Scott McGough: Emperor's Fist Magic The Gathering Legends Cycle II #2

Story and detail yet another book I couldn t put down. Will be tested by the horrors of war Can the champion achieve honorable victory or will he and the rebels alike be crushed by the Emperor's Fist.

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Continued to enthrall me after reading the first of Honor Tested by War Though his assassins have failed the godlike Madaran emperor has other ways of crushing rebellion He sends the brutal mperia.

He series Never let me down with uality and uantity of. L army to rein La muñeca asesina in a defiantsland chain and the empire Risking It All is once plungednto violence The emperor's champion accompanies the army but his loyalty.

Scott McGough Ñ 7 Summary

Scott McGough lives in Seattle with a pair of cats and an Australian Cattle Dog He has written or co written over a dozen novels and short stories for Magic The Gathering; he also provided random pirate voices for an upcoming computer game and portrayed a shambling gut munching zombie extra in a local low budget film Based on his acting performances so far everyone agrees he should keep writi