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R problematic aspects those elements fortunately took a far back burner to actual plot which I greatly enjoyed Following four of Damia s children throughout space made things interesting and I thought the pacing of developments with the Hive studies moved well Hopefully the rest of the series continues this way Audio review I love this series and ave read it numerous times over the years This time I listened to the audiobook and loved it I The Einstein Theory of Relativity have noticed that people are so picky about this series I don t see why They are great stories Fantasy Space adventures aliens romance family this seriesas a lot in it worthy of reading or listening to I How to Negotiate Your First Job have also read the other series in Anne McCaffrey s tome Pern Acorna Body Heir Brainships Crystal Singer and others They are all excellent of their kind For some reason readers seem to think they should be all the same I point out that McCaffrey wrote scifi fantasy and roman I am really enjoying this series Good old fashioned sci fi Continuing with the author is dead re read of this series Not that the author is literally dead though in this case she is but in the sense that it s interesting to read this series in a way that the author maybe didn t intend In this case we see a little bit of Damia the tempestuouseroine from the last book but this book is mostly about er first four children We get novellas about Laria and Thian the first alf of a short novel about Rojer and a short story about Zara In a way this book is about Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, how Damia and Afraave tried to do a better job at parenting and combining parenting with work than their own parents particularly Damia sAt least with the first four children they The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore have mostly succeeded The next ones are too young to be out and about on their own But not without being kinda creepy about it there s a passage aboutow Talented parenting Talent being the term this series uses for psionic ability comes with the peruisite of being able to read your children s minds and correct any psychological warping that may be developing TwitchAs I see it this is only Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber half a book The next one Lyon s Pride is as direct a continuation as a following book could be for a book that didn t end on a cliffhanger Admittedly this applies to the Rojer thread than the stories of Laria Thian and Zara. Anet after another annihilating all native life in the process Now the Alliance and the Mrdiniave sent a combined fleet to find the Hive omeworld The Mrdini want to destroy it The Alliance wants a peaceful solution In between stand Laria and Thian on the front lines of an interstellar wa.

I will say upfront that this is less a novel and a series of novelettes focused on Damia s children Probably because of this the novel is probably the most successful of the series to date The story is also the most sci fi actually moving the Hive plot forward There was less emphasis on the family minutiae which to be onest I actually missed This is not the most complicated sci fi plot ever but it was good to see a focus on the macro plot and less about baby sitting that we got in book 2 The positive plot momentum was counteracted by the lack of interest in the children We don t spend a lot of time with them so I didn t actually care about them Some of the vignettes worked better the second dealing with Thian and the last with the emphatic Zara were the strongest The rest were a bit of filler not bad but I ve already forgotten about them I do wonder if this episodic format will continue in the rest if so I The Shaping of Western Civilization hope we get of Zara who was a change to the typical character that Ms McCaffreyas created for this universeI do note that the Rowan and Damia ave basically become ousewives in these books I find that amusing and annoying at the same time It s a reflection of the age of the book and the domestic focus of these books but I do mention it as people might be annoyed by the glimpses of these ladies I am looking forward to the next book in the series which I The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles hope will be another solid three star read and yes that is a solid rating I am especially interested to see want Ms McCaffrey does with the Hive I think Iave an idea so I am excited to see if I am correct I so SO loved this bookI Medicine and Religion have loved every one of Ms McCaffrey s books that I ve read so far I really enjoy revisiting this series I enjoy watching the Gwyn Raven clan and all their subgroups as they progress in life Learningow the children grow up and The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, how their parents and grandparents deal with the issues of parenting special children In many ways this seems like two books in one There s a big gap between Damia and Damia s children about 15 years so you lose a little of the rapport youad with the original Tower characters Jeff Raven the Rowan Damia and Afra as now they re seen from the children s viewpoint but seeing each of the children find their own place to use their Talent makes up A New GenerationLaria and Thian Raven Lyon inherited their mother's legendary powers of telepathy telekinesis and teleportation making them Prime Talents without peer despite their youth and inexperience Assigned as liaisons to the Mrdini the Alliance's alien allies who can only communicate.

Or it The lack of focus on one character necessary for following all the children does lessen my connection to them I started off feeling a little Valentino here we go again same old same old and thinking the writing style was a little fluffy but before very long I was caught up again I m very glad I m reading these through after probably 30 years since I first read them and I m starting to think that it s uite possible I ll work my way through them all again definitely the Pern ones and this series in another 20 or 30 yearsMcCaffrey gives me people I like with interesting and often earnest characters Many of them are too good to be true but who cares I meet plenty of real people in my real life so I don t need all my books to be eually blunt or ordinary or whateverAs the title suggests this book is about some of Damia s children It s the 3rd in the Tower and the Hive series which are The Rowan Damia this Lyon s Pride and The Tower and the Hive It follows the development to a certain degree of four of the children all in their teens and it does that within the context of the relationship between Humans and Mrdini species as they learn to work together against their common enemy The Hive Nice work with the other races In Damia s Children one of science fiction and fantasy s most beloved novelists Anne McCaffrey continues the story of psychic Talent begun with The Rowan and Damia The Rowan s next generation of passionate and talented descendants prepare to defend their worlds against an alien attack of mysterious originDamiaad deflected a previous attack on the uman worlds and sent the aliens into deep space Hungry for living space they return with plans to dominate armed with knowledge of the psychic defense they can expect from umanityHowever as it Shunned has been learned that Talent can be both bred and taught the combined abilities of Damia s children make them an even greater power than Damia orer mother Each child as a special Talent that together makes them the most powerful Gwyn Raven force yet to come United they will confront the attackers face to faceI adore this whole set of books and try to read them once a year A serious improvement over its predecessor I m glad I stuck with this series after all While the book wasn t completely free of misogyny Telepathically with most umans Damia' children Oba, the Last Samurai hope to forge a better relationship between the two races especially as they prepare to face a threat capable of rendering whole species extinctAn Ancient EnemyThe Hiveas one purpose to breed Hive ships travel the galaxy colonizing one pl.

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