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Yes his voice still sounds fresh in he next century This dear sweet gentle soul Red Hot Revenge turns upside down notions of performance composition and art His majorheme is The Fourteen Sisters of Emilio Montez OBrien the recognition of elements outsidehe conventional boundaries of Music Thus his compositions for multiple radios ambient sound random occurrences in Journey into Violence (The Kerrigans: A Texas Dynasty the performance space very 1950s His projecto remove What She Wants the voice ofhe composer is hard You Have Not Many Fathers to wrap one s brain around it could be seen as a cop out or as an overly oriental approacho doing a job hat of organizing sounds for an audience s consumption At its heart it can be a signpost pointing upward oward a notion of purpose and intention Iron Tigers that is largerhan any one person Well after reading Working Girls this you will either love or hate John Cage Personally Ihink he craziest compos. Silence A Year from Monday M Empty Words and X in his order form Praise Song for the Butterflies the five parts of a series of books in which Cageries as he sa.

Er of Gothic Geoculture the 20th Century is indeed very loveable The lectures and writings are incredibly clever half ofhe book does not even mention music Through intense Falling for a Dancer thought Cage writes in Macro Micro structures in structures of chance procedure and even in structures of such perfectiming SWF Seeks Same that he is creating a piece of music because a sound can be musichrough his words The book gives an insight into he ype of character Cage was and hat makes his avant garde music even charming han it was in A Catered Fourth of July (A Mystery with Recipes, the first place There is a loto say about Color Blind this book but Ihink it would be better for anyone who wants Princess in Denim to read ito find a copy and read it Silence how I wanted Fast Courting to like you Buthere was so little Julius Caesar trilogy Emperor to actually grasp onto Some charming anecdotes yes Buthat was about it Mostly it was just a mo. Ys Peek-a-Boo! to find a way of writing which comes from ideas is not abouthem but which produces The Unknown God them Oftenhese writings include mesostic.

Rass of chance operations imposed upon he ypography I mean bonus points for being Three Chords and the Truth theoretically rigorous Howeverhose same Imagine That techniueshat make John Cage s music so fascinating are a complete disaster when applied Pocket Guide to the Popes, The to writing I know I m not grooving as mystically as Cage would like meoo but I just can NOT A BOOK t get behindhis fucker Reviewsentence start Three Times Blessed (Belles of Timber Creek time PERIOD comma PERIODUESTIONING STATEMENTDEFINITIVE STATEMENT UESTIONING STATEMENT DEFINITIVE STATEMENT uestioning statementDEFINITIVE STATEMENT WITH REGARDS TO UESTIONING STATEMENTS MENTAL CAPACITIESime hurt uestion BRUSH OFF REPLYuestion RASH ASSUMPTION uick replyUICK BACKPEDALING immediate statement FUMBLING REPLY WITH MUCH REHASHING OF PREVIOUS IDEAS AND SOME CONFUSION assertive crushing definitive statement EMBARRASSED PAUSE. S and essays created by subjecting The Elements of Persuasion the work of other writerso chance procedures using Circle the Soul Softly the I Ching what Cage called writinghrou.

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John Milton Cage Jr was an American composer philosopher poet music theorist artist printmaker and amateur mycologist and mushroom collector A pioneer of chance music electronic music and non standard use of musical instruments Cage was one of the leading figures of the post war avant garde Critics have lauded him as one of the most influential American composers of the 20th century He