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Strong interesting start Story started to go downhill the I got to know the hero He was a jerk and a stupid one to boot Tiffany was sweet but soooooo naive Also I ll leave you with this gem Her coochie cooed I was done after hearing that There were so many colorful words to describe her vagina Nana coochie I just can t It wasn t awful but I don t see myself reading anything lse from this author I like the story I specially liked Nick The issue was with Tiffany way too. Zuri Day heats it up in this deliciously sexy tale about lust trust seduction and other dishes best served sizzling Burned by an unhappy childhood Tiffany Matthews plays life safe So she never saw wealthy businessman Dominick Rollins or their wildly sensual European ncounter coming But now that she's landed a sous che.

Ingwhining a person can tolerate The heroine had too many issues which surprised me that the hero would still find her attractiveBtw why was the villian introduced midway through the book When she started talking I was shocked bc I saw no purpose for her character She should ve been introduced arlier in the storyAlso the story was just too long and started to feel drawn out Overall it was just an okay read It could ve nded with hiring the heroine The rest was unnecessary. Defenses and show her the caring man under his sophisticated image But is what they have nough for Tiffany to risk her heart or will this love prove way too hot to handleAn xciting read Zuri Day does a fantastic job Urban Reviews on Lies Lovers TellA completely ntertaining love story Romantic Times on Body By Night.

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Whiney If it hadn t been for her I would have given it another point I really loved this book The plot was fantastic and so different from verything Yummy Supper else out there The storyline was well developed and had many twist and turns which made me not want to stop reading until I got to the last page I wish Zuri Day had all of her I thought the story started strong and uickly fizzled By the time I got to thend I forgot the romantic beginning Also there s only so much complain. F job at Dominick's prestigious hotel she's determined to keep her fine new boss at arm's length and their relationship professionalDominick can't resist coming back for Tiffany's honesty is the one ingredient none of his glamorous xes has ver served up And he's using very tempting glance and touch to melt Tiffany's.

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Zuri Day is a hopeful romantic She believes in happy endings half full glasses and dreams coming true That's why she's thrilled to be a contributing writer to this genreone of her favoritesZuri doesn't remember exactly how old she was when she picked up her first romance novel but she does remember it was love at first sight It was probably a Harleuin she recalled during a recent inte