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A Brush Of Wings is a short story anthology from Dreamspinner Press that focuses on stories about angels I found all of the stories in this book worth reading some than others I ll talk about each short and rate them individuallyMorning Glow by Taylor Lochland 4 starsBen is a nurse and works long hours He s just been through a rough breakup that has taken its toll on him His friend Alan always shows up in his life when he n I found this anthology to be pleasant enough but I cant say that it was exciting for me All the stories were ok and I really enj I really wanted to read Sariel by Mary Calmes and I did Fucking Loved It 45 StarsIt was Mary Calmes oodness wrapped together with history I love history Yep there s an alpha angel who possessed the hell out of Jacob a regular Decade of Despair grad student who almost raped by baduys We don t know a lot of Jacob s back story I didn t think it was needed so I am happy It s instalove but it surpasses it because for angels in this story there is no in between They can see your inner most desires and wants it s either black or white No What Was Lost gray So I won tripe with the binding declarations made because it was inevitable But also made from free willHot stuffAngels are not my fave paranormal read I lump them together with psychics Bottom of the totem pole for me I might read stories from the anthology I might not shrugs Specifically for Mary Calmes I wasn t Go-Go-Go! going to leave a review since that was the only one I read but General Spoiler WarningLook it was dumb It was so very dumb The worst kind of insta love the majority of it was one character s sad sack monologue and for the love of ok well the end had me cackling Also MC can t remember his name already with his bland ass first person perspective is not afraid of bugs That s therand act of bravery or whatever to earn Sariel s trust And then Sariel turns into the most beautiful non human MC is the most beautiful human btw and they have sex monologue sex monologue I think out of the constant eye rolls the largest eye roll had to Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook go to the part where MC thinks dying like this would be alright when Sarial is choking the air out of him Lol No Sariel decides no because MC is willing to die for whatever non apparent reason then he has passed the test and has earned the One Gay Angel sTM loveAlso MC starts speaking like a child which creeped me ou. Guardian spirits walk among us They are heavenly beings whorant courage unknown benefactors who offer help best friends who lend their strength and celestial beings who embody inspiration You might not recognize these everyday angels or messengers of mercy but the men in this anthology are touched by their purity and light and sometimes blessed by love Morning Glow by Taylor Lochland Benjamin and Alan have been friends since high school Though they often drift apart Alan always seems to come back when Benjamin needs him the most like when Ben is Reine Mädchensache grieving over a bad breakup As always Ben feels better just from spending time with Alan but then he realizes he’s in love with Alan This time when Alan takes off again Ben isn’toing to let him Animal Babies go without a fight A Trail of Feathers by Sarah Ann Watts Alone on New Year’s Day Daniel is aware than ever of the self destructive despair consuming him since his lover’s death Then he meets a stranger shedding feathers in the street and despite the risk he takes Leo home with him But Leo is not the hustler or drug addict Daniel suspected him to be He’s there toive Daniel a Offenders and Detainees gift aift Daniel might not know how to accept Heart's Salvation by Réve Garrison After losing his wife and daughter in a car accident a distraught Nathaniel approaches the church for comfort seeking the statue that is said to heal emotional distress When the angel embodied in statue feels the depth of Nathaniel's pain he makes the unusual decision to assume human form and comfort the rieving widower But soon the angel must decide between returning to the statue to comfort others and retaining his humanity for the hope of love In the Hands of the Gods by Jana Denardo The only business that concerns Tiberius Aelius Rufus is how to extend his olive oil trade from Pompeii to Rome and how to sort out a family when his tastes do not run to taking a wife Expanding his oil trade is easy enough but a man of his station can’t exactly dally with another man But when he meets Marcus Lartius Priscus at a party Tiberius is enchanted and falls hard hard enough to consider risking his business and his reputation to follow Priscus to Rome A Voice in the Darkness by Patric Michael Landon Hargrove wakes in darkness and pain to find he and his unconscious husband Bryce are trapped in their car after a landslide With no help but the moral support of a man named Dan who can speak to him but not reac.

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ArsRedemption by Clare London 4 of 5 starsAll others not so much A pretty darn ood anthology with an angel theme Full review on Boy Meets Boy Reviews will be posted on Christmas Day I didn t really care for this anthology After reading I realized that angels just aren t my thing However there were a few stories that stood out for me and were enjoyable I liked the following threePatric Michael A Voice in the DarknessMary Calmes SarielMatthew Vandrew The Platypus Learns Astrophysics AND THE OSCAR GO TOTHE PLATYPUS LEARNS ASTROPHYSICS by Matthew Vandrew This story was perfect Hilarious romantic and so well written that I search for and read also a free story of this writer And now for each story the vote and some times a uick comment that s the order on this anthologyMORNING GLOW by Taylor Lochland 5 stars A TRAIL OF FEATHERS by Sarah Ann Watts 2 stars HEART S SALVATION by Reve Garrison 5 stars HOTTTTTTTT This story is veeeeeery HOT IN THE HANDS OF THE GODS by Jana Denardo 3 stars Hot scenes but annoying Latin terms and I speak Italian some Latin I understand just to tell that if annoyed me maybe you will be bored to death A VOICE IN THE DARKNESS by Patric Michael 5 stars OMG Looooove this story Made my cry so much SOME COMFORT by S Blaise 3 stars Too much hush too uick but is not bad ACENSION by RJ Scott should be ascension no Writer or editor distraction 2 stars SARIEL by Mary Calmes 0 star Sorry but I hate it Was creepy and I don t like it I like horror books I looooove Stephen King for example but this story was ross not scary THE PLATYPUS LEARNS ASTROPHYSICS by Matthew Vandrew 5 stars if this story was a movie would win my Oscar THE ANGEL BLUES by Cornelia Grey 3 stars REDEMPTION by Clare London 4 stars Marvelous writing HERBAL TEA by HJ Blues 4 stars Great story lovely end huge flawif Justin has his cloths ripped nieeeeeece that part how could he et dressed again But is a Dead-End Road Mysteries great story almostot 5 stars THE TENTH AVATAR by Roland Graeme 5 stars and made me cry So beautiful story SANTANGELO by Zahra Owens 5 stars This writer touch deep in my heart My applause THE ARCHANGEL OF CASTRO by Diana Copland 5 stars Wonderful story to end this amazing anthology As you notice the most of the stories Hear the Wolves got my 4 or 5 stars but I ll notive a Valors Measure general vote would not the fairive less to the ones that deserve and vice versa. By Clare London Ziba is a fallen angel working as a sponsor of lost men helping them find enuine repentance after a life of sin Banished to the Arrivals Hall between worlds he offers them work during their journey to a better afterlife But for him personally that option is closed His position was so exalted and his sin so reat that he is imprisoned in Arrivals forever Until he meets Abdiel an angel who also fell from Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan grace but whose love and self sacrifice offers both of them a new hope of redemption Herbal Tea by HJ Brues Douglas a world weary cynical agent of a very special kind of law enforcement is sent to recruit Justin a young herbalist for a uniue assignment Considering the lies and betrayal in his past Douglas can’t help but look for hidden intentions behind every selfless act and he doesn’t trust easily But Justin will show him that a simple man can have the courage to offer his protection his love and even his life for those he cares about because it’s not the wings that make the angel but the readiness to reach out to others with your whole heart in the tips of your fingers The Tenth Avatar by Roland Graeme When a relative dies and beueaths to Arun a family heirloom an old bronze statue of Kalki the tenth avatar or incarnation of the Hinduod Vishnu the delivery of the statue coincides with the arrival of a new man in Arun’s life Jack is everything Arun has ever desired in a lover and Arun will have to face his parents’ pressure for marriage and Jack’s unknown opinion on commitment to move forward to a loving future Santangelo by Zahra Owens Michael isn’t the type of man who needs rescuing but after he’s attacked by a وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله group of skinheads he’slad Gabriel Santangelo is there to help Four stitches in his forehead later Michael is introduced to Gabriel’s severely disabled baby daughter and jumps at the chance to Fiend get to know Gabriel better But Gabe has issues than he's willing to share and when he keeps Michael at a distance Michael starts wondering who is rescuing who The Archangel of Castro by Diana Copland What do youet when you mix a former real estate agent turned diner owner; a sweet unassuming movie star handsome runaway; selfless enerosity; and unreuited love You et Nick at Nick’s on Ninth; his live in friend Brian; a treasured friendship; and two very nearly broken hearts until the unlikeliest Archangel ever notices the need for a bit of divine intervention.

T This conversation where Sariel basically says he ll commit spousal murder if MC tries to leave him MC is like tee hee It is the only kind to be made A covenant with an angel must be one of life and death all else binds not Just as I took your oath from your lips your life freely PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) given to me there can be no rescinding of your promise I will take your life should you try and take flight from myside I smiled at him It s scary when you say it like that In the end MC welcomes Sariel into his home assSpare me Just Spare me Average rating a little below 35 stars Morning Glow by Taylor Lochland 2 stars A Trail of Feathers by Sarah Ann Watts DNFHeart s Salvation by R ve Garrison 2 stars In the Hands of the Gods by Jana Denardo 35 stars A Voice in the Darkness by Patric Michael 4 stars Some Comfort by S Blaise 45 stars Ascension by RJ Scott 2 starsSariel by Mary Calmes 2 stars The Platypus Learns Astrophysics by Matthew Vandrew 5 starsThe Angel Blues by Cornelia Grey 3 stars Redemption by Clare London 25 stars Herbal Tea by HJ Brues 3 starsThe Tenth Avatar by Roland Graeme 35 starsSantangelo by Zahra Owens 4 stars The Archangel of Castro by Diana Copland 4 stars Diana Copland The Archangel of Castro this is my definite favourite in the anthology a romance so perfect it made me smile the whole way through Brilliant can not recommend it enough 65 sniggerPatric Michael A Voice in the Darkness one single line in this book will probably stay with me forever but I can t write down what it is because it willive everything away Lovely story strong committed partners and an angel who I adored 55 Mary Calmes Sariel brilliant the imagery is so intense Jacob Gray is a strong man and Mary s angel is a monster with a The Pedlar and the Bandit King (Scarlet and the White Wolf, grace that has eroded over time love it 55Matthew Vandrew The Platypus Learns Astrophysics how can something that had such a thread of humour in it turn my emotions inside out Theoodbye sniff I didn t want this story to end 55cornelia Gray The Angel Blues This angel was so sweet loved the descriptions of him and Morgan as the man on the edgeWould love to see what the punishment was would it mean Spencer had to leave Really Marvins Room good story 45Clare London Redemption I read this one with a lot of hope for Ziba i wasnt disappointed lovely 45 LeaderboardSariel by Mary Calmes 5 of 5 starsThe Angel Blues by Cornelia Grey 4 of 5 st. H him Landon must find a way to rescue them both before the rest of the mountainside breaks free and crushes them along with their dream of adopting a son Some Comfort by S Blaise Dale is having a hard time adjusting to everyday reality after returning from combat when he runs into Mal a fellow soldier who’d saved his life during a missile attack Mal seems determined to continue to watch over him even though Dale knows very little about the other man Why does Mal have such faith in him And will it be enough to drive the darkness inside Dale away Ascension by RJ Scott When Sabrael visits Adam Riley the last remaining descendant of the family under his protection the angel finds a man consumed withrief after the death of his father and the decision to sell the family bookstore Sabrael is surprised by a connection to Adam strong enough to redefine his entire purpose something Sabrael has never felt for any mortal in his charge Now he wonders if it is part of the Divine plan if his time to live a mortal life has come A mortal life with Adam Sariel by Mary Calmes Jacob Gray is on the trip of a lifetime with his employer only to have it turn into a nightmare Drugged and taken to an underground catacomb Jake is forced to make a life or death decision face torture by the men who kidnapped him or confront a ferocious beast Much to his captors’ surprise Jacob casts his fate into the hands of an unknown creature instead of surrendering himself to sure death with only hope as his salvation The Platypus Learns Astrophysics by Matthew Vandrew Hardworking businessman Jonas Mason is the last person expecting a visit from an angel Yet Micah angel of the Divine Plan shows up in his office absolutely certain of his mission to enlighten Jonas’s days and fill his heart with love all by simply touching him And when nothing happens Micah will have to wing it act human rein in the Roberto to the Dark Tower Came grumpy andenerally unpleasant Jonas and figure out how to bring Jonas and himself lives full of joy The Angel Blues by Cornelia Grey It’s a nondescript depressing night when Morgan a seasoned cop finds a witty stranger perched on his windowsill who shares his appreciation for the blues Worried for his own sanity Morgan mostly ignores the man who insists on materializing at the most inappropriate of times until a life threatening experience forces Morgan to see just how much the stranger who claims to be an angel means to him Redemption.

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