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Me and it helps him remember that he is different from the ther Renee This is a great book to help students be proud f who they are and where they come from I also love that this book is in English and Spanish Great for ELL s Illustrator Fabiola Graullera Ram rezPublisher Pi ata BooksYear 2005Interest Level K 2Reading Level 2 3This bilingual picture book has bold pictures that can be seen easily during a read aloud The main character Ren is a boy from El Salvador who has moved to the United States with his family He is disappointed to find ut there is a new girl in his class with the same name He later feels better when he learns that she spells her name differently Renee He wins a school writing contest when he writes an essay that shows how proud he is f his name I think this book is a cute way to talk about names and not having to change them just because you re in a new country Some children prefer to take an American name but Ren shows how proud he is The Wallflower's Revenge of his name He even emphasized the usef the written accent mark which is another part that ften gets removed from Immigrants names when they come to the United States This book could be used as a read aloud to kick ff a similar classroom assignment except for the contest part Children can think about what their name means to them The War to the Knife: Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861 other way around But the next day at school the new girl sits by him is behind him every time they line up shares her apple with him and at recess tells him she wants to be his best friend everywhere he turns there's Rene the girl One day at the library Rene discovers a book called The Meaningf Names With the book tucked under his arm Rene endeavors to win the first writing contest f the

Am Rene The Boy is about a little boy from El Salvador who came to the United States with his family that thought that in the United States he had the name f a girl Rene wrote a very good essay for a contest at his school explaining how his name was very important to him and explained who he was and was par Basura This book tells a powerful story about inclusion acceptance and self esteem in schools Rene is a boy whose family moves from El Salvador to the United States when he is young When he begins at his new school he is shocked and disappointed to learn that there is a girl named Renee in his class He goes n a journey f self discovery where he uses the school library to research his name s meaning He learns that the name Rene is French for reborn and feels inspired by this He enters a school contest where he writes about his name and how he feels like he was reborn when he moved to the United States and learned English He wins the contest and shares his victory pizza with Renee who he becomes friends with after accepting that they have many things in commonThis autobiographical book could be used in grades K 2 as it would keep young students engaged without being too difficult to understand I found it as an e book n Scribdcom With first r second graders I may use this book to launch. Chool year Complimented by playful illustrations this bilingual picture book follows Colato Lainez's Introductory Algebra: Models Concepts Skills own experiences when he was faced with a challenge to hiswn name as a child This witty story about a young boy's Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God’s Purpose for Your Life Together odyssey to findut the meaning f his name will challenge readers aged 3 to 7 to chart cross cultural differences by gaining an understanding about themselves and the people around th.

Little boy from El Salvador develops pride in his name and his family s culture Text is in English and Spanish Rene is from El Salvador and his family moves to The United States He has always been proud f his name until he realizes that in the US Ren is a girl s name He becomes furious and begins to look for the meaning Blue Blood of Ren This is a great way to introduceur students to different cultures especially when the same thing means two completely different things This can also be used when a boy and girl have the same name A young boy is picked The Gollywhopper Games: Friend or Foe on about his namence he moves to the United States after living in El Salvador Rene there means strong and brave but the students at his school in the United States teased him saying that his name was for a girl Awesome book those students who feel taunted by their peers for their names Parafilias (Spanish Edition) or anyone who feels a certain way becausethers make them feel like they are less than what they areGood read for Pre K to 3rd grade In Spanish Rene is a boy s name In English my name with an extra e n the end is a girl s nameRene has a hard time coping with the fact that his name is the same as the new girl in his class He has always been proud f his name It is his grandfathers and his fathers name It belongs to proud and brave men He writes an essay about his na. Young Rene's teacher is calling role The Mirage one morning and Rene is dismayed to hear someone else answer to his name It's notnly that he thought he was the nly person with that name but also that the new student who answers is a girl That afternoon his classmates tease Rene has a girl's name After discussing it with Mama and Papa Rene decides his name is so beautiful that a girl copied it from him not.

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René Colato Laínez is the Salvadoran award winning author of I Am René the Boy Soy René el niño Waiting for Papá Esperando a Papá and Playing Lotería El juego de la lotería His picture books have been honored by the Latino Book Award the Paterson Prize for Books for Young People the California Collection for Elementary Readers the Tejas Star Book Award Selection and the New Mexico Book