Niel Hancock: Faragon Fairingay

Was This novel is the second in the Circle of Light series by Hancock The strengths and weaknesses of the previous book are all present here Again it s uite derivative of Tolkein with many of the same stock characters and similar events and plot arcs this goes way past LOTR homage into wholesale appropriation Nevertheless it s a uick read and a relatively fun fantasy novel I enjoyed this a bit than Grefax Grimwald primarily because most of the large cast of supporting characters becomes three dimensional More happens here and the stakes feel higher I do plan to continue on and finish the serie. Or the legendary Arkenchest and its vital Five Secrets Never before has the trio of friends ventured so far and risked so much for so glorious a priz.

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I liked this one better than I liked the first It was better than the first book I didn t finish the first book so I never tried to read this book Well I don t really remember the series And I never sought out anything else by the author either But I kept the boxed paperback set right there on the shelf near the boxed set of Tolkein paperbacks which I tried to read and couldn t First of all I ve got to say I love the artwork on this book coevr It s not the art I ve got on my edition but it s nice That pensive look on Bear s face with the clawfinger up to his nose But Otter how is he keeping. Welcome to Atlanton Earth In this second spellbinding adventure that began with Greyfax Grimwald friends Bear Dwarf and Otter are oined by Faragon

That cloakcoat thing on I m not sureNo matter Another fine book here from Niel Hancock Buddhist Book two in the series The second book of what some might view as a trite fantasy series but it has its charms This was a re read because I read the first two in the series so long ago I didn t remember them I think the first book might have been better at the time I read them because I did read this one Now that I have read this one again I m not sure I think I know why I never read the third one in this series I did obtain the next one and will see how it goes hope it is intersting than this book. Airingay the valiant young warrior Sent to Lower Earth at the reuest of Lorini the Lady of Light the four allies embark on a fateful uest in search

Niel Hancock started out from the Panhandle of Texas in 1941 and was on the ground when the Sky Riders went down outside Roswell New Mexico Even as a lad that tweaked his curiosity and then they touched off the Atom Bomb at Trinity Site which put him on the trail of the Road to the Sacred Mountain young as he wasHe grew up in that wilderness always looking for clues to the Mystery then d