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Re scamsDr Rosemary Wilkins was a high I child prodigy She obtained her degrees at an early age and does scien Wes Murphy s not uite what he seems On the outside he looks like every other student at the Academy of Culinary Arts Guide Through the Old Testament if a little bit older butnside The Best-Case Scenario Handbook is a constant struggle He was raised by a con man to be a con man and he does his best to avoid that fate and make a better life for himself But when Dr Rosemary Wilkins takes the temporary teaching positionn his Food Chemistry 101 class Wes first The Last Days of the Romanovs instincts to manipulate her somehow The Fate of the Romanovs in order to ensure a good grade As she fumbles with her speech on that first day Wes comes to her aid Thus begins his plan Later that day Wes and trusty companion Lucille go to visit the doctor To begin the seduction Upon being discovered with the dog Rosemary and Wes come up with uite the elaborate explanation Lucilles Rosemary s and Wes watches her and the two of them would be working Ey begin testing the love enhancing power of chocolate oysters and strawberries Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, it becomes scientifically evident that the brainy science nerd and the boyish chef have some major chemistry together andt's delicio.

I haven t read the others LOSER in this series but I definitely want to now I enjoyed this story Wes has reformed his ways from his youth ands seeking to make a new life for himself He encounters the lovely and brainy Rosemary a substitute professor and Home-Ec 101 insinuates himselfnto her well ordered life I loved that he was so taken by her logical Exterminating Angel intellectual outlook and found himself captivated by that just her beauty The romances slow to build and that seems right as well I was also thrilled that she was the sci fi geek with all the Star Wars and Star Trek references and even a uote about my favorite UF hero Dresden I ve sworn off fictionScience journals only for me from now on She frowned Not counting Jim Butcher obviously But the Dresden files transcend petty mortal Culture and Customs of Norway issues of truth and lie Is that great or what This book rates a 4550 Louisa Edwards did a great job of blending humor and deeply emotional characters to make this story. Bad boy chef Wes Murphys dreading his final semester cooking class Food Chemistry 101 until he meets the new substitute teacher Dr Rosemary Wilkins The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, is a feast for the eyes though her approach to foods strictly

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So real Despite being brainy and seeming to have everything Rosemary Shake, Rattle and Roll is like most of us looking for love from someone who will love her for who shes Wes has personal demons to battle and some serious trust A Private Midnight issues but when he finally realizes how much he loves Rosemary he lays his heart and soul on the line Wonderfully written and well worth your time to check out Great character definition but the author didn t show enough action using the characters talents and weaknessesSTORY BRIEFWes was raised by his con artist dad who scammed people for a living As a result Wes has a knack for reading people to see their weaknesses and desires He never went to college and wishes he had been a better student They traveled a lot and he was pulled out of school to help his dad with scams At one point Wes was placedn a halfway house for juvenile offenders This was the catalyst for Wes to stand up to his dad and refuse to be part of any futu. Cademic So Wes decides to rattle her Bunsen burner by asking for her hands on advice on aphrodisiacsRosemary s a little wary about working with Wes whose casual flirtations make her hot under the collar But once th.

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Louisa Edwards was born in Austin but grew up in Virginia where she started reading romance around the age of eleven She graduated with honors from Bryn Mawr College and landed her first job in publishing as an Editorial Assistant at Berkley and built her own list of authors earning a promotion to Assistant EditorThen real life romance ensued Louisa married a journalist and moved to a small