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I liked the book it was fun to read With all the twist and surprises throughout the story really kept me uessing Also while I was reading the book I never really Understanding Women got to bored of the story which is always aood thing Overall I think that the book was very fun to read and I liked the book Keep in mind that the expected audience is younger maybe middle school but I still expected The main plot twist didn t come until the end and was immediately resolved I also didn t agree with Casey s decisions involving Jonah considering Matt was waiting back home for her I also wish they had continued the story to the point that she ets home and reunites with her friends and mom A coming of age story set on a tropical island 15 year old Casey leaves her boyfriend back home to to spend the summer with her father and his new wife in Tartuga The father is working with endangered sea turtles She meets up with a handsome boy and keeps her brothers in line all while sending letters back home remember when we used snail mail back in the day when we went off to summer camp or spent a week with our randparents There s budding romance envy of the new woman in her father s life and some island intrigue Not to mention the threat of an oncoming tropical storm A Verdammt verliebt good middlerade fiction novel and a page turner The Problem With Paradise is a miniature vacation packed away into a novel As Lesley Dahl s first and only novel she did a wonderful job showing her realis If you could spend your whole summer on a private tropical island you d be thrilled right Not if your 15yrld Casey and you ll be stuck with your new stepmother two little brothers no cell phone no internet no best friend and no boyfriend As she heads to Tartuga Casey dreads the months ahead away from her friends her life Tartuga provid. Nobody ets why Casey's upset She's just been informed that she's spending the ENTIRE summer on some deserted tropical island with her father his new wife and her two brothers Her father will study the endangered sea turtle her brothers will drive her crazy

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O always flirts with him Patty Harper But she has no choice Being forced to o her two brothers PJ and Mike Inverloch Volume 4 go along with her There she meets Anderson who later is found out to be deceiving and Jonah her summer romance Sheryl her stepmom teaches her how to sail on their family boat Bob Her brothers and her discover all the islands ando snorkeling and tanning all throughout the summer She needed to write letters to her friends back home but who has time for that when she s having the time of her life With her perfect tan and toned muscles from hiking she meets Jonah who is a couple years older than her They have a special connection that lasts them the whole summer The catch They both aren t single both of them having a lover who s on vacation during the whole summer Adventure after adventure occurs in the innovative novel especially when hurricane Cindy comes along and destroys most things on Ginger island and Tartuga Its up to her to protect her brothers and Jonah s cousins while her dad and stepmom are on Tartuga protecting the turtles Excitement hurt and anger is felt throughout the book You won t The Good and Beautiful God get bored while reading this book I can tell you that Casey is airl from California who is oing to the Caribbean for the summer and thinks her summer is ruined But she is just taking another adventure Casey has the perfect life at home Good friends all As and her boyfriend Matt But her mother sends her and her brothers Mike and PJ to the Caribbeans to see there father and his wife Sheryl Casey is bummed that she has to o and wrights up a list of mental complaints But upon arrival she is taken on an all new adventure My favorite part is when she is packing for the trip and her mother is telling her exactly what to packWill Casey s summer o reat or will something ruin it. And emails ive Casey the unexpected chance to listen to herself But when a tropical storm bears down in Tartuga and Casey's father can't make it back in time will Casey be able to pull it together and save Paradise for all of them From the Hardcover edition.

Es plenty of surprises however and Casey discovers the beauty in slowing down a new world a new boy and a bit about herself Dahl manages to create characters who are both likable and realistic Casey s voice rings true as she exhibits the complexity of female adolescence with the remarkable maturity and race of an mother hen older sister the sweet innocence of insecure discovery and the knowing desire of a young woman The Problem with Paradise appeals to a wide audience of preteens teens and adults and offers a well timed escape whether you think you need it or not Highly recommended rades 6 12 So this book was okbut i honestly think that towards the end they should ve sent her back home and seen what it was exactly what Matt wrote in the letter and see if she told anyone about her summer So the end was definitely disappointing and i also think that they should ve made Casey s character mature and older I absolutely loved this book Its about a irl Casey and she is Every Boys Dream going to her fathers carribiean with her brothers PJ and Mike and is there for the whole summer she runs into a boy and some other things that are uite troubling to find out the rest READ IT I thought my book wasood it had some mystery and action in it This book was amazing I loved reading it Its that teen summer drama that any Starflight Zero girl would love to read Filled with romance tanning beach boys and turtles this book was a fantastic read I would definitely recommend it to all the teenageirls and young adults If you love romance a little bit of boy trouble turtles and pretty islands you are sure to love this book The book is about a A Succession of Bad Days girl who is leaving her home in California to spend the whole summer with her dad and step mom on Ginger island At first she doesn t want to leave her boyfriend Matt and theirl wh. Nd Casey's sure she will die of boredom while dreaming of all the fun she could have been having with her friends back homeBut Tartuga turns out to have its charms particularly a cute boy Casey's age named Jonah And spending so much time away from cell phones.