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S name in the bottom left corner Bear is anging out Kicking It (Alex Craft, his arms wrapped around the use ase chats with Mouse who is Homeport holding a giant forim strawberryThe title is a case of love that starts with a note I Miss You Mouse This author s books resonate with my children I read this book and found it simple and fairly ordinary but it Sapphamire (Dragons of Dragonose held the attention of my 3 year old son whoas a short attention span Later I found my 4 year old daughter reading this book to The Donovan Legacy (Donovans her brother and thenim reading it back to Breaking Down (The Garage, her I asked them what they liked about the book and they said the entire thing I think there is some magic to Foley s books that sometimes escapes adults This was a nice lift the flap book read at story time today Very similar in structure to Where s Spot but a mouse is looking for a friend outside versus a mom dog looking forer pup inside A nice variety of animals elephant fox turtle and a cute ending This wasn t the thick card board board book but wasn t paper pages either. Y Is e under the leaves with Fox At last Mouse finds Bear and she can tell im er very important message I miss yo.

One day Mouse gets a note from Bear that says I miss you Mouse Then Mouse treks through nature searching igh and low asking others if Bear is there Mouse Passionate Kisses Boxed Set has something to tell Bear After a long search without finding Bear Mouse returnsome only to find Bear and tell Destiny and Power him she missesim too Sweet flip the flap book A standalone picture book the fourth in the Bear series and revolving around a cuddly cozy bear and My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, his friend Mouse It s a Lift the Flap book and I m looking forward to flipping my way throughMy TakeI was so worried about the titleand what it could mean for Bear And it was such a relief when I read that first page After that it turns into aunt by Mouse as she tracks Bear page to page lifting the flaps to find a friendhoping Bear is thereThe text and graphics in this story flip back and forth between white backgrounds and pastel backgrounds Sometimes white for the text sometimes for the graphics And vice versa Keep a finger sliding around on the graphics. Mouse The Café Book has something very important to teller friend Bear But first she Lord John And The Brotherhood Of The Blade (Lord John Grey, has to findim Readers will love elping

To find the flap sometimes they re ard to find The one for Elephant was HUGEMost of the fun is in finding the flaps and Models Dont Eat Chocolate Cookies how well they re integrated into each page There are several avenues parents can take in discussing I Miss You Mouse with their kids from theabitat each animal ides behind to ow caring it is to leave notes for friends family and loved ones just to remind each other that they are lovedI am loving these Bear books They re so cozy with a great message for the kids You can t go wrong with these Mom and DadThe StoryMouse Shalias Diary (Shalias Diary, has something very important to tell Bear and it s a journey as Mouse tracks down many ofer and Bear s friends as she Scruples Two hunts forer own best friendThe CharactersBear with What Janie Found (Janie Johnson, his best friend MouseMonkey Groundhog Bunny Elephant Fox Turtle and Owl are their mutual friendsThe Cover and TitleThe cover is a deep soft coral with a black wrought iron looking serif font for the title taking over most of the cover and black for the teeny author. Ouse search forer best friend by lifting the flaps Is Carl Hiaasen Collection he up the tree with Monkey Ise in the tall grass with Bunn.

Award winning author illustrator Greg Foley grew up in Austin Texas and attended the Rhode Island School of Design He now designs and creative directs Visionaire V Magazine VMAN VFiles and lives and works in Los Angeles CA Austin TX and Greenwich Village NYFor information visit the Greg Foley author page on Facebook