haunted by an inability to remember her arly childhood she moves restlessly from city to city abandoning lovers along with way possibly still follo.

F you ve read her her brilliant and best selling Station Eleven then her style will be somewhat familiar If you haven t then you have that joy to look forward to Emily St John Mandel is a fantastic talent no time to waste I ll be grabbing the other two novels she s penned faster than a toupee in a hurricane Last Night in Montreal by Emily St John Mandel is a Vintage publication What an incredibly absorbing story Again I have no memory of how this book crossed my path I can t remember who recommended it or where I first noticed it It s not a new release originally published back in 2009 and is apparently this author s debut novel But it s new to me as is this author But no matter how I discovered it or how old it is I still found this book to be a very atmospheric mystery and I m glad I ran across it Why has a private detective been following Lilia Albert for most of her life This story follows the vents that sent Lilia and her father on the run her unconventional childhood and the detective who became obsessed with her case As an adult Lilia has incredible difficulty staying in one place for too long or sticking with a romantic relationship for any length of time In her soul she wishes she could settle but she is always restless The uestions about her childhood the Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life events that led her father to steal her away in the midst of a cold wintry night haunts herven though she is an adult now and her father has remarried has a new family But Lilia isn t the only one whose life was left in a strange kind of limbo Also deeply affected like a snowball Escape effect are Lilia s half brother who knows than he s telling the detective who has become so obsessed he deserts his own wife and child andvery single person Lilia has left behind Lilia s most recent boyfriend is determined to find her becoming nearly as obsessed as the detective who still searches for her after all this time The Empty Chair even though she is an adult now The writing is stark and the atmosphere is heavy fraught with a fitful frustration Lilia s frustration stemming from her inability to remember anything prior to her father s sudden late night arrival the frustration felt by those who want to be close to Lilia and frustration by those who are looking for her but have been thwarted in their mission time and time again But one of the most profoundlements of the story is the ffect Lilia has had by proxy on the detective s family who have found themselves abandoned ven replaced by an obsession they can t fully comprehend The story is sad moody and dark with a taut psychological tone that kept me invested in the story One will gather Lit early onven if no details are initially forthcoming most of the whys and wherefores of the Award-Winning Books for Children and Young Adults, 1990-1991 events that led Lilia to this point in her life While I could understand her flightiness and her compulsive nature I m not sure I could really understand the way so many people became fixated on her It s like the Winston Churchill uoteIt is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside annigma but perhaps there is a key The possibility that there is a key is what may be driving these people to continue a fruitless uest that comes at such an incredibly high cost to so many people The Keeper of the Doves ending is somotional and melancholy and while I wasn t happy with some developments at all the conclusion hints at forgiveness and also grants Lilia a wish that could after all this time give her Heat Wave (Nikki Heat, enough ammunition to finally find overdue peace of mind and grant her the ability to finally stop her nomadic life andnjoy a bit of normalcy This book is gripping the pacing is uite slow For me this only added to the suspense forcing me to acuire virtuous patience which did indeed reap rewards The writing is just amazing very impressive which now has me curious to see what other books this author has written I ll definitely read of her work 4 star. Ily St John Mandel casts a powerful spell that captures the reader in a gritty youthful world charged with an atmosphere of mystery promise and foreboding where small revelations continuously change our understanding of the truth and lead to desperate conseuences Mandel’s characters will resonate with you long after the final page is turne.

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Emily St John Mandel was born and raised on the west coast of British Columbia Canada She studied contemporary dance at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and lived briefly in Montreal before relocating to New York She is the author of five novels including The Glass Hotel spring 2020 and Station Eleven 2014 Station Eleven was a finalist for a National Book Award and the PENFaulkner Aw