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Nese people to know how American think about China There are some interesting points which are totally out of my mind I will recommend it to all Chinese people who would like to talk about this topic with his western friends This book is an xcellent primer on modern China but when I say primer I don t mean to imply that that it is simply a noddy guide On the contrary the author has a real talent for making some uite subtle and sophisticated points in a very striking but concise manner To take just one Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows example when talking about China s approach to governance he notes that there is a tendency in the West to seize on the authoritarian aspects leading people to think of China in terms of George Orwell s 1984 with its depiction of the boot in the face style totalitarianism But whilst the author acknowledges that there are certainlylements of that in the post Mao The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) era not least the Tiananmen Suare massacre he suggests that overall Aldous Huxley s Brave New World may offer a better analogy with its focus on catering to the needs of the masses with a view tonsuring that they aren t inclined to bother their heads about things like democracy Consider for instance how China s government has uite deliberately focussed on the kind of Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, economic reform that the old Soviet Union never managed and which probably led to its collapse because its particular brand of boot in the face style totalitarianism was accompanied by anconomic system which could only turn out millions of left footed boots There are some slightly sniffy comments in some of the other reviews here about how this book is not particularly detailed and uses an FA style to break up the content into manageable chunks And if you are the kind of person that is impressed by length this clearly isn t going to be the book for you go read Martin Jacues thumping great muddle headed tome about China instead If on the other hand you want to read a book that will make you look at China differently and which freuently acknowledges that there are two or possible views about any one issue then I can t recommend this book highly A Fairly Honourable Defeat enough For me its brevity was an asset not a liability you can learn how china now is doing by looking at those hot blooded young patriotic idiots and blood bonemarrow sucking old commie motherfuckers above and below on the cover of this book. The one child policy and provides insight into how Chinese view Americans Wasserstrom reveals that China today shares many traits with other industrialized nations during their periods of development in particular the United States during its rapid industrialization in the 19th century Finally he provides guidance on the ways we canxpect China to act in the future vis a vis the United States Russia India and its East Asian neighbors.

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Not as informative as I d hoped and despite the title the book spends very little time discussing modern China While I understand wanting to take a longer view of the history and cultural ideas that continue to influence China the significant amount of pages devoted to ancient dynasties and ancient figures detracted from the book And when the author finally does get around to discussing 21st century China he seems to draw some kind of moral uivalency between the US and China that simply does not xist No matter what historical parallels you might draw between the industrialization Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue experiences of late 19th century America and late 20th China you cannot ignore the profound differences between a society founded upon limited government and the respect of human rights and a society trapped under totalitarian communist control At best Wasserstrom downplays thevil of the CCP at worst he misrepresents it I agree with how he The Man Without a Face ends the bookssentially saying that the Chinese people and the American people have much in common and should be receptive to Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) each other However any relationship will always be flawed so long as the CCP holds power A brief but useful book that will provide some insight into the hopes and fears of the current regime in China and the Chinese people Th I had to read this book for a reflection paper for a course on Pacific Asian History and I was pleasantly surpri This was a very good introduction to the country of China If you all you know about China is that they are Communists and big then you really need to read this book The author delivers on a big challenge presenting a primer on Chinese history and culture that is accessible and concise I think he achieves that pretty well You get the key points of Chinese culture and history and you will certainly feel like you learned something by thend of the book The strength of the book lies in the fact that the author clearly strives to be objective The best part for me at least is when he goes over the similarities between the United States and China He is basically showing readers that while the nations are different they also have many things in common This book is definitely a must read if you want to learn on this topic And given China s ascendancy in the world what we may hear in the news truth or speculation this book goes a long way. The need to understand this global giant has never been pressing China is constantly in the news yet conflicting impressions abound Within one generation China has transformed from an impoverished repressive state into an conomic and political powerhouse In China in the 21st Century What Everyone Needs to Know Jeffrey Wasserstrom provides cogent answers to the most urgent uestions regarding the newest superpower and offers a framework.

To put things in context Oxford so far is doing a good job in this series The one on Cuba I read which is reviewed here on GR too is also xcellent These are books that as a librarian I would not hesitate to recommend to readers wanting to learn on a topic Concise survey that hits some of the highlights of Chinese history and culture from the in dynasty to Xi Jinping well organized great refresher This was a super informative book China has always been a cultural mystery to me but Wasserstrom illuminates a number of issues impacting Chinese culture that I would not have considered The drive from rural to urban has been achieved at an accelerated pace over the last 20 years which has led to an older generation familiar with rice farms bicycle transit and Mao while the younger generations are familiar with the internet mega cities ride sharing and the central planningcapitalist hybrid Threads Of The Shroud economy under Jinping The title of this book is somewhat misleading however as nearly the first half of the book deal with a broad strokes summary of Chinese history from its ancient roots to the development of Nationalist and Communist parties in the 20th century This book gives a goodxplanation of the current cultural moment in China and helps to All Seated on the Ground explain how China interacts with the Western world An overview of recent history through a socioeconomic and politic perspective but for a varied range of subjects try China A to Z Everything You Need to Know to Understand Chinese Customs and Culture The book is structured in the uestionanswer pattern meaning many a short introduction for many a short answer A few longer descriptive pieces would have covered the same information succinctly That would have resulted in a great reduction of blank spaces introductoryxpressions and book size conseuently Untitled. especially in the first half The information is nonethelessasier to access as all the uestions are in the Table of ContentsI d also rather it stop referencing the Olympic Games Wiring every otherxample ditch the shoddy prose and stop answering the uestion with its positive or negative statement formAs is often the case respectable nonfiction this is also uite long and often politically correct making a minimum of information into Against All Odds euivocal overly simplistic verbal shrubbery and the occasional lukewarm joke This is a great book for Chi. For understanding its meteoric rise Focusing his answers through the historical legacies Western and Japanese imperialism the Maora and the massacre near Tiananmen Suare that largely define China's present day trajectory Wasserstrom introduces readers to the Chinese Communist Party the building boom in Shanghai and the Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage environmental fall out of rapid Chinese industrialization He alsoxplains uniue aspects of Chinese culture such as.

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Jeffrey N Wasserstrom a Professor of History at the University of California Irvine is a modern Chinese social and cultural historian with a strong interest in connecting China's past to its present and placing both into comparative and global perspective He has taught and written about subjects ranging from gender to revolution human rights to urban changeHis work has received funding fro