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T works using the I Ching to compose by random chance Cheap Imitation his homage to Satie for piano the anarchic Number Pieces and the five Europeras Then we have the bizarre coordinates grid notation of Variations 1 Concert for Piano and Orchestra and Fontana Mix intractable graphic puzzles for the musicians to solve while playing Here s a link to a YouTube playlist Got about half way through before returning it to the library This is a compilation of various articles by or about Cage Some good facts to look up as a reference review of the Richard Kostelanetz dited John Cage An Anthology by tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE November 15 20 2017 full version There s no pun on the last name Cage in this title is the 2nd God Is in the Crowd edition of this bk It was published in 1991 The 1stdition was published in 1970 I read the 1st Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard edition sometime in thearly to mid 70s Now over 40 yrs later I ve read the 2nd dition The 1st John Cage record I got was Variation IV Volume II in mid 1973 I woul. Ant garde dancer and choreographer; Barbara Rose and Dore Ashton review Cage's influence on the contemporary art scene; his poetry is both represented herein and analyzed by Kostelanetz; and his teaching is remembered vividly by his students Including a newly updated bibliography discography and catalog of compositions as well as than sixty illustrations this collection is invaluable not only for students teachers and scholars but for all who take a lively interest in the growth of the avant garde in the twentieth centur.

John Cage on his birthday September 5 Sounds silences and their structure in time John Cage hit the reset button at the historical apex of musical theory inverting its organizing principles to create randomness composition by chance and a chaos of sounds A disciple of Schoenberg with the iconoclastic vision of Picasso he sought to hear in a new way his music is the uivalent of the Dadaist collage in art and the cut up method of literature as practiced by Brion Gysin and William S Burroughs John Cage sought Notes for the Everlost escape from the prison of Time he was a revolutionary and liberator his music created asxperiments in destructuring our ideas about music and his performances were anarchic social When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) events of dance and music which were the first Happenings and became a touchstone of the counterculture His invented percussion instruments and prepared piano innovations created new sounds and paved the way to the modern keyboard and soundngineering just as his compositional innovations. For years he was dismissed as an No Biggy! eccentricxponent of arbitrary noise punctuated by silence Now however John Cage is universally acknowledged as the most influential composer of his generation Cage's activities as composer graphic artist poet teacher critic and not least writer are xplored in this collection of readings by and about this avant garde pioneer covering his most innovative period 1933–1970 The main concern of John Cage An Anthology is of course music here composers and critics such as Virgil Thompson Hen.

Opened a door to ambient music Silence Lectures and Writings the book I had listed as a context reading for my high school forensics students since I created the program first of a five book series including A Year from Monday M Empty Words and X These comprise his arly theoretical and critical studies in which he forges a new way of composing and understanding music John Cage an Anthology would be a good place to start for anyone today who is beginning a study of music thereafter reading Composition in Retrospect Every Day is a Good Day For the Birds John Cage in Conversation with Daniel Charles and Musicage Cage Muses on Words Art Music His recorded discography includes The Barton Workshop plays John Cage which is wonderful as are all Barton Workshop albums the Zen and Indian inspired Sonatas and Interludes and String uartet in Four Parts The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs one of many works which set to music Joyce s Finnegans Wake Music of Changes among his firs. Ry Cowell Edward Downes and Michael Zwerin analyze Cage's contribution to sound; Cage comments on his own works such as Sonatas and Interludes Cartridge Music and Williams Mix ; and the Attracting Birds to Your Backyard editor Richard Kostelanetz also includes Cage's groundbreakingssay ”Future of Music Credo” and his perceptive remarks about composers from Satie and Webern to Stockhausen But this anthology by no means neglects the other aspects of Cage's creativity Cage writes fondly here of his collaboration with Merce Cunningham the space time av.

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