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All action that never gets old It s what he does well and football crazy boys especially will love it Wisely he never writes a sports only book but adds depth with other elements here the journalism angle And though I have to steal a star for ending s suspect credibility I know that overall this will score big with Deuker s fans and with those new to him When ou think YA and Restful Sleep you think sports Deuker isour go to guy in the red zone That s all there is to it This book is my new favorite book I read it for a competition To be honest i would never have read this book bc i usual A silly idea of reading a library selection at random brought me to Payback Time Let me say this is not a book I would gravitate towards especially in regards to the heavy sport involvement but the main character Mitch and his fearless antics as a high school reporter had me oddly hooked Mitch and his partner Kimi are a duo that I loved While tasked together to report and photograph for the sports section they notice a mysterious player Angel and slowly begin to piece together a potential conspiracy a story that could jumpstart their careers The football commentary was a bore for me however It didn t add anything useful to the mystery aspect and I found myself skipping it once I realized this but for someone who loves the sport I could see it being a bonus Like I mentioned I read it for my love of Mitch and his determination to seek the truth Being an overweight character given the nickname Michelan Man there s also a bit of a side story on his journey to get in shape which I thought added a little bit of charm to the serious tone of the plot I wasn t a fan of the ending but overall I m not upset I gave this book a shot This might be the first sports book I ve ever read Even if Adnan's Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial you know nothing about football like me the sports scenes are great My one big complaint about the book is the cliche that the author used about the kids with purple hair and tattoos being the druggie kids Does this guy really think that any kid who feels like dying their hair a bright color is a drug user Lame Other than that major annoyance it was a fun mystery with a great main character I really liked this book It was fun to read because it s a sports book and I like to read about sports Daniel True is the main character He is a journalist for his school s newspaper However his school doesn t have a lot to write about So when a new kid Angel Marichal shows up and is the best football player his Seattle school s ever had he jumps right in to investigate What he finds out shocks him and his schoolI ll stop there because there s a surprise ending and I d HATE to ruin it You ll just have to read it to find out if he gets a good story Ifou like sports books this is definitely for ou. Field  Is he an undercover cop wonders Mitch  Or an ineligible player  In pursuit of a killer story Mitch decides to find out just who this player is and what he's done  In the end the truth surprises everyon.

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S him down to find out the truth It really is a big shocker and I ll let ou figure that out for Matrimonio a la Fuerza (Saga Londres, yourself The plot twist when he finds a it out had me thinking about the book for a long time The author really did a great job on this one and ifou like sports books this is A MUST READ I found the book Payback Time by Carl Deuker to be very interesting The main character is a high school senior named Mitch True he is a part of the schools newspaper group and wants to go on to publish articles for big newspaper companies when he graduates But his senior Devils Gate (NUMA Files, year took a big turn when he was not made head of the school paper he was instead put on the sports section At first he did not like the idea of doing the sports articles until He found out that he would be doing them with a girl named Kimi They became very good friends throughout the book and make very good articles for the school papers sports section They also got into a deep investigation into one of the football players who seemed to be hiding something I would recommend this book to any people who like sports and mystery books This book has a very interesting plot and I am very glad that I read it A lot of boys are reluctant readers tough nuts to crack for parents and teachers who want their kids to read Many of these boys are into sports too some merely as fans and others as actual players Ifou know a kid like this and Thunder Voice (Sam Keaton: Legends of Laramie you don t know about Carl Deukerou should familiarize Rebelde Rendición (Saga Londres, yourself with Deuker s growing work He s good at what he does and what he does is chiefly sports often with a secondary plot that goes beyond sportsPAYBACK TIME follows the familiar Deuker formula Like GYM CANDY it is centered around high school sports Like RUNNER it contains elements of mystery Together these elements keepou reading as ou try along with the protagonist to figure out what s going onFor this book Deuker forgoes choosing a player for his protagonist and instead employs Dan Mitch True the Lincoln High School sports reporter He got the name Mitch from initially being called Michelin Man due to his weight no doubt he grew tired of it too Mitch has noticed this highly talented player named Angel Marichal who is used infreuently but when necessary by the ambitious Coach McNulty When Mitch and his cameraman sidekick Kimi Yon ask for an interview and pictures both Coach and Angel refuseSuspicions aroused Mitch and Kimi start to do some digging into Angel s past What they learn is disturbing but disturbing still is that they are not getting all of the story As his heroes are Woodward and Bernstein of Watergate fame Mitch wants to go to press but going to press has conseuences And that s where the pigskin hits the artificial turf in the case of this book conseuencesDeuker has a way of writing footb. Angel shows up Lincoln High he seems to have no past or at least not one he is willing to discuss  Though Mitch gets a glimpse of Angel's incredible talent off the field Angel rarely allows himself to shine on the.

It was ok Nothing exceptional but the football parts were nicely written I really liked this book because it really got me at the edge of my seat This book was really good because it kept me guessing different scenarios to what will eventually happen I could never have guessed what happened at the end Mitch true will do whatever it takes to get a good story I really enjoyed reading this book because in the book was about this 17 ear old kid who is a reporter in his school and he is about to unravel the intense past of a kid from Philidelphia The 17 Estimating centrifugal compressor performance year old Mitch had the help of his photographer Kimi Yon who had really contributed to Mitch s findings about Angel Marchel from Philidelphia In the end they were able to find out about angel s past and also protect him from it This story is about Mitch aoung high school journalist He hopes that one day he will be a journalist that will uncover some large life altering news story such as maybe Watergate or something similar His high school Lincoln High School has a school paper which Mitch wanted to be the editor of Mitch was sadly disappointed when they gave him the sports column He is disappointed because he liked sports but being overweight he often was picked on and never participated in the sports and some of the people who picked on him now play the sports he will be reporting Some of first sport articles he must report are the football team s season and the volleyball team s season One day Mitch went to interview a player and saw a kid named Angel on the sideline Angel had obvious ability so Mitch and his photographer Kimi thought When interviewing the coach about Angel the coached said Angel was nothing to pay attention to Mitch decides to use his skills to intestate why Angel is looked down upon and not getting much playing time while having great abilities What is the reason Mitch and Kimi look to find this as the report games and Mitch loses weight to feel comfortable with himselfI enjoyed this book for a couple different reasons one being the play by play in the book of the football games as Mitch reports them being I m a huge football fan and another being the mystery and investigating off why Angel isn t played Something that wasn t enjoyed had to be the ending it could have been explained i believe I would suggest this book to high school boys that enjoy sports and mysteries In this book a high school journalist gets put on sports which he used to play when he was ounger His name is Mitch and he is fat People make fun of him and call him names all the time He doesn t want to be sports but the new president of the newspaper makes him He then just does the best can and a new player comes to the team He is a superstar but very suspicious Mitch works and follows and track. Through the eyes of a distinctly non athletic protagonist a fat high school journalist named Mitch veteran sports novelist Deuker reveals the surprising truth behind a mysterious football player named Angel  When.

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