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Read if you happen to find it and there are a few laugh out loud bits My favorite the story of a clueless spoiled mother on an airplane who hands her baby to a flight attendant saying she needs changing The flight attendant walks down the aisle returns with a black baby and asks the mother if the baby is changed enough for her Who doesn t love little stories of comeuppance like that Airline staff have to deal with people at their absolute worst so as you can imagine this book is full of similar tales Funnily enough I bought this at duty free in Heathrow Airport This book is a loose collection of anecdotes of the shenanigans in the airline industry They are told in the form of one day in the working life of an airport duty manager Very British very shallow occasionally very funny especially if you have flown a few times Brain ca. Bout the pilot who ran out of runway Heard of the disabled passengers who miraculously walk againNo Then you haven't read Air BabylonDo you know the best place to have sex on a plane Do you know how to dress for an pgrade Do you know that one drink in the air euals three on the ground Do you know who is checking you in Who is checking you out Do you know exactly what happens to your luggage once it leaves your sight Is it sec.

Derivative and near pointless Has none of the punch of its older sibling As with all the books nder the Babylon Genre Air Babylon is no exception It is witty and very well researched I was both highly entertained and shocked at the facts that the book pointed out One of my favorite parts was about the window shutters on the aircraft and why they are to be kept open during the landing and take off procedures I bought this book for cheap on after learning about the author from Hotel Babylon a guilty pleasure BBC series about what goes on in a luxury London hotel based on her book of the same name The author has made a career out of books about the inner workings of certain industries so this one delves into what it s like working for an airline supposedly based on real interviews with anonymous airline staffers It s a fun beach. Heard the one about the airline that has introduced 'corpse cupboards' on new planes to cope with the number of people who die in the air Heard the story about the First Class air hostess who got fired for sitting on the face of a passenger during a long haul flight Heard about the amount of knickers and false teeth that are left behind in the body of the plane Heard how pissed off stewards put laxatives in your drinks Heard

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Ndy This is probably a great read during a long haul flight with too much alcohol I found this book hilarious The way it is written is interesting as it has the fiction essentials main characters and an interesting plot However all of the incidents and characters are supposedly true albeit a bit suashed into 24 hoursThis book made me want to be nice to every person working in an airport If they can really get that nasty then I don t want to cross them I was also tempted to become terrified of flying but figure that it s out of my hands anyway so may as well not freak myself outIf you care to know what really goes on in the cockpit and behind the scenes at airports then read this book Don t bother though if you don t have a sense of humour and think that air stewards are braindead waiters in the sky who don t deserve some respect. Ure Are you safe Do you really know anything about the business that you entrust your life to several times a year Air Babylon is a trawl through the highs the lows and the rapid descents of the travel industry It catalogues the births the deaths the drunken brawls the sexual antics and the debauchery behind the scenes of the ltimate service industry where the world is divided into those who wear the niform and those who don.