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The Christie thrillers are such a departure from her usual whodunnits that they e a No Limits (Brutal Master real mix bagThis started so stro Iead 81 of Agatha Christie s 82 books I ve always Liar, Liar refused toead Final Curtain between the ages of 14 16 I loved her books heart and soul but my eading taste matured and at some point I became an insufferable snob when it comes to genre fiction However after a long uarter with an pedantic twerp professor for a literature class I decided I needed a completely frivolous break from literary fiction I picked up And Then There Were None for a eread It Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose read fast and fun andeminded me how elaxing and enjoyable genre eading can be I was eady for Destination Unknown was always my favorite Christie book I loved Mrs Marple and Poirot to be sure but I always eveled most in her stand alone books It would be easy to pick this book apart from any number of perspectives and from the eviews here it s clear that most people aren t very impressed with this book It s than a stand alone book it s not a mystery It s a thriller and it s drenched in cold war era propaganda It s plot is improbable and ofte. In Agatha Christie’s gripping international thriller Destination Unknown a woman at the end of her ope chooses a exciting way to die when she embarks upon an almost certain suicide mission to find a missing scien.

N absurd edging up to a Fleming like escapism The characters are one dimensional tropes and you know how it s going to end from the first chapter But that criticism could apply to any book in Christie s catalog She s not a deep or literary writer but nonetheless she s a damn entertaining writer My love of this book is a pure guilty indulgence I grew up in the 80s and love cold war books and movies I ve always had a soft spot for spy thrillers whether they be serious like La Carre or absurd like Fleming Destination Unknown doesn t ask you to think or feel on a complex level ather it provides you with familiar stories and faces that let you est and elax as the story effortlessly unfolds It was the perfect antidote to detoxify all the literary snootiness I slogged through in school last uarter to emember that eading is supposed to be a joyful experience not a chore and all books genre or literary are worthwhile if someone finds joy in them I kept thinking something is wrong Then I ealized something is missing A murder Still pretty enjoyed this book although it s not eally Christie s typical book But still. TistWhen a number of leading scientists disappear without a trace concern grows within the international intelligence community And the one woman who appears to hold the key to the mystery is dying from injuries sus.

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Contains many interesting characters I know it s good when I close the book and say Man I feel I just came back from a journey So yeah not a master piece of Agatha but still easy interesting ead One of the best Christie novels A fast paced spy thriller it has all elements of international espionage and intrigue And in true Christie fashion there is a twisted end The story line is so gripping that you would want to finish it in one go Superb eading A delightful meaningless ompThe ueen of mystery took a break from Poirot and Marple to produce a post war actionadventure thriller story about the mysterious disappearance of scientists all over the world and the unlikely spy who cracks the case Always moving to a destination unknown along the way there is murder adventure mistaken identity and even love all with that Agatha Christie tongue in cheek humor and charm in a decidedly Hitchcockian vein Destination Unknown is Tommy Tuppence meet The Lady on the Train Good clean fun I m surprised it s never been turned into at least a made for tv movie Recommended for a palate cleaning eading break or a ainy afternoon. Tained in a plane crashMeanwhile in a Casablanca hotel oom Hilary Craven prepares to take her own life But her suicide attempt is about to be interrupted by a man who will offer her an altogether thrilling way to

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