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Tually made the scriptures difficult to read so much that I started specifically skipping er additions I also feel as though many of One Night with The Sheikh her anecdotes seem to be grasps for examples for the book Perhaps finding better anecdotes from others wouldave Mismatch (Love Match, helped If someone is going through a temporary rough time such as after a divorce this book might beelpful But for serious issues that Family Wanted have reuired medical attention I wouldn t recommend it as it mightave a condescending effect I found myself getting a little irritated at times with Keys to Tulsa her point of view I d recommend Grace for the Afflicted which I mentioned earlier in this review or When God Doesn t Make Sense by James Dobson Admittedly like many othersere I not a big fan of televangelists I appreciate their tremendous work in reaching to an audience that would never consider for themselves going face to face with people in a christian church I do consider alot of their teaching as baby food in the scale of what should a believer should be eating However coming at low point re I thought this book was okay For me there was nothing particularly mind blowing about it Much of the advice are mantras I ve Secret Africa heard before this is the power of positive thinking or things I alreadyave in practice taking responsibility for one s actions working Crush (Awkward, hard etc There was not much new information in this book for meI also found some of the information wrong some of it to the point where it could bearmful to a reader with already low self esteem For example she talks about what a normal mind should be like for a Christian As part of the reuirements for normal she says a mind should not be busy and should not wander This might be true of some people but for others it s not Adam McHugh s Introverts in the Church points out that introverts naturally مهارت در بازی زندگی have a busy mind Brain scans supportis claims by showing the chemical activity in the brain of an introvert vs an extrovert Joyce Meyers portrayal of what a normal brain should be like would be discouraging to people like me who are constantly reviewing and reflecting It is natural ealthy and you guessed it normal for us to ave a busy mindAdditionally I My Amazing Dinosaur (Tib Tumtum, had difficulty relating to many ofer anecdotes and analogies I don t mean to put The Nazi Revolution her down and I am not saying sheas never Bloods a Rover (American Underworld Trilogy had any real struggles iner life I m sure she as But many of er stories just made me sigh in frustration For example she writes about an experience of God leading Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, her to give a new dress to one ofer employees and she didn t want to give the dress away She eventually did to Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet her credit But what about people who are struggling with REAL life changing decisions Not everything is so cut and dry as I should give the dress away because if I keep it I am being selfishHowever this book didave some good things about it For one the writing style is very accessible She explains Arise herself very thoroughly when discussing Scripture ander beliefs Secondly the use of Scripture throughout the book shows that she is very God centered in Archies Americana, Vol. 1 her intentions even if I don t agree with everything sheas to say It is obvious that she really wants to lead people in a good direction Finally The Book Thief her theology is pretty solid Her beliefs don t line up with mine exactly buter interpretation is pretty standard I learned a few very Talk to Me helpful things in reading this book particularly the concept of disciplining the mind and of renewing one s mind through Scripture It intrigues and scares me a little bit to think that many spiritual battles can be fought in our thoughts and that we develop patterns of thought unconsciously for the most part Sometimes I feel irritated by Joyce Meyer s tried and true approach I often get the sense that she thinks everything thatas worked for Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, her will work for everyone else in the same ways She doesn t seem to make allowances for different temperaments or personalities All in all I think she addressed a problem thatasn t received much attention and this book was a welcome read In this instant age where we build Educating for the New World Order habits without much purpose or intent it is important to get back to disciplining our thoughts and discoveringow they relate to our action. E victories from Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock her own marriage family and ministry that leder to wondrous life transforming truth and reveals er thoughts and feelings every step of the way This special updated edition includes an additional introduction and updated content throughout the bo.

This is actually my second time reading this book It as Mr. Malcolms List helped me deal with issues of anxiety of worrying too much particularly about things I can t control anyway Thus the battlefield of the mind The book teaches me I m still working on this issueow to lean on God GURPS Conspiracy X how to as folks say let go and let God The result is a peace that surpasses all understandingJoyce Meyers writes with such simplicity for such a complicated subject The book is broken down in chapters each dealing with an aspect of the mind and the many ways we allow certain factors to control our thinking and conseuently our behavior It is an easy read in the sense thater writing is plain and to the point She supports Just One Golden Kiss her assertions with Scriptures which I love since as Christians we are to be rooted in the Word if we are to overcome battlefields like those that seek to conuer our minds I wouldighly recommend this book to anyone who tends to worry or The Tyranny of Guilt have anxiety issues It wouldn tave sold over a million copies Phantom Encounters had it not benefited so many people It is a go to book for me when I find myself worrying too much which is why I m reading it again Before I review this I will say I m not auge fan of Joyce Meyer I ve Eat Your Way Through the USA heard and read some ofer stuff and went to one of My Dirty Janitor Book 4 her conferences with a friend I m not sureer teachings are 100% biblical she s very ealthwealth oriented and that s not biblical though she DOES ave some really good things to say I ve been a Christian since I was little so I felt I could read the book with a grain of salt The reason I gave this book four stars is because it is drenched in scripture I found myself writing down most of the scriptures she pointed to taping them to my mirrors and learning that a lot of my problems come from a badnegative attitude of my own volition It truly Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos helped me in some of my relationships and my overall attitude I also likeer no nonsense approach I strongly believe so many people s problems come from the simple refusal to just grow up and take responsibility for our thoughts and actions She Broken Bear highly encourages this and she discourages pity parties and the martyr syndrome In THAT I think she is correct First to know this is a religious based book The author Joyce Meyer is a popular Christian author and speaker Her television and radio programs air in many languages and countries Sheas also written many books on Christianity this being one of the popularBattlefield of the Mind is about solving some of the common problems we all encounter in life such as depression anger or worry by getting you to examine the way you think about things or as the book puts it you need to begin to think about what you are thinking about And that s basically the goal of the whole bookOther major points include our actions are a direct result of our thoughts thoughts take place in your mind so your mind is in essence the battlefield if you Enna Burning have a negative mind you willave a negative life on the other Hatter hand if you renew you mind according to God s Word you willave a positive lifeMuch of the book is devoted to getting the reader to change their thinking and discusses Paint the Wind how to tear down the strongholds that the devil tries to set up in the mind Joyce uses parables and many personal examples along the way which makes the book very interesting to read I personally found it veryelpful in my own battles over my mindfulness This book literally changed the way I think in the month I spent reading and applying it I was in a very dark place after a breakup due to some bad decision making and this was exactly what I needed someone to provide encouragement as well as a push No excuses your mind is just that YOUR mind and it is your responsibility to change it if it is not meeting your needs or working to better your life That being said this is a book that should not be read straight through but should be read slowly and reflected upon I also journaled through it Joyce elps to euip the reader with the mind altering power phrases and techniues necessary to bring anyone out of their funk if they are willing to put in a little effort Honestly I think a lot of the negative reviews on this book come from people Worry doubt confusion depression anger and feelings of condemnation all these are attacks on the mind If readers suffer from negative thoughts they can take eart Joyce Meyer as elped millions win these all important battles In er most popular bestseller ever th.

Ho were expecting a cure all book that simply by reading it would cause everything to suddenly become peachy but that isn t ow life works now is it In order to get everything out if this book that you can I d say there are a few steps to follow1 Open in prayer Ask God to Antropologia da Criança help you to get what you need from the message and to open your mind andeart to what e as to say to you through Joyce s words2 Keep a journal Write notes from the chapters and examples of Canned how you are applying or struggling to apply things to your life3 If you didn t understand or are struggling with applying the topics of a chapter RE READ IT Keep at it until it clicks both in understanding and in practice 4 Read it slowly I m talking 1 3 absolutely no than 3 chapters a day And only go as fast as you can apply things 5 Close in prayer thanking God for the enlightenment and for being there toelp you through whatever it is your facing in fact thank GIFTED--2005 POETRY COLLECTION him FOR what you re facing because when you come out on the other end you ll be a greater person than you were before My mother gave me this book probably as some passive aggressive insult Let s skip past the fact that this bookas the single most redundant title I ve ever seen and the book s numerous proofing errors and the general shoddiness of the proseShe begins the first chapter by telling me that some of my thoughts come from the devil Excuse me The Devil as Joyce Meyer would render it Happily this isn t true if I believed it were I would almost certainly develop paranoid schizophrenia Certainly one may ave thoughts or thought patterns which are counterproductive and armful but can you people really not take responsibility for your own thoughts You Lisa and David Today have to blame them on an outside agent This seems immature and also Zoroastrian Are Christians even supposed to believe that their devil is as powerful as their godSo Meyer ends the first chapter by saying Let s illustrate this with a parable She then describes for several pages a fictional couple named Mary and John Mary and John are miserable and they generally suck because Mary wants to be independentave Clinton, Inc. her own money work and make decisions forerself and John is weak lets Mary walk all over Dvorak Keyboard him Literally she insists for several pages that these fictional charactersave negative thought patterns and miserable lives because they don t fit into rigid gender norms I don t know if Joyce Meyer actually believes this but it saddens me to think she may I didn t read any than the first chapter because I don t want to become any depressed than I am already This book made me shed a tiny tear for The Muslim Masquerade humanity I am surviving jail because of this book I received a DUI and am currently in a work release program This book is bringing me very close to my lord and Savior Iave always ad my faith owever it was faltering at best I How to Heal Your Body havead such a 180 in my thinking and my life due to this book that I want to come back to this same jail after I am out in August to teach of this book and these principles to others that I see in The Book of Revelation here that are in very desperate need of these ideals Thank you and I look for god to direct me in this path ife so sees fit to do such God Bless I was given this book by a family member I knew who Joyce Meyer was but Naughty Bedtime Stories (Naughty Bedtime Series Book 2) hadn t watcheder on tv or listened to Practical Prinkery her preach so I didn t come in with an opinion Overall it s not a terrible book and there are a few places where she is inspiring in explainingow to change your perspective The book is not really appropriate for someone in need of clinical The Problem of the Puer Aeternus (Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts, 87) help though It s the same as so many other books with a lot of feel better by thinking better which isn telpful for me and presumably for many people I was much better The Art of Not Breathing helped by the book Grace for the Afflicted which specifically addressed clinical problems and paired them with biblical discussions Meyer s writing style is easy to read and the chapters are brief If you re just going through rough times this book would likely beelpful Some of Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys (Annie Graceland Mystery her stylistic choices were a little annoying for meowever Her need to add bracketed expansions and explanations to the scriptures she included was incredibly distracting for me and ac. E beloved author and minister shows readers A Peoples Tragedy how to change their lives by changing their minds She teachesow to deal with thousands of thoughts that people think every day and ow to focus the mind the way God thinks And she shares the trials tragedies and ultimat.

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Joyce Meyer is one of the world's leading practical Bible teachers A New York Times bestselling author Joyce’s books have helped millions of people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ Through Joyce Meyer Ministries Joyce teaches on a number of topics with a particular focus on how the Word of God applies to our everyday lives Her candid communication style allows her to share openl