Gary Heavin: Curves Fitness and Weight Management Plan

Es and links at the back of the book plus a bibliography for further research There is also a chapter on supplements from vitamins to protein shakes which granted suggests you use Curves products by that s up to you as well as charts for you to fill in to track your progress There are also uestions you can answer in the book at the beginning to help plan your goals and your plan to achieve themAll and all I would highly recommend this well made well designed and not expensive at all little book to anyone considering any amount of weight loss Of course I d recommend the Curves circuit too but that too is up to you P as long as you do something to stay active. Eating More Than Weight LossCh 10 The Role of Supplements in Weight ManagementCh 11 Freuently Asked uestionsCh 12 Additional Resources including a progress tracking cha.

What a great little book And at 10 taxes included at least at my Curves branch it s a pretty sure shotI ve been attending Curves for a while now and I love their concept I had flipped through this book a few times at the front desk and I thought it looked good When I came to re evaluating my approach to weight lost and healthy eating I thought I d give it a tryI just finished reading it and will be implementing the methods this week or so I ve done uite a bit of healthy eating and dieting been followed by a nutritionist for some time in the past and have previously been successful at shedding uite a few pounds up to 20 once So I ve seen and tried a few ver. Discover how 30 days can change your lifeGlossy informative 144 page manualTable of ContentsCh 1 Efficient Fitness The Curves WorkoutCh 2 Embracing ChangeCh 3 Healthy

Sions of diets out there and had a feel for what works for me and what doesn t I found the method in this book to be very smart It s approach is based on healthy eating and CHANGING habits rather than temporary solutions that are impossible to maintain in the long term The program is divided into 3 phases with the 3rd phase being normal eating with a maintenance solution if the weight goes up to be followed for a few days and then normal eating again and so on so it s actually MAINTAINABLE in the long term I m not going to give all the details because otherwise I would give the book away P It is logical it makes sense and it s backed up by research with uot. Eight Loss 30 Day CycleCh 4 Metabolism Matters Phase 3Ch 5 Higher Protein MenusCh 6 Higher Carbohydrate MenusCh 7 Dietary Exchange TablesCh 8 Phase 3 MenusCh 9 Healthy.

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