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An excellent guide to the largely unappreciated art of compass and straightedge geometry It has 177 mathematically described constructions Ruler Compass is a nice but short book full of amazing geometry tricks from dividing a rectangle with a harmonic series to roducing a golden spiral golden section I enjoyed learning the techniues for The Full Experience producing all manner of geometric shapes using only a ruler compa Don t bother with this cute novelty item There s nothing of use in it This very small book is full of geometric drawings with no description of how to get from oneoint to the next Also the tiny font is You Dont Have to Say You Love Me printed against a grey backgroundattern which makes it very difficult to read If you re looking for instructions or hoping to deepen your understanding of geometry find Since the earliest times mankind has employed the rimary geometric forms of straight line and circle in art architecture and mathematics Originally marked out by eye.

Nother book An incredibly dense book it is meant as a reminder reference for those who already understand geometric constructions The book recommends doing the actual constructions I agree The I do the comfortable I am with the various rules ieces I use them fairly often in my woodworking but I had to read the small The Walking Dead Live! print uite closely at times Pun intended It s not always easy for me to find exactly what I want as the book is broken up by shapes I often want specific angle constructions so I have to figure out which shape that would be under Still it s really useful becomes so as I go through the book get familiar with it I never knew I could calculate harmonics this wayI was uite disappointed by the inaccuracies of constructing aentagons based on a circle The drawing fo. And later by use of a stretched cord in time these forms came to be made with the simple tools of ruler and compassThis small book introduces the origins and basic ri.

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R making one inside is incorrect having 2 oints off the circle that should be on it It s not accurate so it s far easier just to draw a base line use a rotractor to make one line at 72 ace it off with calipers from there the way I ve always done itWoodworking today is often based on measurement with a ruler rotractor but that wasn t the case before the middle of the 19th century For most of our history construction was done By Hand Eye reviewed here using constructions roportions Since I usually use nonstandard sized wood rough wood direct from the tree not commercially sold I find the old methods work better for me They also fit in with Roy Underhill s wonderfully instructive booksHighly recommended although older folks like myself should have a magnifying glass handy. Nciples of geometric constructions using these ancient tools before going on to cover dozens of geometric forms from ractical fundamentals to challenging construction.